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[Everyone got their own glasses Well then, cheeeeeeeeers!]

[ [ [ [ [ [ Cheeeeeeeeers! ] ] ] ] ] ]

With Erina's voice as our cue, we raised our glasses in a toast. It's finally time for our long-awaited Christmas…… Lab Members Party.

Well, it was more like a home party, so everyone was just wearing their usual clothes, not some special party dresses or suits, and since everyone knows each other, the party was quite carefree.

[Well then, everyone have fun, okay I'll be adding more dishes from time to time.]

[Ahh, Professor Kurosu. I'll help you.]

[Me too.]

[Thank you, Liddy-chan. Can I ask you to help me out a bit ……As for Ririka-chan, please go eat with the others.]

[Eh Ah, yes.]

Trying to help today's organizer…… and venue provider, Liddy-senpai and Riri-senpai promptly stood up. Seeing how they can immediately move to help out like this makes me feel like they really are adult women……

But even though Liddy-senpai is a good cook, Riri-senpai generally isn't good at housework, so she was immediately rejected. Well, Riri-senpai is an ojou-sama from a wealthy family, so she probably hasn't had much chance to do her own housework and isn't used to doing it.

[Do you think we should help out too]

[Hmmm, there would be too many people in the kitchen in that case. We should just help out when requested and enjoy the party. By the way, I've already roasted the turkey, so I've already done my part.]

I see, it was Alyssa who roasted the turkey huh…… Hmmm, I can tell just by looking at it that it's delicious, perfectly cooked. I'm looking forward to eating it.

……Unnn, you did a great job already, so stop trying to fish a tsukkomi with that smug face of yours.

[……Is that so…… Turkey…… sounds delicious…… Alyssa…… you've really worked hard, haven't you…… for Kaito's sake.]

[Wha! You started saying crazy things again…… I hope you're ready for the consequences!]

[……Ahh…… wait…… that's definitely too spicy…… No!]

[Hey! There's no way I'm going to let you run away today!]

At the words Iris-san said with a soft smile on her face, Alyssa slightly blushed…… and started chasing Iris-san with some kind of food that's redder than her face.

Well, it was more like they were playing with each other rather than Alyssa seriously chasing Iris-san around, so I guess it was just like usual.

[……Hey, Kai-chan.]

[Unnn What's the matter, Fae-san]

[Pass me that salad.]

[……That's just 50cm away from you. Or rather, you're even closer to it than me……]

[No, you see, I've used up all my energy and strength walking here……]

[You're too weak!]

Taken aback by Fae-san's complete lack of energy as usual, I took the bowl of salad and scooped a portion into her plate. Thereupon, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, Fae-san opened her mouth wide…… after using Fae-san's fork to feed her, she nodded with some kind of satisfied smile on her face.

[Nom…… Unnn. As expected of Kai-chan, even when we don't say anything, our hearts and minds are connected. This kindness that always somehow satisfies me…… Alright, let's get married.]

[I refuse.]

[Is that refusal just for the marriage]


Arehh Did Erina forget to turn the heater on It kinda feels cold……

[Kaito-san, your cup is empty. Would you like a beer]

[Ahh, Riri-senpai. Sorry, thanks.]

[No, thank you very much for inviting me here today.]

[……Well, the organizer was actually  Alyssa, and the venue was provided by Erina.]

The soft-spoken Riri-senpai gives the impression of an elegant ojou-sama. Well, unlike how she acts, she's actually really strong in kendo, and she's also a bit of a klutz…… but those aspects of hers were also part of her charm.

Just like that, I ate my food while chatting with Riri-senpai and Fae-san, and as other people joined in along the way, we spent a lively and enjoyable Christmas.

His—– Miyama Kaito's days were truly fulfilling. He had a mother, a father, a group of good friends…… and a girl he was interested in.

He was so happy and his everyday life is fulfilling…… an environment in which one should be able to say with pride that they are happy.

However, the anxiety that was rising in his heart didn't disappear, and instead, seemed to be growing day by day.


What lies before Kaito's eyes as he seemed to be thinking about things is a calendar. A defective calendar that only tells the date of the year until December 30th.

The X's that were the sign of the passing of the day were marked until the "29th". While looking at that calendar, Kaito put his hand on his head, as if to endure a headache.

Looking at this calendar, he couldn't help but feel anxious…… but he doesn't know the cause of it.

He—– Miyama Kaito…… has been very lucky…… grasping miracles by his own hands…… when he was in a world called Trinia. It may have been because of his personality, or perhaps, his destiny may have some hand in this matter…… but more than anything, it was due to "Shallow Vernal's blessing".

A person who is blessed by Shallow Vernal, the world's God, is loved by the world itself. Especially when it came to things involving the element of luck, the effect of this blessing was quite tremendous.

Yes, his overwhelming good luck…… had been brought about by the blessing of the world.

But now, in this place, he doesn't have Shallow Vernal's blessing. The world isn't his ally here. Therefore, in this space, he doesn't have the good luck he had before, and miracles don't come out of the blue.

Yes, now, at this moment…… He is not the one loved by the world, but the enemy who was challenging the world's God.

[……Eh What…… is this]

Hearing the sound of something clanging, Kaito murmured and turned his gaze in that direction. What was in there was…… "a necklace with a black, uniquely shaped crystal"…… that seemed to have fallen from his chest.

However, Kaito doesn't know about this necklace. He doesn't even remember where he got it…… However, feeling really drawn to it for some reason, he reached out towards it.

……In this space, the world isn't his ally.

But even if that's so————- "Fate" is on his side.

That blessing that was only given to him with her love————- had defied the world, creating a small one-time miracle.

The gears finally started moving. And soon————— "the second part of the ordeal" began.

Serious-senpai : [……Seriously That was a foreshadowing! That isn't just some declaration of how head-over-heels she is to him!]

: [Actually, yes. Kaito-san had received one more blessing in addition to Shallow Vernal-sama's blessing. So, even though Shallow Vernal-sama's blessing was temporarily released, that blessing still remained…… The Blessing of Fate.]

Serious-senpai : [……It's coming, the serious development!]

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