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The birthday party, which had been so large, noisy and fun that I couldnt believe that it was hastily made, was over. I returned to my room, which I was completely used to living in.

How should I say this…… I feel a little sad after its over because it was kind of fun.

However, unnn……

[……I guess this doesnt feel that bad.]

[Unnn What is it]

[Well, I just think that if I feel sad afterwards, it means that I had lots of fun…… It kind of makes me happy.]

[I see…… Im glad you had fun, Kaito-kun.]

I was sitting on the sofa and Kuro appeared next to me as I came back into my room, a soft smile on her face.

[……Kuro, thanks for everything.]

[Your welcome, I suppose]

[I feel very happy. For so many people to celebrate with me…… Really, Im lucky to have such kind people around me.]

These words naturally leaked out of my mouth. I felt as if my heart was overflowing with emotion and joy.

Thereupon, Kuro looked at me with a smile, before she spoke.

[……I think its a bit different though.]

[Different How so]

[I think that such feelings dont just go one-way though. If you feel that youre happy and everyone is kind to you…… Im sure its because Kaito-kun brings happiness to everyone else as well.]

[……Is that really how it is]

[Were not celebrating your birthday because youre kind. Everyone…… Of course, that includes me, celebrated because we love you, Kaito-kun. Kaito-kun has been kind to everyone, brought warmth to everyone, and created lots of happiness…… and those feelings go around, returning back to Kaito-kun.]

[I see……. Thanks.]

The words she gently said. Those warm words seem to affirm that “the love youre surrounded in is something that I have grasped by myself”.

However, lets see…… if its as Kuro said, and Im making everyone happy…… If I cant make everyone feel the warmth Im feeling right now…… that makes me happy.

[……Even so, it was something that was sudden, so I guess it must have been troublesome to prepare it, right]

[Hmmm, we felt frantic, but we didnt feel that it was troublesome. So, dont worry about it. I mean, rather than the preparations, I feel that the final battle against Earth God was the most tiring. Shes really strong, so shes quite the nuisance……]

It is indeed true that Kuros stamina is literally bottomless, unlike mine. However, its troublesome since time is limited…… No, wait. There are people who can literally manipulate time huh……

Also, it really would be great if Eden-san knows how to restrain herself.

[……Id like to somehow express my thanks though.]

[You dont really have to worry about it though…… Ahh, then, can I ask you one favor]

[Unnn Ahh, if its something I can do.]

Looking as if she had thought of something, Kuro looked as if she thought of something fun, bringing her face close and whispering to my ears.

[……Eh W- Why again…… Well, its alright with me but……]

[This is something Ive actually wanted to do for a while now.]

Kuros request wasnt unreasonable at all, and it was something that could be done right now. Her request was a little unusual though, so I was a little confused, but I still “scooted towards the edge of the sofa”.

Thereupon, Kuro put her head on my thigh with a happy smile on her face…… Yes, Kuros request is to “give her a lap pillow”.

[Ahaha, this kind of feels refreshing.]

[Indeed…… I mean, isnt it tough]

[Its okay, it feels nice and warm.]

It was the opposite of our usual position. Ive had Kuro give me lap pillows many times, but this is the first time Ive done it for her.

Looking down at Kurps face from above while she was lying down on my lap, just as Kuro said, was somewhat refreshing.

Her eyes narrowed, as if she was feeling comfortable, Kuro looked as if she acquired peace of mind.

To be honest, I like being able to spoil Kuro like this. I havent really thought of this, but Kuro is a great person who is loved by many…… Despite her appearance, she is a really mature woman. She is someone who has lived for a long time, and one can sense her solid knowledge and experience.

Such a Kuro sometimes spoils me like this. This is the best proof that the time Kuro spends with me is something that makes her feel at ease, and it makes me feel helplessly happy.

As I was thinking about this, Kuros beautiful golden eyes looked back at me and she quietly muttered.

[……Hey, Kaito-kun]


[Im very happy. Being with Kaito-kun like this…… Thats why, thanks. Because I met you and you saved me, Im still smiling from the bottom of my heart.]


Her words were filled with overflowing emotions. Hearing her words, I remembered what Kuro had said a while ago. I see, feeling go around huh, well said.

[……Im the one who should say that. Because I met you, Kuro, and you saved me, I can spend my days with a smile on my face. Well, there are times when I am surprised and troubled but…… I feel really happy.]

[Mhmm, arehh Did you just use my words right back at me]

[Ahaha, thats right. If Kuro feels that youve received happiness and kindness from me…… its because feelings go around, and were just returning such feelings to Kuro…… isnt it]

[Unnn, youve returned so much that my heart is overflowing with love for you, Kaito-kun.]

[Then, I return those words exactly back to you.]

[……Were just going in circles, werent we]

[We were.]

Kuro and I looked at each other, and laughed. Thinking about how were happy because of each other is quite the wonderful feeling.

Well, I dont really have to say anything too complicated, I love Kuro and Kuro loves me.

Thats why, the time we spend together is……


[……Yeah, happiness. Kuro, lets be like this, even in the future.]

[Fufu, I thought the same too.]

After giving me a bashful smile, Kuro gently closed her eyes and slightly raised her head. And I could clearly see what she wished for, even if she didnt say it out loud.

After all, its something I also wish for……

Dear Mom, Dad————– It is difficult to explain in words the feelings you have for someone you love. However, I wonder why Having our hearts facing each other, deeply connected like this…… and being able to feel this way————- I really feel unbearably happy.

: [The main heroine is unfair…… Shes guaranteed a delicious role in epilogue-like chapters like this…… Even though it would be fitting even if its m—— Alice-chan who was in a situation like this! Is this the privilege of the main heroine!]

Serious-senpai : [……Well, that is…… ummm. Want some choccy milk]

: [……”Misfortune Incarnate, Serious-senpai”…… Thank you.]

Serious-senpai : [Why the heck were you insulting me just now!]

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