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The battle between the Gods and the Allied Forces was becoming fiercer and fiercer.

In terms of pure strength, the Gods that had been strengthened by Shallow Vernal were stronger, but they weren't able to overwhelm the Allied Forces.

The people who were particularly playing a central role in the battle on the Human-Demon Allied Forces' side…… were the War King's subordinates. This is because almost all of War King's subordinates, despite having varying degrees of strength and skill, have mastered the art of battle, and even if they are of the Peerage-ranks, their skills were comparably higher than the others.

The techniques they had cultivated are very effective against the Gods, who despite their superiority in pure magical power and physical ability, are inexperienced in real combat, and have been able to put up a good fight against the Gods.

However, on the flips side, those who do not have the techniques to overturn such power differences are forced to fight a very difficult battle.



[I- I'm alright.]

A Viscount-level, High-ranking Demon, Caraway, took an arrow to the shoulder and looked at her opponent with a look of agony on her face. Fighting alongside her was Anima, a former Black Bear, possessing the same Viscount-rank power.

Finding out how they have many things in common, like how they were both Beast-like Humanoids, fought with their claws, and they were about the same level of skill, they quickly became friends after the Six Kings Festival and are still tag-teaming to face the Gods.

They were fighting against the God of Hunting and the God of Commerce…… and although both of them are low-ranking Gods, the power Shallow Vernal had given them allowed them to have magic power and physical abilities comparable to a Count-rank.

Anima and Caraway couldn't be said as weak either. Their power can be counted among the top Viscount-rank, and it is safe to say that they have abilities equal to Count-rank.

However, there is still a huge barrier between the Viscount-rank and the Count-rank. The God of Hunting and God of Commerce may have the power of the pseudo Count-rank through reinforcement….. but even if that's so, their combat power was tremendous.

The arrows of the God of Hunting blocked the movements of the speed-type Caraway, while the hammer of the God of Commerce overcame the fists of the power-type Anima.

There was no room for error or carelessness, as they were currently fighting for the sake of Shallow Vernal. With such people fighting like that, Anima and Caraway were being driven into a corner.

(……Her arrows are fast. They're too much for me to handle…… but with Anima's speed, she won't be able to do anything with those arrows. Even though I can barely handle it, I should somehow handle it myself.)

Breathing heavily, Caraway glanced at Anima. Thereupon, as if she sensed something, Anima nodded her head and readied her fist.

Caraway is the type that attacks using her speed to deal multiple attacks, and she is not a good opponent against the God of Commerce, who wears heavy armor. Meanwhile, Anima has difficulty in speed, making it difficult for her to dodge the God of Hunting's arrows.

In other words, Caraway would have to take care of the God of Hunting and Anima would take care of the God of Commerce, focusing on their respective targets. That was the strategy that the two of them had just decided upon through eye contact.

(I need to slip through the rain of arrows and get closer…… No, that's not it. It doesn't matter if I'm hit…… What's important is approaching. It's decided. For the sake of Miyama-sama, who called this foolish me a friend, I will fight, even if I risk my life!)

Kicking off the ground with eyes filled with determination, Caraway stepped in at once…… Past the line of death that she had been unable to step into earlier.

(I wonder when was the last time I fought for someone else…… This feels good huh. It feels like I'm filled with strength.

Of course, the God of Hunting wouldn't let Caraway get too close to her. She fired a large number of arrows in an attempt to stop her assault. Seeing the rain of incoming arrows, Caraway only dodged the ones that would strike her legs, which are the key to her mobility, and those arrows that would deal fatal wounds to her body, while taking in the rest with her body, launching a suicidal attack.

With strength filled within each of her steps, she waved her claws…… and slightly grazed the God of Hunting on her cheek. But of course, a damage of such extent held no significance. The God of Hunting immediately turns her body and shoots an arrow at Caraway, who has just attacked her.


However, the arrow that she released, expecting that it would hit, was evaded by Caraway, who accelerated to her direction again.

[……She's become faster……]

Yes, little by little, Caraway's speed had started to increase a while ago. The arrows that would have hit her earlier were no longer hitting her, and her claws were starting to reach the God of Hunting's body.

[……This is impossible. How could this be In this situation…… this woman is……]

Caraway…… is a High-ranking Demon who wasn't able to reach the Count-rank. She had talent. She was also powerful enough to fight well against the weaker Count-ranks.

But still, she hadn't been able to get any stronger than that for a long time. Although she was stepping into the right direction, she hadn't been able to clearly reach the realm of Count-ranks.

Why is that After she became a Peerage-holding High-ranking Demon, drowning in the happiness that her status gave her…… "she had only been fighting for her own sake". What was most precious and important for her is herself.

That's why she didn't want to cross any dangerous bridges. She always took a step back from the line of death, prioritizing her own safety.

Yes, for all these years…… she had only been standing still.

But after she's fallen to the bottom, reevaluating herself…… and from there, her heart was saved. She's filled with strong determination to help Kaito, who had forgiven her.

This determination gave her the courage to step forward. One step beyond the line of death, one step into a realm that she had never been able to reach before……

[……is growing more powerful…… becoming a Count-rank———-!]

Finally, Caraway completely exceeded the speed of the arrows that the God of Hunting had released, cutting deep into the God of Hunting's body.

At the same time, Anima was also running towards the God of Commerce. Unlike the battle between Caraway and the God of Hunting, this was a clash of power-types. The match is settled with one strike…… one single strike filled with all their heart and strength.

If they were struck with that single strike, there is no more later. The only thing that awaits them would be defeat……

If one had to pick who's stronger, it would naturally be the God of Commerce who had won their clash earlier. Anima's strength may be powerful enough to qualify as a Count-rank. However, she hasn't been able to use her physical abilities to the fullest.

With Illness' advice, she is gradually learning how to use techniques, but she is still inexperienced.

(Master…… fighting against a superior being like this reminds me of the battle in Rigforeshia. I wonder, am I even remotely close to the strength of you who I admire)

Thinking of her beloved master in her mind, she headed towards the God of Commerce who was swinging her hammer.

(I am still inexperienced, but I can proudly say that I'm proud of my feelings for Master.)

Greatly swinging her fist, she unleashed a full-force strike.

(I want to be stronger and stronger for you who call me family. However, my apologies. I am not strong enough at the moment…… That's why…… Even if it's a little bit, please allow me to borrow your strength, Master!)

Even if she unleashed such a strike, the result would have been the same as before. That is why Anima used her trump card here. Since the day she vowed to acquire this skill, she had been trying to learn the magic secretly with the help of those around her.

This is the magic that she truly admires and yearns for more than anything…… "Kaito's magic".


Anima, who doesn't possess Sympathy Magic, cannot have the original effect of automatically counter-attacking the opponent's move. However, if it's about this magic's other effect…… "forcing the body to move as she predetermined", then it would be a different story.

With the magic activated, the waste movements in Anima's actions disappeared. Her arms, shoulders, waist, body…… All of them moved in a fluid manner, bringing her possible attack power to its "theoretical maximum".


Shattering the brandished hammer, her strike pierced through the body of the God of Commerce, bringing victory to Anima.

Looking at the fallen God of Hunting and God of Commerce, Anima and Caraway heaved out a sigh.

[……Somehow, we defeated the two of them.]

[We just barely did it…… but we did defeat them.]

Anima's arm was broken from the recoil of the Auto-Counter, while Caraway had arrows lodged in various parts of her body. They were indeed barely able to win, and they were quite desperate in this battle…… but even so, the people they defeated were only two low-ranking Gods……

But still, a victory is a victory. As the two of them looked a little relieved, heading to the next battle…… but their eyes opened wide.

Two glowing spheres suddenly came flying from the sky. They were then sucked into the bodies of the God of Hunting and God of Commerce…… and the two Gods got up as if nothing had happened.

[……No way……]

It was no wonder that Caraway dumbfoundedly muttered this. The two Gods that they had finally defeated after exerting themselves to the utmost of their abilities, exceeding their own limits, were "revived without a single scratch on their body"……

[No, you're truly magnificent. I'd say your strength has indeed reached the Count-rank.]

[That's right. If we hadn't received Shallow Vernal-sama's power, we would've been instantly killed by you.]

[However, that's a pity. As long as there is God of Life behind us…… we are immortal.]

The words God of Hunting and God of Commerce indifferently told them…… were truly despair-inducing words. Both Anima and Caraway are now wounded. They don't have the strength to defeat them again.

No, even if they could defeat them again…… They will just revive again and again as Life exists. The scenario where they win…… doesn't exist.

[……It's over.]

Still, Anima and Caraway's hearts weren't broken. However, their bodies weren't able to follow their hearts anymore. They were unable to move, even as the God of Hunting nocked two arrows in her bow.

With the arrows mercilessly released, they went right to Anima and Caraway's foreheads…… "but it was shattered into pieces, falling to the ground".


At the end of the gaze of the astonished God of Hunting…… the silhouette of someone stands between the two Gods and Anima and Caraway.

[That blow was truly amazing. You've grown tremendously. With this, you may not need a thousand years before we can fight again……]


The one who appeared with a huge long sword in hand was one of War King's Five Generals…… Epsilon of the Absolute Ice. Speaking words of praise to Anima, who she had promised to fight again, she quietly held up her long sword.

[……One of War King's Five Generals is here huh.]

[She's a tricky opponent, but with how strong we are now, we should be enough against a Count-rank……]


[ [ ! ] ]

Even as they were astonished by Epsilon's appearance, the two Gods readied their weapons…… but immediately after that, they were cut apart and frozen without even being able to react.

[……If they get revived after dying, all you have to do is seal them away. Also, one more thing, gaining the magic power and physical ability of a Count-rank doesn't mean you'll be able to compete with one. Don't think that your fake abilities could ever reach the strength I've reached after training…… Well, I guess you can't hear me now huh……]

Epsilon, who had defeated the two low-ranking Gods with ease, quietly muttered, then turning to Anima and Caraway, she spoke.

[Well then, I'm heading off to the next battle. There are some people in the back who can use Recovery Magic, so you can get yourself treated there. Now then, if you'll excuse me. Anima-dono…… Grow some more and we'll have our rematch in a thousand years. I'm looking forward to it.]

After watching Epsilon leave with those words, Anima muttered with a slightly dumbfounded expression on her face.

[……Will I really be able to catch up with that after a thousand years Master, it seems that the being I'm trying to overcome stands at a staggeringly high wall.]

Serious-senpai : [No, putting aside Epsilon…… The most important problem is……]

・ Revives Allies

・ Immediate Full Recovery

・ Generates Unlimited Soldiers

・ The person herself is almost immortal

Serious-senpai : [……Isn't she too much of a cheat]

: [Well, as expected, even she wouldn't be able to assess the status of all Gods while fighting against Isis and Lillywood, but it seems like the revival was automatically activated when they get fatally wounded, so sealing them is effective…… but we really wouldn't stand a chance if we don't do something about Life-san huh.]-

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