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An indescribable silence enveloped the surroundings when Shiro-san stated something that completely overturns a situation. But then again, she is an airheaded God with a proven track record and reputation…… and not seeming to care about everyone at all, she lightly waved her finger.

Thereupon, a gigantic gate…… big enough for even Magnawell-san to pass through appeared, and with the same expressionless face as ever, Shiro-san spoke.

[The time of the world has been rewound a little. Today is the main festival of the once-in-a-decade Festival of Heroes. I'll explain the matter regarding the traveling between worlds later, so enjoy the Festival of Heroes first. Once you pass through the gate, you will be able to return to where you belong.]

Speaking of which, I forgot all about it because of the ordeal…… but today is the 30th day of the Heaven month. The day of the main festival of the once-in-a-decade Festival of Heroes.

Some of the people gathered here are in important positions in the world, such as the Six Kings and the Human Realm's rulers. I don't know how much time actually passed during this ordeal, but apparently, Shiro-san rewound the world's time back to midnight, before the ordeal started.

Opening a portal connected to the whole world…… Telling us that she would explain later what we could expect as a result of me overcoming the ordeal, Shiro-san turned her back to us and was about to leave…… but as if she remembered something, she stopped and looked back.

[……Ahh, also…… God of Fate.]

[ ! Y- Yes……]

When Shiro-san called her, Fate-san flinched…… and with her face turning pale, she moved in front of Shiro-san, dropped down on one knee and lowered her head.

Her body was trembling, looking as if she was a criminal awaiting her sentence. I don't know what happened between them, but I can't stand the sight of my lover, Fate-san, looking so frightened.

Thereupon, just as I was about to step towards Fate-san, Shiro-san spoke.

[……God of Fate…… No, Fate.]

[Hahh…… Eh ……S- Shallow Vernal-sama…… referred to me…… by my name]

As Fate-san looked up in surprise when Shiro-san called her by name, Shiro-san gave her a small smile.

[Splendid, you've been able to follow my true intentions and have grown wonderfully…… I'm proud of you.]

[ ! Ahh…… Ahh…… I- I'm unworthy…… of your praises.]

I didn't really understand what she meant with those words…… but I do know that Shiro-san was praising Fate-san.

Receiving her praise, Fate-san's voice trembled with emotion, and she deeply bowed her head, tears streaming down her face.

[God of Space and Time, God of Life.]

[ [ Hahh. ] ]

[I'm not saying that your choice was a mistake. But bearing witness to Fate's growth, your minds began to hesitate, didn't they That perhaps, the answer Fate arrived in was the right one. That perhaps, you may have been mistaken…… However, not considering the hesitation within your heart, you quickly gave up on your hesitation itself. Thinking that "it isn't in our position to think about such matters"……]

[ [ ……………….. ] ]

When Shiro-san's expression returned to her usual expressioness one, Chronois-san and Life-san only bowed their heads, not saying anything.

It seems like the both of them had something in mind about what Shiro-san had said.

[You are not puppets. Neither are the low-ranking Gods, nor the high-ranking Gods puppets…… I "didn't create the Gods to be beings incapable of growth". I'm not telling you to stop thinking. Hesitate about things. Worry about things. And then, discover the answer that you yourself am sure of. I'm not telling you to become just like Fate. Even if you end up with the same answer, the weight of your answers would be different if it's something you found after you stopped thinking about it. Find out who you are by yourselves, not by asking others about it…… I'm looking forward to your future growth.]

[ [ Hahh! ] ]

After saying those few words that seemed to guide not only Chronois-san and Fate-san…… but all the Gods, Shiro-san disappeared with the light.

It's just a guess, but even when Shiro-san's voice was inflectionless, I could tell from her words…… the warmth of a parent caring for her family of Gods.

As Shallow Vernal left, Alice exchanged words with Iris in her mind as she watched the people return to their original homes through the gate.

(Hmmm, for Shallow Vernal-sama to really not have any intention of doing that…… How unexpected~~)

(Sh*t it, that was one of the possibilities you foresaw. Why the heck are you saying this now……)

(Ahaha, well, I'm glad the matter is settled.)

(……In the end though, the last trump card you had prepared went to waste.)

Alice had really prepared for every eventuality regarding this battle. From the best possible outcome to the worst…… Yes, she had prepared even for the situation where "Kaito fails the ordeal and his memory is actually erased"……

The reason why Alice made Kaito learn how to summon his Heart Tool isn't because she expected him to be able to fight. The real purpose was to "secure a backup of Kaito's heart" within her Ἑκατόγχειρες.

(Well, I didn't want to do anything that would overwrite Kaito-san's heart either, and as it turns out, I'm glad I didn't have the chance to use it.)

(I guess you're right…… In a way, I suppose this is the best possible outcome. I'm not sure for the God of Creation's side though.)

(……It's probably that, isn't it They're probably thinking that whatever's happening now isn't their problem anymore.)

After finishing her conversation with Iris, Alice approached Kaito, who was staring in the direction where Shallow Vernal had disappeared, and giving him a light pat on his back, she smiled.

[Well then, Kaito-san……. "I'll see you later."]


Alice, who had guessed what Kaito wanted to do, pushed his back in a roundabout manner. Seeing that Kaito nodded firmly at her words, Alice happily smiled……

Not bothering to see the people leave her Sanctuary through the gate, returning to their original homes, Shallow Vernal quietly stood at the edge of the Sanctuary, staring towards her world.

[……Are you happy with this]

When Shallow Vernal looked back at the person who quietly asked her this, she saw Eden who had appeared before one knew it.

Glancing at her once, Shallow Vernal then looked at the world again before she spoke.

[……Yes. I was "unable to decide" just before his ordeal started…… However, the option of erasing Kaito-san's memory…… isn't something I could ever pick.]

Yes, Shallow Vernal certainly didn't intend to take away Kaito's memory in this ordeal. However, that doesn't mean that she didn't think about it.

In fact, she had been feeling indecisive right up until the last minute. Whether she erases Kaito's memories and goes for the ending she wanted…… or to accept the current Kaito, who is different from the future she wanted……

[Indeed, the current Kaito-san may be different from the Kaito-san I wanted. The future that the world arrived in may not be the happy future that I wished for. However…… The one who actually taught me how to feel…… the one I actually fell in love with…… was "the current Kaito-san".]

Hearing Shallow Vernal said this with a sad expression on her face, as if she had given up on something, Eden's expression did not change.

[……I see. Well, as long as my child is happy, I'm not going to complain.]

[I've given you lots of trouble too huh.]

[I don't mind. However, there's one thing you should keep in mind. You should not underestimate my beloved child too much. Even if he isn't my beloved child that you had wished for…… You should be able to understand it. No matter which future my beloved child belongs to, he will make you understand what the emotion called happiness is……]


Leaving those words, Eden disappeared, leaving only Shallow Vernal in that place. A little while later, she turned around at the sound of footsteps.

There stood the person she wanted to see the most right now…… but at the same time, he's also the person she wanted to see the least.

Yes, the series of battles that have engulfed this world…… wasn't within the story of the being called Shallow Vernal, she who had fallen in love with a future and had given up on it.

This is the story of a girl who didn't get the future she wanted…… and "how she becomes happier than in the future she wanted".

Airhead Goddess : [It will always be my turn.]

Serious-senpai : [It really had always been your turn! Moreover, since you're subtly mixing in some seriousness, it's hard for me to complain!!!]

Airhead Goddess : [In that case, I really am the main heroine all along.]

Under King : [Ahh]

Serious-senpai : [Oi, idiot, stop it…… Don't start fighting here……]-

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