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In the center of the Sanctuary lies a huge cocoon. Standing in front of the cocoon, which seemed to glow and give off a sense of majesty, Shallow Vernal quietly looked at the sleeping Kaito inside.

Watching him like that for a while, she said a few words to the people waiting behind her.

[……I'll leave the rest to you.]

[ [ [ Hahh! ] ] ]

The people who bowed their heads and replied are those who have the highest authority in the God Realm, with the exception of Shallow Vernal…… The Three Supreme Gods, Chronois, Fate and Life.

Having been briefed on this battle in advance by Shallow Vernal and having received a boost in magic power from Shallow Vernal, albeit for a limited time, the Supreme Gods gained an unparalleled amount of power. Standing up from their places, they quietly turned their backs to the cocoon and walked away.

The three girls also knew Kaito and had a good relationship with him…… However, their relationship in this situation no longer matters. Having received the command from the Absolute Shallow Vernal, the Supreme Gods will follow their mission and eliminate Shallow Vernal's enemies.

Even if it leads to killing the being named Miyama Kaito…… They will not hesitate.

……or so it should have been. However, just before leaving the Sanctuary, one of them looked back…… and quietly muttered.

[……Kai-chan…… Really…… Am I really…… doing something right]

There was no reply to her words, which showed a faint sense of hesitation within it, and shaking her head once, Fate left the Sanctuary.

After the Supreme Gods left, the Sanctuary was enveloped in a moment of silence…… but it was soon broken when a bundle of magic power appeared, distorting the space.


[……You've finally come.]

The Underworld King Kuromueina…… is a being with an incredibly kind heart. She was so kind that it can be said that she's too naive of a person. That's why the current expression, her face dyed with rage, is definitely something that no one has ever seen before.

After shattering the land of the Sanctuary, flying in with tremendous magic power, Kuromueina shouted at Shallow Vernal with an expression filled with wrath.

[Why! Why! You used the Cradle of Oblivion on Kaito-kun!!! Do you have any idea what that means!!!]


Kuromueina is kind…… and naive. Although she had heard from Shalltear…… Alice that there was a possibility that Shallow Vernal was trying to take away Kaito's memories, she still wanted to believe in Shallow Vernal right up until the last minute.

She told Alice that there was no way that Shallow Vernal, who really cares about Kaito, would take such a step that is equivalent to killing him…… That she would give up on what she was planning…… She had such a fleeting hope in the corner of her mind.

However, that hope has already been betrayed. Shallow Vernal is about to take what is arguably the worst thing that Alice has ever envisioned. There was no way she could forgive her.

[Erasing Kaito-kun's memory is the same as killing him!!! Why! Wasn't Kaito-kun important to you too, Shiro!!! Even though Kaito-kun may not know what you did to him, he must have trusted you!!!]


[So, why did you do such a terrible thing! Why did you betray Kaito-kun's trust!!!]


[Answer me, Shiro!]


[ ! ]

It was such a shocking sight that Kuromueina, who should have been furious, involuntarily step back.

The always expressionless and unemotional Shallow Vernal…… has raised her voice, screaming. Even her long-time friend, Kuromueina, had never seen her with a furious expression before……

[Why I'm the one who wants to ask that! Why is it you! Of all the people, why is it you!]

[……Shi…… ro]

[It's me! I'm the one who had been seeking him! And yet, why you, of all people! Why is it that you got what I wanted! Why did you get the position that I wanted to have!]

Shallow Vernal's expression twisted as she screamed. She looked as if she was about to burst into tears.

[We're supposed to be the same being! Then! what in the world! is the difference between you and me!]


Seeing Shallow Vernal expressing her violent emotions, Kuromueina became dumbfounded. Shallow Vernal heavily breathed like that for a moment before he exhaled…… and returning to her usual expressionless face, she turned her gaze to the cocoon where Kaito was sleeping.

[……If Kaito-san loses his memory of the year he spent in this world…… if I saved Kaito-san before he was saved by you…… I will be Kaito-san's special person…… I will be…… unlike any other for him.]

[……Shiro, you……]

Seeing such a Shallow Vernal, Kuromueina regained her composure a bit, and after a moment of thought with her eyes downcast, her eyes quietly filled with her determination stared at Shallow Vernal and she spoke.

[……Even though we looked like opposites, I knew it, we really were alike. After all, we both wanted the same thing. Unnn, I can understand what Shiro's feeling a bit more now.]


[However, you can't do that. Even if that's how you feel, you can't do that. This is something that I will not let you do.]

[Is it because I'm trying to take something that's important to you]

[There's that too, but that isn't just the reason why. Kaito-kun's memories aren't just the memories of others…… It belongs only to Kaito-kun. No matter what the circumstances may be…… I won't let you take that away.]

This was an understandable breakdown. Indeed, Shallow Vernal and Kuromueina wanted the same thing, the same being. But now, in this place…… The endings they seek do not coincide with each other.

So, what do they do That's something that's already been decided. If both sides are unwilling to compromise…… The only thing left to do is to fight.

[I knew it. I knew that this would happen……]

[……I will stop you.]

[Then, I will drive you away.]

As these words were quietly exchanged, the surrounding scenery completely changed. The Sanctuary and the cocoon in which Kaito slept in disappeared, and only a scene looking like an infinite universe spread out around them.

"This is the world that Shallow Vernal has newly created"…… and this is the stage for the battle between the two Absolutes.

Tonight, many worlds will be born and many worlds will be destroyed. This is unlike the fistfight they had 20,000 years ago, nor is it just a relaxing fight they used to have every so often.

Today, for the first time, the black of the beginning and the white of the end clashed with each other with all their might, over the story of a single young man.

Serious-senpai : [……Who's the protagonist again]

: [It's Kaito-san.]

Serious-senpai : [And who's the main heroine again]

: [It's Kuro-san.]

Serious-senpai : [……On one hand is the princess in captivity, on the other hand is the Hero fighting the final decisive battle…… Aren't their roles reversed]

: [It's kind of hard to refute that.]

T/N: 48/183

The subsequent chapters are long-ass chapters, so I'd be posting them as singles.-

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