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The confrontation between the God of Creation Shallow Vernal and Kaito. This has already been communicated to all of Kaito's acquaintances through Alice, the Phantasmal King. She also reminded them to keep this away from Kaito's ears……

There are several reasons for this. If Kaito, who is challenging the undisputed top of the world, the God of Creation, is informed of the battle outside the board, he may be too worried about his confrontation against Shallow Vernal.

In addition, since there is a possibility that Shallow Vernal will change her moves in response to this, they have not told Kaito about the battle outside the board in order to eliminate uncertain factors.

(The enemy side's estimated strength contains at least 800 Count-ranks that have the power that rivals the strength of a nation alone, 200 King-ranks that can destroy the world alone, and 3 beings that exceed even that…… One would normally think this is some kind of unfunny joke. So, what do you think Do we have any chance of winning)

(Well, I wonder about that. Even if we say that they're Count-ranks or King-ranks, that's just a boost in magic power. They also have a weakness. In the past, the God Realm has lived in a controlled God Realm, so their combat experience is fatally limited.)

(I see. So they would be just like when I first borrowed your clone. They wouldn't be able to fully handle the power they were given…… However, that doesn't make it any easier. Since it's you, you've probably already figured out the development of the battle, right So, what's the odds)

On the roof of Duchess Albert's mansion, Alice was having a conversation with Iris in her mind while guarding Kaito who was in his room. Of course, the content of their conversation is about the decisive battle that will start in the near future……

(If it's just stomping all Gods, we have a "90%" chance of winning…… However, I think that winning in that way would be disadvantageous for the next part, which is to save Kaito-san. If that's the case, then the odds of winning in the ideal way…… including a certain gamble I had, is 40%.)

(……Fumu, I wouldn't say it's low, but the chances are against Miyama Kaito huh.)

(Unnn. I mean, it really hurts that it's already definite that we don't have the initiative. As long as Shallow Vernal-sama is the opponent, she will always have the initiative…… and Kaito-san will definitely be taken to the Sanctuary. No, I might be able to prevent his abduction if I wanted to but…… If that happens, Shallow Vernal-sama may take other measures. That would be the worst possible situation. I prefer the current situation where I can still assume what they were planning.)

Yes, Alice had been tirelessly thinking at an extraordinary rate, just as when she was weak back then, even when she's a strong person now. She had already predicted the possible situation as much as she could, and was in the process of preparing to deal with any of them.

She knows. Reality isn't always as sweet as it seems…… Even assuming the worst may be too naive. Whether it's in the worst or best scenario, even what will happen if the means they have in place fails…… Her thoughts wandered, trying to predict all of it.

(Even Shallow Vernal-sama isn't completely without an opening. The reason why there were multiple means we could choose is that we're facing Shallow Vernal-sama.)

(……However, the opponent is a God. It wouldn't be hard for her to read your thoughts, right Do you have a plan for that)

(Of course. I've already planned for that. I've created a membrane around my mind, and a surface consciousness is thinking different thoughts.)

(Wouldn't she be able to see through it)

(Even if she could see through the thought protection, she wouldn't read my inner thoughts. Shallow Vernal-sama will not devote that much effort to me. Or rather, she's not interested enough in me to devote that much effort on me. If anyone should be wary, it should be Kuro-san. When it comes to us, she'll just read our surface thoughts and be done with it…… That's another one of Shallow Vernal-sama's openings.)

(I see, well then, stop beating the bush already…… How about we start talking about the conclusion already)

(Unnn…… However, I'd still like to have one more "trump card".)

(By the way, you do realize you're back to your old tone, right)

(Ah, sh*t. When I'm scheming with Iris, I feel like I'm returning to my former self……)

(Don't call it scheming, this is called a strategy meeting……)

As she thought more deeply about the future, Alice began to think of other ways to prepare.

In an arena in the corner of the Demon Realm, two Demons were quietly standing, facing each other. On one hand was Ozma, a Count-level, High-ranking Demon who was one of the Five Generals of the War King and Megiddo's oldest subordinate.

On the other hand was Pandemonium, one of Phantasmal King's subordinates' leaders, is a Count-level, High-ranking Demon who is feared as the Doomsday-Invoking Plague.

Both fighters were quietly waiting for the other to make a move, but suddenly they both stepped in at the same time and started attacking each other with tremendous speed.

When Ozma's fist was released with air-splitting speed, Pandemonium would catch it and counter it, but it was also caught by Ozma. It was truly a battle of experts.

These two have been rivals in hand-to-hand combat for a long time, and they occasionally train together to improve each other's skills.

Their rivalry, however, was limited to hand-to-hand combat. If it comes down to all-out combat, making use of all of their weapons, including magic power, Ozma will undoubtedly win.

Ozma's power is such that he could be called a King, possessing strength that doesn't fit into the Count-ranks.

However, no one knows Ozma's true strength, except for the War King Megiddo. Yes, even the Phantasmal King, who is said to know all the information in this world, has never seen Ozma's true strength.

This is because Ozma hasn't seriously fought in a battle since the time he fought Megiddo before the Phantasmal King…… Alice came to this world.

Alice guessed from his behavior and Megiddo's story that Ozma was as powerful as the Six Kings…… but she still hasn't had a chance to see his power yet.

As for the reason why Ozma has never fought seriously before…… The reason for this is simple. Despite his usual aloofness, he has a strong sense of loyalty.

Ozma only fights seriously when his one and absolute "king's commands" it…… But that king has not awakened yet. His king is still sealed by the hand of his king himself.

Therefore, his loyal knight still doesn't draw his sword. He just quietly waits for the time when the king's order will be given.

The largest forest in the Demon Realm. Deep in the forest, a woman was quietly praying. On her long, pale golden hair, there were two large, light red flowers blooming like hair ornaments, indicating that she was a flower spirit.

Within the very quiet nature, as the woman continued to pray without moving, a childish voice broke the silence.

[Lillie-sama! Lillie-sama! I'm sorry to interrupt your prayer.]

[……No, it's no problem.]

[Actually, you see…….]

[Lillywwod-sama called me, is it I see…… About the war against the God Realm huh]

[Ayaya As expected of Lillie-sama.]

[I'm just reading your surface thoughts, Tirtania.]

(T/N: ティルタニア / Tirutania.)

The woman called Lillie stopped her prayer posture and stood up, but her eyes still remained closed…… Yes, she was born blind, and no light reflects in her eyes.

However, she has the ability to sense the faintest magic power in the air, which even allows her to read the minds of others…… She possesses power that can be described as a more flexible version of Kaito's Sympathy Magic, which allows her to walk through the forest without hesitation.

[I can't say that I want to fight but…… It's a fact that this battle is inevitable. It's something that can't be helped with.]

[Tir really welcomes this opportunity where I could fight alongside Raz-sama!]

[……She was the first Fairy King, wasn't she]

[Yes! Raz-sama is a very, very amazing person! Tir hopes that one day, she can be a fairy like Raz-sama!]

The one who follows Lillie, fluttering her small wings, is Tirtania, a fairy with short yellow-green hair…… and is the current Fairy King.

She respects Razelia, the First Fairy King, from the bottom of her heart. To the extent that she even imitates her tone of voice and clothes…… Thus, for her, the battle against the God Realm was a welcome opportunity to fight together with Razelia, whom she loves and respects.

[It's better than being dwarfed by the enemy, but don't get too far ahead of yourself…… Also, make sure to assist Lillywood-sama.]

[Of course!]

[……Well then, shall we go now To where our king is.]


These two are famous in the Demon Realm for being beautiful, noble and strong beings. They are two of the seven that were given power by Lillywood herself, the executives among the World King's subordinates.

World King's Chief Subordinate, "Magic Flower Princess" Lillie and "Fairy Princess" Tirtania…… Yes, the World King's beautiful executives known as the "Seven Princesses" had also begun to move towards the decisive battle.

(T/N: Mahanahime, so there's a chance that it's not actually Magic Flower Princess, but Demon Flower Princess)

In a rocky mountain in the southern part of the Demon Realm. At the top of one of those mountains was a dragon. She has scarred red scales that give it the appearance of having fought in many battles, arms that are conjoined with its wings, and a body that is about five meters tall, which is considered small for a dragon.

The dragon, which is classified as winged dragon, stood upright atop a sharp rocky mountain with her arms that were conjoined with its wings folded, making her look imposing.

The dragon is known as the "Sky Dragon of the Extinction Flames" and is one of the "Four Great Demon Dragons", the Dragon King's executives…… Nidzveld.

(T/N: ニーズベルド / Niizuberudo)

Wyverns were originally monsters that did not have the power to be called a Dragon, making them classified as "winged beasts". However, the red-scaled wyvern "Nidhogg", a Special Individual of this race, has risen to become a Super-Ancient True Dragon, which can even be called as the pinnacle of dragons.

As a Dragon, it can be said that she has risen from the bottom of the pyramid after many battles.

[So you are here, Nidzveld.]

(……Fafnir huh.)

Nidzveld is unable to speak. She was originally born as a wyvern, and her vocal cords are not designed for complex pronunciation.

Therefore, Nidzveld makes use of telepathy to communicate with others. However, that's originally something that should only be understood by monsters but……

[For you to not be training, how unusual.]

(I was just thinking for a bit.)


(I don't know about the battle 20,000 years ago, so I can only imagine the power of the God of Creation. However, the God of Creation is definitely stronger than Magnawell-sama, right)


With her arms still crossed, Nidzveld turns to Fafnir with one eye, her only remaining eye after she lost her other eye in a past battle.

(I have lived a life of battle. I've always challenged those who are stronger than me, and with each wound I've received, I've grown stronger. I've lived up to this day after eating many strong beings.)


(Challenging someone stronger than you is terrifying. My body trembles and my heart tightens…… It takes a tremendous amount of courage to overcome this.)


Without interrupting Nidzveld's quiet mutterings, Fafnir silently nodded and waited for her to continue.

(A Human is challenging the world's peak…… I wonder how he feels about this He's standing before a towering wall piercing the heavens, where the end isn't in sight. And yet, that Human…… He's gonna challenge such a wall)

[……Yeah. Definitely.]

(……What a wonderful person. His soul is like blazing flames. Ahh, those who challenge are always great. I will always be on the side of those who challenge…… and if that Human wants to go to the top, I'll gladly be his fang, opening up his way.)

[That means, you'll be participating in the battle against the Gods huh.]

(I was originally going to participate. I will follow Magnawell-sama's will. However, the zeal dwelling within one's body when one is ordered to fight is different from when one chooses to fight. That's why I was just reconfirming it like this.)

After saying that much, Nidzvled unfolded her arms and with a wide flap of her wings, she flew to the air.

(Miyama Kaito…… A great challenger. I may be doing this on my own, but I swear it here. I will bring you a battle that won't bring your blazing soul to shame……)

With a fiery oath in her heart, the mightiest winged dragon silently stares at the skies. Thinking of the Human who will challenge she who was up there……

There isn't much time left before the battle between the God Realm and the Demon Realm Human Realm Coalition, which will occur in conjunction with the battle between Kaito and Shallow Vernal.

War King's Five Generals, Phantasmal King's Ten Demons, World King's Seven Princesses, and Dragon King's "Four Great Demon Dragons"…… the famous Count-ranks began to move, and preparations for the battle were quietly held underway.

Our beloved illustrator Ochau-sama drew a promotional illustration for Volume 4. You can see it in the Activity Report.

(T/N: I think everyone had already seen it, without the text, but here's what Author-san is talking about.)

Wyvern-senpai : [She's come! The strongest wyvern has arrived! And she's so cool…… Amazing.]

Serious-senpai : [Anyhow, she's not you though.]

Wyvern-senpai : [I know that…… but this still makes me excited!]

T/N: 46/183-

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