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The awarding of a special permit at the royal castle went off without a hitch. I mean, it really was just formalities, where the event ended after I received it……

I thought all that was left to do was to have the housewarming party tomorrow, but when I came back home, Anima asked me about something.

Mom and Dad apparently want to work. It seems like they don't like the fact that they're just being supported by me.

When I first heard about it, how should I say this…… I thought that they shouldn't really worry about it, and that the two of them were being too serious about it…… but when I thought about it again, I remembered talking to Alice about something similar. I guess parents and their child would really have the resembling thought process huh.

Be that as it may, I understand how Mom and Dad feel. It's just that…… even if they consult me about such a thing, I don't have any good way to help them. After all, even Anima, who has simply spent more years in this world than I have, and who I hear has recently become more knowledgeable about the business world, couldn't think of a good way for them to be able to work……

Though I say that, I can't just leave Mom and Dad in a state of distress. That means, I can only rely on others……

[……I see.]

[Do you have some way in mind, Kuro]

She is the honorary president of the world's largest Trading Company, a person of varying expertise, and someone I can easily consult with.

Looking at Kuro, who had come to visit me in my room as usual, while cutely holding onto a cushion, regardless of whether it was the day before the party or not, I told what Anima had told me to her.

When Kuro heard what I said, she looked as if she was thinking about it for a moment, before she stood up with a bright smile on her lips.

[Then, I've got just the right thing for you!]

[Just the right thing]

[Unnn. Actually, about a year ago, I started a new project in my company. Well, to put it simply, it's called "Training Magic Tool Production Engineers from Zero".]

[W- Whoa……]

Just from what I've heard, that sounds like a great idea, and it seems to match Mom and Dad's situation. Consulting about this to Kuro really is the right decision.

[There were originally fewer engineers in the Human Realm than in the Demon Realm who could create magic tools, right You see, I thought Kaito-kun magic before, didn't I That experience gave me some idea of how Humans learn magic and where they tend to stumble. I've made a teaching plan based on that. It will also help solve the lack of manpower in the Human Realm.]

[……I see. That means it would really be alright even if they start with no knowledge about magic tool creation at all]

[Unnn. I'll explain the details at the face-to-face meeting we're planning to have after the party, but over the next year…… We'll have them carefully work while learning from scratch. We tried introducing this project in a few small branches a year ago, and after we acquired some success, we're expanding the scope, and since the second trial will be conducted in the Symphonia's royal capital and we're going to be recruiting soon, that project would be just right for them.]

It seems like the timing of my consultation was just right. If it was Kuro's training plan, it's something that could be trusted, and more importantly, they've already got a track record of this project.

Just from what I heard, I imagined that it's somewhat similar to the training internship back on Earth.

[We're still not recruiting yet, so if Kaito-kun's parents want to join, I can use my authority to prepare slots for them at the Symphonia Royal Capital branch, you know We'll be recruiting about 10 people for that branch…… so Kaito-kun's parents will be able to easily find other children with the same starting point, right]

[I'm really grateful for that, but would it be alright Are we not causing you trouble]

[It's alright. It's Kaito-kun's request after all. You can always count on me! Though I say that, we can only have Kaito-kun's parents join if they want to.]

[Thank you, Kuro.]

[Ehehe, you're welcome.]

As I told her my thanks, Kuro gave me a really lovely smile. Seriously, having a lover as wonderful as her somehow makes me feel proud…… but noticing something, as if to change topics, I spoke.

[…..By the way, do you mind if I ask something]

[Unnn What is it]

[……Kuro, why are you wearing "pajamas" tonight]

[Ahh~~ No, it doesn't really have any deeper meaning, you know! It's just, well, for this and that. That's right! You know, I've been busy lately, so I'm just feeling a little tired……]

For some reason, from the moment she appeared in my room…… Kuro had been dressed in pajamas with baby castella patterns in it, and when I asked her about it, she looked away and answered, sounding slightly flustered.

How should I say this…… Rather than being a bad liar…… What she's thinking about is just so easy to tell because even when her face is turned away, she was still glancing at me.

[……Errr…… Do you want to stay the night]

[Is that alright! Ahh, no…… Erhem. I guess that's good. We don't want to oversleep since there's a party tomorrow after all! Since Kaito-kun's inviting me, I guess I'll take you up on your offer!]


The one who said such a thing is the little girl Demon who had claimed that she hadn't slept in several thousand years. However, hmmm…… I wonder what it is that she really wants

To be honest, the flow of this conversation is unlike Kuro. If I asked Kuro why she's in her pajamas before, I'm sure she would have just said "Unnn Because I'm going to sleep at Kaito-kun's place tonight!" or something like that……

As I was thinking about this, Kuro muttered something in a small voice that I couldn't quite hear.

[……A- And you see…… I- I've read stuff from books…… and studied many things…… so if Kaito-kun wants……]

[Unnn Sorry, what did you just say]

[ ! ! I- I- I- I didn't say anything! Ahh! It's already late! Let's go to bed!!!]

[Eh No, it's still 9:00 pm……]

[Come on! Kaito-kun, we have an early day tomorrow, so come on. Lay down already.]

[Wait! Kuro What are you———– You're too strong!]

In the end, I received no answer to my question, while the red-faced Kuro literally threw me on the bed and put me to sleep much earlier than I expected.

After a long night, I woke up feeling strangely languid and sleepy, and after washing my face, I headed for the garden where the party would be held.

The party is scheduled to start at 10:00am, but some of the early birds may have arrived already, so I need to be there to meet them.

Anyway, all sorts of things may have happened…… My home's housewarming party is finally about to begin.

Serious-senpai : [Aiiieeeeeehhhhhh! Main Heroine! Main Heroine, whyyyyyy! WHHHHYYYYYYY! Why are you bringing out that topic at a moment like this…… Even though the d*mned party is finally starting!!!]

: [……It was apparently because the recent chapters lack sugar.]

Serious-senpai : [Put that strange pride away! Stop throwing surprise attacks at meeeee!!!]-

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