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The 24th day of the second Fire month. It was a beautiful morning and the temperature was just right, so after completing my daily routine of brushing Bell and watering the World Tree seedling, I went shopping.

I didn't really have any specific thing I'd like to buy, but I thought it would be nice to just roam around like this.

Passing by the street lined with expensive stores that I often visit, I arrived at the widest street in the royal capital of Symphonia.

There are so many different stores on the main street that just looking around is already quite fun. For the time being, I decided to take a leisurely walk in the direction of the royal castle.

As I was walking along, looking at the people and stores on the street, I suddenly noticed a store that looked brand new.

The sign in front of the stylish store said "Open Today", indicating that it was a newly opened store.

I wonder what kind of shop this is The shape of the store is stylish, and the door have fantastic designs on them. It kind of looks like those magic tricks shops back on Earth though…… So, I guess it's a magic tool store

If so, I'm a bit, no, I'm quite interested. The exterior of the shop had a nice atmosphere, and as a Japanese, I'm very intrigued by the fact that it was a newly opened shop. Alright, since it's a great opportunity, let's check it out.

Pushing the door open, when I entered the shop……

[Welcome! My first ever cus…… to…… mer]


Eyes obscured by her slightly unkempt brown hair, and dressed in a black robe with fantastic patterns…… A woman who looked strangely familiar greeted me.

After the woman cheerfully said "Welcome", she stiffened when she saw my face…… and a few moments later, she slumped down with her hands on the floor.

[……The heck is this Did I do something wrong in my past life or something Why, of all people, is my first customer this extremely familiar Human…… I mean, he's totally becoming my regular here……]

[Errr….. You're that person who was doing fortune-telling at the Six Kings Festival…… right]

Yes, this woman was the owner of the compatibility fortune-telling stall that I had found when I was touring with Isis-san at the Six Kings Festival, and I remembered her face because I had visited her many times afterwards at the request of my dates.

Speaking of which, when I went to her stall with Shiro-san on the last day, I think she said "that this store would be great in the Capital of the Symphonia Kingdom".

[W- Well, anyway, even though I'm really reluctant, a customer is still a customer. Welcome, Human-san.]

[Ah, yes. Errr, I'm Miyama Kaito.]

[……Elise. You don't have to remember it. Well then, please come this way, Human-san.]

Apparently, she doesn't feel like remembering my name. It doesn't feel like she hates me, but I get the feeling that she thinks that I'm a nuisance.

Well, considering the trouble I brought her at the Six Kings Festival, I can't complain……

[Even so, it's quite surprising. You don't seem to be the type to be interested in fortune-tellings, Human-san. Well, I'll give you some credit for choosing my store.]

[Errr, yes…… Your shop had a stylish and beautiful appearance, so I was intrigued.]

I couldn't say it. I can't tell her that I didn't really know what kind of store this is and just went in because it was newly opened.

[Fufufu, you have quite an eye for detail. Yes, I was very particular about the design of the store.]

It seems that praising the store's appearance was the right choice, as Elise's voice turns a little more upbeat. Elise then moved to the table placed in the back of her shop, which would probably be used for fortune-telling, before speaking.

[……So, Human-san Which do you prefer, "fortune-telling that tells you what would likely happen" or "fortune-telling that gives good results"]

[Errr, there are different types of fortune-telling]

[Yes, unfortunately, in order to make a profit, I need to have fortune-telling for the public's entertainment. Normally, I'd decide based on the customer's state, but I'll let Human-san choose here. I owe you a debt of gratitude for making this store possible for me to build, so I'll tell your fortune for free. Only for the first time, that is. But if you want to buy some of my goods here, you still have to pay.]

When I was told that, I looked around the store and saw that she also sold some things that looked like good luck charms……

[……Then, I'll go with the fortune-telling that tells me what would likely happen.]

[Alright. Then, sit in that chair over there.]


I sat down on a chair in front of a table covered with a purple cloth. If there was a crystal ball on the table, it would exactly fit the fortune-telling that I had imagined but…… there wasn't a crystal ball on the table.

As I was thinking about this, Elise took a bunch of cards that looked like tarot cards and sat down across from me.

[Now then, I'm thinking of getting started, but what do you want me to look at If you don't have any particular thing you're interested in, I'll just vaguely tell you what would likely occur in the future, okay]

[Errr, let's go with that then.]

[I'll be starting then.]

After nodding to my words, Elise casually threw the cards in her hand upwards. Thereupon, the cards scattered by themselves and formed a circle around us.

A- Amazing…… She's probably using some kind of magic, but how should I say this…… It's setting up quite the mysterious atmosphere around us.

Afterwards, out of the many cards spinning in the air, four cards landed face down on the table while the remaining cards stacked together near Elise.

[Human-san, these four cards tell the results of the fortune-telling. Please turn over the cards one by one, starting from the left. I'll explain to you what each card meant with each flip.]

[I understand.]

Nodding at Elise' words, I flipped the leftmost card open.

[……An upright Night. This card indicates the "time of the year". Meanwhile, an upright Night indicates "a turning point". A change of month, a change of year, or a celebration of some kind…… Anyhow, something big is going to occur around that time for you, Human-san.]

[Fumu, then the second card……]

[It's placed in a reversed position this time, huh. This is the Sword card…… This card indicates the "incident" that will happen in the future. The Sword card indicates "battle", an upright one indicates a literal battle, while a reversed one foretells not a physical battle, but of a mental battle.]

A turning point, a mental battle…… Could it be that this fortune-telling is talking about……

[The third card is…… an upright "God" huh. U- Unnn This is strange, isn't it This card indicates a "person"…… Which means the one Human-san is fighting…… is a God You're fighting a God]

[Ahh, errr…… I think I have some idea what it's talking about.]

[I see, you're out of the norm as always, eh Well, anyway, the fourth card is…… a reversed "Door" came out huh……]

As the last card was flipped over, Elise had a complicated expression on her face. It's just a guess, but I think this fortune-telling probably talks about the match I have with Shiro-san.

It would occur in the one-year anniversary of my arrival in this world, I would apparently be facing a mental ordeal rather than literally having to fight and…… the God that I'm fighting against.

[What is the meaning of the fourth card]

[……This card indicates "action". Behind this door is your goal…… in short, Human-san's victory. If it's in the upright position, you can achieve victory through the legitimate path…… that is, by winning that mental battle.]


[However, the reverse position indicates the "hidden path"…… which would mean that just winning that mental battle "wouldn't really be a victory for Human-san". Human-san needs to find some kind of key to open this door.]

Hearing Elise' words, I turned my head and thought. From the result of her fortune-telling…… This should mean that I not only have to overcome the ordeal that Shiro-san would give me, I also have to find something hidden in it. Otherwise, it wouldn't really be a satisfying victory for me

I wonder why I feel like my heart is being rustled. I feel as if I've dropped…… No, as if I've "forgotten" an important piece……

Dear Mom, Dad————– The future that Elise, a fortune teller I met again by chance, told me was one that strangely stirred up anxiety in my heart. Something is bugging me, but I can't figure out what this is. I wonder what this is Perhaps, the key to open the door is just something I can't see————— but is still within me.

Serious-senpai : [More news on the manga……. I'm finally making my debut in the monthly magazine……]

: [You do realize that magazines don't have back covers, right]

Serious-senpai : [Huhh! W- What the heck is that…… N- No, wait! There might be a chance if the manga comes out!!!]

: [……You've finally given up on throwing a tsukkomi regarding how you might only come out in a back cover huh……]

Serious-senpai : [Eh Ahh……]

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