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In the Sanctuary where many people gathered, Kuromueina spoke with a frustrated expression on her face.

[……The connection's completely severed. I can't interfere anymore.]

[It really would be hard to outplay Shallow Vernal-sama from the outside huh……]

Kuromueina kept on calling out to Kaito, and just when she thought that her voice had finally reached him…… Shallow Vernal cut her off, only being able to convey the bare minimum of information that Kaito needs.

It would be difficult to interfere with the match from the outside when Shallow Vernal herself was inside this world.

[……Can we…… not do…… anything]

[I don't think we're completely helpless. There's got to be a way…… Shallow Vernal-sama had apparently told Kaito-san to "weave many bonds and turn them into his own wings". That's why, I think there must be some way that we who are gathered here can help Kaito-san in this ordeal.]

[Unnn. Shiro doesn't lie…… If she had said that, the bonds Kaito-kun made would be important in his ordeal.]

As expected, even Alice had too little information at the moment to know the particulars in this detail. Even so, she was sure that there must still be something they could do.

Excluding the decisive battle between the Gods and the Human-Demon Allied Forces, which is a battle held outside of Kaito's ordeal, it doesn't feel that the bonds that Kaito has weaved have clearly helped him in the ordeal so far.

However, they don't know what they could do. Many of the people who had gathered were also thinking about it, but they couldn't find any factors that could help interfere with Kaito's ordeal.

Filled with frustration that seemed to sear her skin, Kuromueina touched the cradle…… and softly calling out Kaito's name, she prayed for his safe return.


At that moment…… a change———- appeared. As soon as Kuromueina called out Kaito's name, filled with her strong emotions, the cradle emitted a strong light, and an intricate emblem, different from the emblems in a magic circle, appeared on the part that Kuromueina was touching…… which was then sucked into the cradle.

[……Just now……]

[! Everyone! Please touch the cradle! Then, while thinking strongly about Kaito-san, please call out his name!!!]

Immediately reacting to the clear change that had appeared, Alice called for the people who had gathered there and had them touch the cradle one after another.

However, only a few of them had caused a change as much as Kuromueina did…… Alice, Isis, Lilia, Sieglinde, and Fate.

Yes, the change only occurred when Kaito's lovers touched the cradle. And……

[Kaito-kun…… Do your best.]

[……I see, so that's how it is.]

[……Unnn…… I also…… understand.]

[However, I don't know how much this can help Kai-chan……]

Fragments of the ordeal that Kaito was currently going through were flowing into the minds of those who had caused something to change, and even though it was just a bit, they were able to grasp the situation.

[All that's left for us to do is to wait huh…… This is frustrating.]

[Yes, I also feel that way, Lili…… But for now, let's just believe in him. Believe that Kaito-san can do it————]

Even as those who had weaved a strong bond with Kaito had uneasy looks on their faces…… but still filled with hope, they explained the situation to the others……

The virtual world had moved to its second stage, and black humanoid monsters were everywhere. All the inhabitants except for Kaito had been turned into monsters, and he doesn't have anyone on his side.

Even in Yumegaoka University, where Kaito attends college in the virtual world…… there were a large number of those as well.

However, one of those monsters…… was suddenly struck by a light from the sky. And after being struck by that light, its black body cracked…… and as soon as its shell-like skin shattered, a person emerged from the monster.

[……"Real me"…… I have received your feelings and wishes. If you can't come to this world…… I'll fight for you!]

Flipping her white labcoat behind her back, the girl…… "Kurosu Erina" broke into a run. To help Kaito who is fighting the world alone…… She had to meet up with "her 5 remaining friends"……

On the rooftop of a skyscraper in the virtual world, looking down at the mass of monsters squirming below…… Shallow Vernal quietly muttered.

[……So they've noticed it huh. The beings I've prepared to help Kaito-san…… I guess this is where I should say "The stage is set".]

After muttering this, Shallow Vernal lightly waved her finger, and gathering the black monsters together in one place, she mixed them together, turning them into one big black sphere.

[However, we don't have much time, do we Both sides have their cards lined up on the table, but the situation is still in my favor. Will he be able to reach his destination before "that" is completed]

Muttering words heard by no one but herself, Shallow Vernal turned her all-seeing eyes towards Kaito.

[……The first is Dream. The second is Escape…… There are still two ordeals left…… "Farewell and Eternity"…… Now, Kaito-san. My beloved singularity. Please show me more of the possibilities of your existence……]

Serious-senpai : [Ohh, things are getting hotter! This isn't just a romantic comedy of an ordeal!!!]

: [Characters prepared by Shallow Vernal-sama to help Kaito-san huh…… Now then, as for what happens and how much seriousness is going to be broken, let's see in the next chapter!]

Serious-senpai : [Since the story's gone this far, they don't have to break the seriousness now, you know!]

T/N: 64/187

They're increasing……

Left is Panda, right is Dog.-

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