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Dear Mom, Dad————— Since I got caught up in a hero summoning and came to this world, so many things have happened. I think I've had many more, really fulfilling days than when I was in my previous world.

However, it's quite strange. Every day is so much more lively than before…… and I am truly happy. I never thought I'd be able to live a happy everyday life like this.

I came to a world that I had only heard about in stories, and I met Kuro in the midst of a lot of confusion…… and she saved me. Now, I really feel like that time was the beginning of my story.

I met lots of people and was touched by lots of kindness. One by one, these bonds piled up within my heart, turning my days into something warm and wonderful.

In the Human Realm, I visited many places. I participated in the Sacred Tree Festival, experienced gambling for the first time in my life in the Archlesia Empire, and had an unexpected reunion in the Hydra Kingdom.

I've visited the Demon Realm many times. I went to visit Isis-san's castle, visited the mountain range where Magnawell-san lives, and participated in an unprecedented festival called the Six Kings Festival.

I didn't visit many places in the God Realm, but I did visit the Sanctuary where Shiro-san lives and the upper level where Fate-san and the other Supreme Gods reside many times.

And yet, there are still so many things in this world that I don't know, so many sights that I've never seen. The world really is a big place. 

There have been many changes in my relationships with the people around me. Seriously, everyone I met is a good person…… I truly believe that I am blessed with good fortune.

After losing Mom and Dad, Kuro saved my depressed heart and always lit it up with her bright smile.

Isis-san, who from the moment I met her, has always been generous with her love and affection, and now, she has become a truly irreplaceable part of my life.

The kind Sieg-san, who willingly helps me if I need anything, and makes me feel calm when I am with her.

The dependable and adorable Lilia-san, who accepted me even though I was supposed to be an irregularity.

My beloved Alice, who is always boisterous and follows her own tune, but is my best friend who is always there to help me in any situation.

And Fate-san, who is troublesome and self-indulgent, but is kind and unexpectedly pure-hearted, sincerely enveloping me with her caring embrace.

In addition to that, I have met and become friends with so many other people. If the people said that bonds are things one weave, then the cloth I made with the bonds I weaved with everyone…… is "my most precious treasure".

Ahh, speaking of which, the day I first met Kuro…… She invited me to go treasure hunting with her, didn't she In that case, unnn…… I can proudly say that this treasure I've found is the most wonderful thing of all.

That's why, I wanted to live in this world from now on. However, there are some things that I can't just halfheartedly leave behind.

Yes, I just can't move to this world without saying goodbye to my uncle and aunt…… my relatives who took me in when I was very young, and they who raised me without any problems.

At that time, I didn't know any better. Losing Mom and Dad was just too big for me to care about the people around me. But now, thinking back on it again, I can only be grateful to my uncle and aunt.

Taking in a single child must be a big deal. However, my uncle and aunt were able to send me to college and I don't remember any inconvenience in my life up to that point.

Thinking about it, maybe I've been blessed for a long time now. Losing Mom and Dad was definitely a misfortune, but other than that, I've always been surrounded by warm and kind people that I just turned a blind eye to.

I wondered why I hadn't noticed it before, and why I hadn't properly thanked my aunt and uncle…… That is my biggest regret.

Of course, if I ask Eden-san to help me, she can definitely give the money my uncle and aunt had spent to them, and I could also ask her to erase the memory and record of my existence back on Earth. However, I don't want to do that.

I want to explain to them the situation myself and thank them for everything they've done for me, so I can proudly live as an inhabitant of this world.

That's why, I prayed to God for this wish. At this point, it is not yet a reality, and I have to go through the ordeal that will be given to me.

However…… I think that I'm already blessed for the fact that I'm given a chance.

I don't know what's in Shiro-san's mind. My Sympathy Magic obviously doesn't work on Shiro-san.

She's an authentic God who created a world, someone who has been watching over its destiny for a long time…… As for the last wall standing in my wish, I would say that she's the greatest one of all.

However, I also have a question within my mind. Why is it that Shiro-san asked me for a match in the first place The words Shiro-san told me at the onsen in the Sanctuary…… Shiro-san apparently doesn't lie, so that means the things she said were the truth. However, that doesn't mean that "she had told me everything I needed to know".

If she calls it a match, then Shiro-san must have some kind of purpose…… She must have something she wanted to have.

I feel like there's something bugging my mind. I could feel anxiety in my heart, as if I am overlooking something important. However, no matter how much I think about it, the answer won't come out.

No, perhaps, that thing that is bugging me…… It's something that I need to find———– in the match against Shiro-san.

Putting my pen down, I closed my diary, got up from my seat and calmly turned my attention to my pocket watch. Hour hand, minute hand, second hand…… all of them converged in one place, marking the end and the beginning of the day.

The 29th Day of the Heaven month is over, and the 30th day of the Heaven month quietly began.

At that moment, the scenery changed. The sky was filled with stars, and under my feet was a field of flowers in full bloom…… The scene was fantastic, beautiful even, yet somehow, it feels lonely.

Looking at the scenery around me, I thought of the words I had heard back then.

————Night doesn't exist in the God Realm. I can turn it into night if I wanted though……

The current skies above the Sanctuary isn't the usual blue skies, but a sky filled with stars…… "The Evening Sanctuary"…… So, this is the place Shiro-san chose huh.

[It was under these stars that your story began. I have recreated the night sky of that day. There could not be a more fitting scene for our battle than this.]

[……I guess you're right. Good evening, Shiro-san.]

[Yes, good evening…… Kaito-san. My dearest singularity. Come, it's time for the beginning and the end.]

Serious-senpai : [I'm not going to say much here. Now, the main story's final arc! This novel's "final" serious development sta…… Eh Final]

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