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The Festival of Heroes…… is a world-wide festival that takes place once every ten years in the Friendship City, Hikari, the largest city in the Human Realm and in the whole world.

It takes place from the 1st Day to the 30th Day of the Heaven month, with many elaborate events held each day. The total number of participants over the course of 30 days is almost ridiculous to count, but the biggest crowd is on the final day…… the 30th Day of the Heaven month, where the main event of the Festival of Heroes is held.

On this day, the three rulers of the Human Realm, the Six Kings of the Demon Realm, and the Supreme God of the God Realm…… and lastly, the God who created the world, the God of Creation, all gather in one place, and it's a precious opportunity for ordinary people to see the pinnacles of each realm with their own eyes.

The huge stage in the center of the Friendship City, Hikari…… It is said to be the place where the Treaty of Friendship was once made, and there stood the three rulers, the Six Kings, the God of Creation and her Supreme Gods…… and lastly, Mitsunaga Seigi, the one who holds the role of Hero this year. Finally, the last event of the Heroes of Festival was about to take place.

Even with that gathering though, the Dragon King Magnawell is the only one whose size doesn't allow him to enter the plaza where the stage is located, so he participates by stretching his neck out from outside the city.

This year marks the 100th time the festival has been held, and while the events have changed over the years, only the final event has been exactly the same for the past 1000 years, including the flow of events for that day.

After the one who had the role of Hero gives their impressions of their travels around the world, the representatives of each world give speeches wishing for continued peace in the future.

In the Human Realm, the ruler of the country in charge of summoning the Hero that year will give a speech, in the Demon Realm, the Underworld King Kuromueina will represent the Six Kings, and in the God Realm, the God of Time and Space Chronois will give a speech on behalf of Shallow Vernal.

That was the way the Festival of Heroes had been concluded for a thousand years, and everyone thought it would be the same this year.

However, that day…… the world was shocked.

Using a Loudspeaker Magic tool, Mitsunaga Seigi conveyed his thoughts as the one who holds the role of Hero regarding his memories of his time in various places, and Ryze, Symphonia's King, followed with a speech wishing for world peace.

Then, receiving the Loudspeaker Magic tool from Ryze, Kuromueina made a speech for world peace as well. So far, the event of that day was the same as before.

But then, just as Chronois was about to receive the magic tool from Kuromueina, someone stopped her.

Yes, the one who stopped her was the world's God, Shallow Vernal.

Thereupon, Shallow Vernal rose from her luxurious chair before the astonished Chronois, and calmly looking at the crowd, she spoke.

[……It has been a thousand years since the Treaty of Friendship was signed. For all these times, I have kept my eyes on the world.]

Her voice echoed not only in the Friendship City, Hikari, but to the entire world. This was truly an unusual situation.

Shallow Vernal has never spoken at any of the Festival of Heroes so far. In fact, there are few people in the world who have even heard Shallow Vernal's voice.

[The thousand years may not have been long for me, but the world has changed a lot in that time. People from different species and different places of birth live together, and even though there are still some disagreements, everyone works to create a future together.]

At the sound of Shallow Vernal's beautiful and dignified voice, many of the people unconsciously kneeled on the ground and bowed down their heads. Some of the priests serving in the temple were moved to tears.

[It is truly noble and spectacular. Now, I truly believe…… that I am glad to have created this world…… Thus, on this occasion, on the 1000th anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship, I give a "reward" to all the inhabitants of the world. To each person in the world, I bestow upon you a small miracle. A small boost of happiness for the future……]

At the moment Shallow Vernal announced this, the bodies of all living beings in the world lit up for a moment. A small seed of happiness was given equally to all living beings in the world created by Shallow Vernal.

They could be cured of an illness they had always been carrying, move their body that has been immobilized due to a past injury, obtain an item they desired by chance, or perhaps, have a little better luck than before…… It was such a gentle gift.

[……To those who live in the world I created. I hope that the world will continue to be a gentle and peaceful place where we can all work together as we do now…… and I am hopeful that I can continue seeing such a future.]

The events of that day would later be talked about for a long time as "the Day of Miracles"…… As for the reason why Shallow Vernal had done such a thing, and the fact that it was an otherworlder who made her think that "She was glad that she created the world"…… only few people know about it.

Stopping the loud alarm clock, I slowly raise my body up.


Still feeling a little sleepy, I stretched out and looked around the room, which only had the bare minimum of furniture.

It has been two months…… since I left the other world and returned back to Earth. Considering the difference in the flow of time between this world and that world, nearly two years should have already passed in the other world.

Hmmm, I was actually planning to return to the other world sooner…… but completing the procedures to voluntarily withdraw from the university, cleaning and organizing my room, and repaying my filial duty to Uncle and Aunt had taken more time than I thought.

However, I've finally finished everything I could think of…… and now, I'm finally ready to move back towards that world.

Thinking about this, I took out a magic tool from my magic box that resembled a magnetic compass. This magic tool, made with Shiro-san's power, gives me the ability to teleport between the two worlds, and if I use it, I can return to the other world right now.

What I feel is that I've kept my loved ones waiting for a long time, so I'd like to leave right away…… but I can't go back just yet because I received a message via Eden-san saying how "they're coming to pick me up, so I should wait until then".

No, I mean…… It has already been quite a few days since I got that message, but what exactly does it mean Also, what's with this anxiety I'm feeling

It's just my imagination, right There's no way that was the case right

……It would be great…… if "Kuro and Shiro-san aren't actually still in the middle of arguing over who should pick me up"……

: [Incidentally, as for Shallow Vernal-sama's miracle, it seems that she gave preferential treatment to those who participated in the final battle. I…… Alice-chan apparently received some magic crystals made with Shallow Vernal-sama's magic power, and each of the Gods received an accessory that matched the color of their eyes…… Maybe it was her way of apologizing for the ruckus her airheadedness caused. Ahh, by the way, Kaito-san had guessed correctly. Kuro-san and Shallow Vernal-sama are having "a battle more intense than the final battle" over which one of them will pick Kaito-san up, and because of that, Kaito-san's return has been delayed…… I don't care if you settle it with a rock-paper-scissor or whatever thing you decide, but just decide quickly and fetch Kaito-san already.]

T/N: This ends the Main Story of YuuShou, with this chapter being somewhat of an epilogue. Next chapter would be Kaito's return to Trinia after 2 Trinia years. Anyhow, a new anime has been released featuring my thighs as the protagonist. It's titled "LazyCat-san Wants to Slack Off". Thus, to watch this anime, I'm going to take a break for the weekends. See ya on monday.


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