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Under a cloudless blue sky, I walked up a set of stone stairs. Climbing up the stairs doesn't feel like a chore as the end of summer is approaching, the time when the temperature seems to be getting a little more comfortable.

Well, though I say that, even if the world changes, Shiro-san's…… The God's Blessing seems to still be effective, so I won't really feel the heat of summer that much.

While taking in the scenery in a daze, I arrived at my destination…… and reached Mom and Dad's gravesite.

[……Mom, Dad. This won't be the last time, but I don't think I'll be coming to visit for a while.]

Incidentally, I don't have my diary today. I had thought about some things while undertaking Shiro-san's ordeal, and I don't think it would fit the atmosphere of today.

Unnn, it's just a vague hunch…… but I'll probably be picked up today.

[While I'm gone, Uncle and Aunt would apparently be coming periodically, so I don't think your graves will stay dirty for a long time.]

Regarding my explanation to Uncle and Aunt, honestly…… I feel like they had accepted it quicker than I had expected. I mean, it actually seems like Eden-san had a hand on this matter…… as a person calling herself "Amaterasu", who claimed to be Eden-san's assistant, came to our home and explained many things to them, which convinced Uncle and Aunt.

Incidentally, Amaterasu-san isn't the same Amaterasu from the Japanese Mythology or anything like that, but an entity created by Eden-san to assist her, and Amaterasu-san just gave that name to herself.

In addition, even though Amaterasu-san is claiming to be Eden-san's assistant, Eden-san herself is calling Amaterasu-san her "tool", and it was apparent that Amaterasu-san was somewhat unhappy with her situation.

But at that time, they were firmly telling me to come back to see them from time to time…… How should I say this…… I guess it was just I, myself that had put up a wall between us, as Uncle and Aunt, who doesn't have their own child, seemed to really care for me as if I were their own son. I cried a bit when I found out about this.

By the way, Mitsunaga-kun didn't return to this world. He wanted to live in that world in the future, and thus, Eden-san has already erased the records of his existence from Earth.

As for Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, they basically live in this world, but they still visit the other world from time to time.

Regarding Aoi-chan, she said "I may cut ties with her home after high school and move to the other world", but since she won't be able to play online games in the other world, she was wondering what to do.

As for Hina-chan, she had consulted me "Mom and Dad said they wanted to go to the other world when they get old too…… so can I ask Kaito-san about that". Well, when I get back to that world, I'm going to talk to Shiro-san about it.

As I was walking along, thinking about this…… The scenery suddenly changed. Above the skies that looked like cyberspace, a star that seemed to be made of iron appeared……


[Hello, Miyama Kaito. It seems like the one who will pick you up will be coming soon, so I've come to meet you…… Apparently, the one coming to pick you up is that God's half-body.]

[Is that so…… Seriously, I'm always being helped by Eden-san. Once again, thank you.]

In addition to explaining things with Uncle and Aunt, Eden-san was even supporting me in regards to handling the things after I go to the other world, which I'm really grateful for.

Thinking about this, I thanked her but……

[No need to thank me. It is natural for Mother to help her child. However, Mother is lonely to see my beloved child live there from now on. Even so, no matter what world you go, know that this will always be your home. You can come back anytime you want. Yes, once a month…… No, once a week…… once a day…… No, but even so, Mother is worried about not being able to see my child for such a long time. Mother is such a worrier. I still haven't finished brainwa…… No, educating the talking lumps of flesh from that world, so wouldn't it be better if my clone also lives over there…… Yes, let's do that! My beloved child will be happier with Mother by his side! Yes, that's right! It is wrong for a mother and her child to live apart after all. In that case, if I live with my child……]


If she weren't this kind of person, I could have just been honestly grateful to her…… Rather, please cut it out. If I lived with Eden-san, it would be pretty nasty for my stomach.

But of course, with her already turning like that, Eden-san wouldn't just stop at this level, as she continued to talk passionately while looking at me with eyes filled with muddy hearts.

Just as her mindset was stepping into the realm that could be completely called insane, the space was ripped open…… and Eden-san was blown away.

[……I will definitely not allow that, okay]

[……D*mned annoying God's half-body…… Intruding in my tryst with my beloved child again…… Tsk.]

The one who had come to pick me up was Kuro but…… arehh Normally, this is where Kuro and Eden-san would break out into a fight…… but Eden-san just clicked her tongue in annoyance before quickly leaving the place.

Moreover…… There's something slightly different about Kuro. Her semi-short hair is now as long as Shiro-san, and her black coat has some kind of mysterious silvery-white pattern engraved on it.

[Good grief, every single time I see her…… Wait, let's start all over again. Kaito-kun! Thank you for waiting, I've come to fetch you!]

[Yeah, it's been a while…… By the way, Kuro, don't you look a bit different]

Even though it has been two years since the last time I was there, how should I say this…… It feels like Kuro's presence today is overwhelming. If I had to describe it…… It kinda feels similar to Shiro-san When I first met Shiro-san, I felt a sense of presence that separated her from the others, as if she had all the space under her control just by existing there.

[Unnn Ahh, it's just because I'm "fused with Shiro".]

[……Fused Eh You can do that]

[Unnn. Me and Shiro were originally one after all….. Well, it's not exactly like going back to our original form, since the base of our fused body is me.]

I see, Kuro and Shiro-san were originally one omnipotent being that was split in two. And with them fused, they've regained their original power…… returning back to the state of being an omnipotent and omniscient God, so to speak.

I see, I guess that tremendous presence around her makes sense then. However, why did they fuse with each other again Does it mean that it's actually difficult to move to another world without fusing

[No, that's not it…… It's just, well, Shiro and I were arguing over who should pick up Kaito-kun. Our match took too long…… and we couldn't come to an agreement, so we finally agreed to fuse……]


Since she's fused with Kuro-san, I had expected that Kuro could read my mind…… but for her to really respond to my thoughts…… unnn. I had really guessed right!

[After that though, "we had to fight over which base to use on our fusion"…… but in the end, I won our match of rock-paper-scissors, so we fused with me as the base and came to pick Kaito-kun up.]

[……I- Is that so. M- Must have been rough……]

……Why can't you just go together then

[……Because I wanted to see Kaito-kun first.]

[H- Hmmm.]

[No, no, that is very important! I mean, it may have only been two months for you, but I've been waiting for two years…… No, well, it's a very short period of time compared to the years I've lived…… but I still felt lonely.]

Sounding like she's sulking, Kuro gently hugged me. How should I say this…… The reason was quite simple…… but they made me extremely happy, making me forget about the astoundedness I felt earlier.

I tightly hugged Kuro's petite body back. Even though there is a difference of two months and their two years, I also wanted to see Kuro…… and to be honest, I missed her.

That's why…… for a few moments…… I want to feel this warm happiness a bit longer.

Well, even though I say that I'm going to be teleported between worlds, in the first place, it only took a moment even when I was first summoned…… and since Kuro, who possessed omnipotent and omniscient power, would be leading me with the teleportation, there would obviously be no trouble.

And thus, I easily returned back to the world of Trinia that I so missed. As for where exactly in Trinia…… I wonder where we are now It looks like a small hill, but I don't recognize this place.

Ahh, but I can see the Hero's Hill in the distance…… so I guess we're near Friendship City

[……By the way, why are we teleported here]

[Nothing really!]

She said that she chose this place for our teleportation for no particular reason…… but well, it's just like Kuro. When I turned around to look at Kuro, she was back to her usual semi-short hair and black coat.

[Arehh Kuro, you're back to normal]

[Unnn, we undid our fusion as soon as we arrived in this world. Ahh, also, I have a message from Shiro. "Please come to the Sanctuary when you've finished your greeting", or so she said.]

[Unnn Alright.]

Of course, I'm also planning to greet Shiro-san later, but if she's going to the trouble of asking Kuro to give that message, I guess she might have some business she needs to attend to.

When I'm finished with my greeting…… I guess that means she wants me to visit everyone first and go to the Sanctuary last.

As I was thinking about this, I felt a sudden pull on my hand. Turning towards where I'm pulled, I saw Kuro with a big smile on her face.

[Well, in any case…… "Welcome back"! Kaito-kun!]

Ahh, I knew it…… Kuro really is unfair. She's always saying the words I want to hear most as if it was natural.

[……"I'm back".]

Hugging my unbearably loveable girlfriend again, I told her this with all of my heart.

Dear Mom, Dad————– It all started with a Hero summoning and came to a different world. The different world wasn't what I had imagined, but a peaceful place filled with warmth and kindness.

I was touched by so much warmth, so much kindness, and my halted story started moving again…… and in this world, I found my own treasure.

What do I need to write in my diary now I've written a lot of things so far. And even in the future, I will continue writing in my diary. My story still continues.

However, unnn…… for the time being, I'd like to put down my pen. There are too many things that my loved ones have given me, too many different views that they have shown me, and I can't write about all of them……

Also, I think I'll stop writing in my diary as if it's a letter, dedicated to someone. What I want to report to Mom and Dad, I'll tell them with my own mouth and words when I go back to my hometown…… homeworld Anyway, I'd like to tell them personally instead of writing them in a letter.

Finally, I'd like to conclude by slightly changing the words of the first diary log I wrote after coming to this world.

Dear Mother, Father————- I was caught up in a Hero Summoning. But, that world was…… No, this world that I'm going to be living in———— I'm sure, even in the future————- is at peace.

Serious-senpai : [That was a good final chapter. I guess my role here is done as well. Thank you for everything, adieu~~!]

: [Oi, you there, where are you going Only "the main story" had ended. The after story is still going on…… so don't you dare escape.]

Serious-senpai : [……Will there…… be seriousness]

: [Let me ask you that question. The one-year limit for Heroes is lifted, and not only the top of the world, even the God of that world is on his side…… Do you think there would be seriousness]


: [Too bad for you, but this is actually your home.]


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Just dropping the real main story epilogue here.-

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