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After the introduction to the reception room, which could be described as Isis-san's exclusive room, Isis-san left saying [……I'll come back…… to celebrate…… the housewarming.], and Alice resumed her tour of the house.

She mentioned how we'll go to my room later, so we'll just check out the other rooms first….. the ones that are different from Lilia-san's mansion, but thinking about the things I've seen before, my expectations were quite high.

Just the corridor with automatic movement and that room that can handle Isis-san's magic power of death makes me think that it's the right decision to leave it to Alice.

With these thoughts in mind, I followed Alice and arrived at a set of stairs…… which seemed to be leading to a basement.

[……There's a basement too]

[Well, it's one of the important rooms after all. This is also one of the rooms that Alice-chan recommends.]

[Heehhh…… Unnn The path splits in two huh.]

[There are two rooms in the basement. Which room would you like to check out first]

[……Hmmm, let's check the room on the right then.]

Even though this is a basement, it's not too dimly lit because there's a lighting magic tool fixated on the walls, giving the place the impression of being a normal corridor without windows.

The path is split into two, and at the end of each path, I saw what looked like a large door.

……I wonder what kind of room this is The things that popped into my mind when I thought of basements were storage rooms…… but if she went to the trouble of showing these rooms to me, does that mean they're something else

In the first place, I wouldn't need a storage room because I have that incomprehensibly large magic box that Kuro gave me. There's no way Alice doesn't know about it, so this probably isn't a storage room.

With these questions and a little bit of expectation in my heart, the door was opened…… and we arrived in a room with some sort of "shop". The walls are tightly fitted with weapons and armor, and there is a stuffed lion costume at the counter in the back.

[……What is this place]

[Fufufu, this is "Alice-chan's Equipment Store"! You can buy weapons and armor here!]


[Well, frankly speaking, I just brought the unsold items in my miscellaneous goods store! Now, Kaito-san! Immediately open up that pu———- Ouch!]

I don't think it was my fault for smacking her in the head. Unnn, how should I explain this…… It finally showed up, her pranks. Also, the thing that pisses me off the most…… is that I was somewhat relieved to see that Alice wasn't being all serious and had mixed in some of her pranks.

On one hand, there's a side of me wondering what the heck she's doing, but on the other hand, I'm somehow convinced that it's just the usual Alice…… I guess it can't be helped.

[……Why the heck would I need an equipment store in my house]

[No, it's not like I'm saying it's needed…… but having one in your basement is cool, isn't it Wouldn't it be cool to find out that there's actually a secret shop at the starting point]

[I can kind of understand what you're talking about, but there's no need for that secret shop to be in my home, right]

[No, no, you wouldn't know! Perhaps, there might be one day where having an equipment store in your basement will come in handy!]

[……Like hell that will happen.]

After dumbfoundedly muttering this, I let out a big sigh…… Well, let's just convince myself that this was Alice we're talking about, so this can't be helped.

Rather, if Alice doesn't play her pranks, I would feel uneasy instead, thinking about what could have happened in the past two years.

[……Anyway, let's just go to the other room. I'm starting to have a bad feeling about it though.]

[No, no, you could still look forward to it, you know! The other room has an adulty adult shop in it, which I'm sure Kaito-san will like!]

[……I think the fact that you called it a "shop" instead of a "room" says it all though.]

Apparently, the basement was Alice's prank space, and the other room would just be another shop. Sighing loudly once again, I just headed for the other room, feeling slightly resigned.

Opening the large door…… we arrived at a slightly dark room…… which kinda looks like a bar.

[……Mhmm You've arrived huh. It's been a while.]

[I've got a lot of things to say, but what are you doing here…… Iris-san]

[Umu, I know exactly how you feel. Even I am dumbfounded as to why I'm here.]

Calling out to Iris-san, who for some reason, was at the counter dressed as a bartender, she nodded to me with a face as dumbfounded as mine.

[Yes, this is "BAR Iris"! You can enjoy alcohol and snacks here…… By the way, this room is actually behind my miscellaneous goods store. "I had my store connected to this room with Spatial Magic"! Tehepero————- Ouch!]

[Seriously, what the heck are you doing……]

[N- No, no, please calm down! Depending on how you think about it, it's very convenient! You can come here when you're a little hungry, and since the door behind the bar leads to Alice-chan's miscellaneous goods store, so shopping is a breeze!]

[……Okay, I see.]

[Ahh, wait, Kaito-san. It's my fault. I apologize…… so please put away that "really unreasonable Piko Piko Hammer made by that God of Creation who doesn't know how to hold back". That hurts like hell, you know…… Rather, when the heck did that rotten God give that weapon to Kaito-san!]

(T/N: Piko Piko Hammer is that toy hammer that makes noise after hitting something. Kinda like the weapon Amy Rose (pink sanic) uses)

When Alice saw the Piko Piko Hammer I had taken out of the magic box, she lowered her head, looking really impatient. Seeing that indescribable scene, I loudly sighed again before putting that Piko Piko Hammer again.

Then, I turned to Iris-san at the counter and spoke.

[……Haahhh…… Anyway, are you okay with that, Iris-san]

[Unnn Me Well, cooking has always been a hobby of mine. So if you're so inclined, come and visit. I'll serve you some dishes from our home world.]

Seeing Iris-san lightly smiling at me, I just let out a sigh and thought that it's alright if the person herself is fine with it. This room certainly is the result of Alice's pranks…… but I think this should be more useful than that equipment store.

It's also a good idea to come here at night when I'm feeling a little hungry…… and I don't dislike the quiet and calm atmosphere of this shop.

Well, the things Alice did this time really is troubling…… but it seems like I'm so moved by my feelings for her that I'm thinking that something like this is fine.

Shallow Vernal's Special Piko Piko Hammer

・ Pierces through all physical and magical defenses

・ Nullifies all Law of Causality Interference and Spatial Warps, forcibly determining the outcome of "hitting the target when swung"

・ Doesn't deal damage to the body, but being struck causes intense pain

・ Against those for whose concept of pain doesn't exist or those who don't feel pain, "forcibly inflicting pain and dealing damage to them"

・ The Special Piko Piko Hammer appeared in the Volume 6 of the Light Novel, and before one knew it, this had been given as a present to Kaito.

Serious-senpai : [……It's a really unreasonable tsukkomi item.]

: [……Well, Kaito-san is kind after all, so even if he takes it out, he wouldn't really use it.]-

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