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The current Emperor of the Archlesia Empire, Chris Dia Archlesia. Her path to this day has not been an easy one.

One day, the former Emperor of Archlesia suddenly welcomed a succubus as his concubine. She has an overly beautiful appearance, her gestures show her knowledge of men's hearts, and a cunning mind. The succubus, who possessed all of these extremely high qualities, stole the hearts of the men in the Imperial Palace in the blink of an eye, and her influence quickly grew.

The succubus who suddenly appeared and even became the central figure of the country…… was Chris' mother.

Chris, who had been intelligent at a young age…… hated her mother. She had left taking care of Chris to the servants, never came to see her, and only played around with men…… seeing how she captivated not only men, but even women, but never returning any of their affection, treating them like slaves, she felt repulsed by her mother.

Fortunately, the succubus was not a spendthrift and wasn't interested in the politics of the country, so she didn't bring ruin to the Archlesia Empire, but the way she lived her life according to her desires made Chris feel disgusted by her.

However, thinking about it again…… the root of that feeling might have been loneliness. She really wanted her mother to come and see her. She wanted her love…… However, she never even came to see her.

In order to cover up her loneliness, Chris began to hate her mother. She hated her mother, "so it's no wonder she doesn't see her"….. is what she convinced herself to think of.

Yes, to put it in another way, Chris didn't know how to fawn upon her mother. She was too clumsy when dealing with her own mother.

[……You are the most repulsive being in the world. To have half the blood of a being like you in my veins is a stain on me that will never be erased for the rest of my life.]


Perhaps, that was the reason why…… when she was 16 years old, old enough to be called an adult, she said this to her mother that she hadn't seen in a while. She thought that her mother, who was not even interested in her, would just emotionlessly dismiss her words.

However, the words that she had spoken with the intention of breaking off their connection brought her distress instead.

[……I guess you're right. I guess it really is as you say.]

[ ! ]

Chris' mother affirmed her words with a face that looked like she was about to burst into tears. Because of this, Chris was greatly shaken.

It wasn't because of the expression on her mother's face. It was because "she regretted hurting her mother's feelings"……

She hated her mother. She should have…… hated…… her mother. But no matter how many days passed since then, she couldn't get her face out of her mind.

Unable to understand her own emotions, Chris, who continued to suffer, began to travel around the world in the name of expanding her knowledge, as if to escape from her mother.

And along her journey, she met the Underworld King and spent several years in her home…… before Chris finally accepted that she didn't hate her mother that much.

Having settled her feelings, Chris returned to the Archlesia Empire after expressing her deepest gratitude to Kuromueina and her family.

Then, for the first time in years…… no, for the first time since she was born, she faced her mother head-on and exchanged words with her.

[I have something to ask of you.]


[What am I to you Am I just a hindrance who was unexpectedly conceived Or perhaps, am I just some trash not even worthy of interest I want to hear what you really think.]

[……id…… that……]


[When did! I ever say that!!! Hindrance or trash, I never said a single thing like that!!!]

[……T- Then, why! didn't you come to see me! You also always ignore me when I speak to you! I just don't understand…… what am I to you!]

That was the first fight between the mother and daughter. Regardless of whether it's good or bad, this clumsy mother and daughter…… had an honest discussion for the first time.

[I don't know! What I should do……. How to love someone…… is something I don't know……]

[Mot…… her……]

[It was a whim that I gave birth to you. Other than children being born if a woman gets pregnant, I don't know what a child is supposed to be like…… But when I saw you when you were born…… so pure, so white…… so unbearably cute…… I got scared……]


[……Just as you said, I'm a succubus who preys on others. A horrible being who has been living only for my own desires. If a person like me…… touches you with my dirty hands…… I thought that I would sully the pure white you…… so I didn't know how to treat you.]

Yes, for Chris' mother…… the strongest succubus Lilim, love is something that is offered to her, not something that she gives to someone else.

She had never given her love to anyone else. That's why, she didn't know how to express her love…… even to her impossibly cute daughter, Chris.

[Mother, please tell me the truth. Why did you leave my care to the servants]

[……Because rather than me who have never raised a child in my life…… it would be better…… if you were raised by someone with proper experience in doing it.]

[Why didn't you ever come to see me]

[……I did…… every day…… I went to check on you every single day…… However, I didn't come to see you. I didn't know…… what I'm supposed to when I see you.]

[Why didn't you answer me when I spoke to you]

[……I was scared…… I thought you hated me…… I didn't know…… what face I should have when I talk to you.]

[Do you…… love me]

[……I love you. I love you so much…… that I don't even know what to do with myself.]

After hearing her clumsy mother's true feelings, the dark fog that had been building up in Chris' mind for years finally disappeared. The clumsy mother and daughter, who had been at odds with each other for so long, were finally starting to set things right between them.

Of course, their relationship that had been so different for so many years would not be repaired immediately. But little by little, they were steadily trying to get closer to each other.

It was late at night, and Chris, who was working in her office, stopped at the sound of a knock. Before Chris could answer though, the door was opened and Lilim appeared, wearing a nightdress.

[Even at this late, well, you're still working so hard…… Good work. Good grief though, why don't you just let your Human subordinates do the work]

A smile appeared on Chris' lips when Lilim looked like she was about to curse as soon as she entered. Well, her mother is as clumsy as usual……

Yes, unlike before, Chris is now properly aware of the clumsy kindness of her mother, Lilim.

As Chris begins to make moves to take the Imperial throne, worried about the slow decline of the empire…… Lilim sneakily made her own moves, helping Chris from the shadow.

After they reconciled, Lilim refrained from flamboyantly playing around with men and instead, began to give Chris guidance on diplomacy and taking care of one's personal appearance.

Up to this day, she still does that. Despite her words, Chris could see from Lilim's eyes that she was worried about her, who was working late at night, and came to check on her.

[……That's unusual, isn't it. For Mother to come to this room.]

[I don't really have anything to do even if I come after all. Well, you should keep things at a moderate, Chris-chan. Unlike me, half of the blood in your veins is that of a Human, and lack of sleep is bad for your skin.]


Unlike when she was a child…… Chris doesn't hate her mother anymore. She was clumsy, and her compassion was hard to understand.

However, Chris clearly understood that Lilim loved her……

While Chris was thinking about this, Lilim took a wrapped box out of nowhere and casually placed it on Chris' desk.

[……What's this]

[Ahh~~ It was a gift from a boring guy. I don't want it, so I'll give it to you. It's getting cold lately, and as your body is weak compared to mine, wear it.]

[……Thank you.]

[Well then, I'm going to go now…… By the way, your hair is slightly damaged. I'll show you how to take care of it some other time.]

[Yes…… Good night, Mother.]

[……Good night.]

After quickly finishing her own business, Lilim left the office.

Staring at the door where Lilim had left for a moment, Chris opened the box she received…… and let out a genuinely happy smile.

[……Good grief, if you're going to tell a lie, you might as well tell a believable one.]

In the box that she had received was a slightly misshapen red woolen scarf.

[Mother is still a member of the royal family, so there was no way that she would be given such an obviously "amateur's first hand-knitted scarf"……]

Chris knew right away who had knitted the scarf. Thereupon, wrapping it around her neck…… thinking of how sewing looked so unfitting with her mother, a profound smile appeared on her lips again.

: [Since Serious-senpai still hasn't regained consciousness, I guess I'll give you a preview for the next chapter. There will be a few more relaxing chapters from here on, and then, the final arc of the main story, the Shallow Vernal arc, will finally begin. It's the arc that is long-awaited by Serious-senpai but……]

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