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After Catastro-sans turn, many people Ive met in the past brought me presents to celebrate my birthday.

Well, seriously, being in a situation like this, looking at all these many people Ive met…… I realized once again how much kindness I was surrounded by.

Ive been caught up in events that Ive only seen in novels, like being summoned to another world…… and now, Im surrounded by so many people.

Going to another world, using my cheat to become an unparalleled warrior, amassing great wealth and fame…… I had vaguely dreamed, no, I fantasized about such a thing occurring in another world. My current situation though was different from what I had imagined.

Even though Im in a different world, Im still too weak to do anything on my own, and I have to spend my days relying on the help and support of many people.

But well, thinking about it again, theres nothing strange about it.

People living on their own…… if you look for them, they probably do exist. However, I dont think there are that many of them. Everyone has things they can and they cant do, and using their skills to help one another, they live together.

To be honest, there are more things I cant do than the things I can but…… Even Kuro and Alice who seemed like they can do everything, or Shiro-san, who is almost omnipotent, isnt perfect in every way.

They also have things they dont understand, things they dont know, and things theyre confused about. If I can make up for those things, even if its just a little bit and support them when its possible…… I could never be any happier.

Unnn, thats right…… This life in another world may not be what I had imagined. However, rather than disappointment……

“Now then, its finally Alice-chans turn to give her a present! Lets go outside for the moment…… Yes, well then, Eden-san. Please teleport everyone.”

[……Incomprehension. Question, Me, Instruction Execution, Obligation, None.]

“……Its for Kaito-sans sake, you know”

[Some, Dissatisfaction, However…… Acknowledged.]

As I was pondering about things, Alice told Eden-san to teleport Eden-san everyone out of the venue for some reason.

A gift that cant be given here Does that mean it has a really big size No, putting that aside…… Is it just my imagination Doesnt it seem like Alice and Eden-san got closer with each other

The fact that that Eden-san, even though she was complaining, follows Alice, who is not a resident of her world, may mean that Eden-san appreciates Alice in some way. After all, Eden-san basically ignores the people of this world when they talk to her……

As I was thinking about this, the scenery instantly changed and we were teleported outside the castle. It doesnt feel like we were teleported with Teleportation Magic though, its as if the background really just changed. Putting aside her abnormal words and actions, I guess she is still the God of a world.

[Well then, everyone, please move as I instructed. Magnawell-san, please take another 50 steps back.]

“Mhmm, lets be careful with my feet……”

[You can just float back…… Wait, oi, you rotten angel! Didnt I tell you the plan in advance! Your spot is on the edge. What If you have a problem with that, pluck out those annoying wings of yours.]

Alice created a large number of clones, each of them scattered and began guiding each people. Following one of Alices clones, I lined up with the others.

How should I say this…… Its just a random thought but……. this feels like were getting a “group photo”.

Magnawell-san and the large-bodied Megiddo-san were placed in the back. Kuro, Isis-san, Sieg-san, Lilia-san and Alice gathered right beside me.

And once everyone has been arranged, most of Alices clones disappeared, while some clones moved a few distance away.

[Yes, well then,  everyone! Please turn towards me. Make sure to properly smile, okay ……Well then, say cheese!]

As soon as she said that, Alices clone seemed to glow slightly…… and moved at a speed that I couldnt perceive.

I was able to easily understand what Alice had done though.

With a bright smile on Alices face…… I saw “a picture in a beautiful frame”……

[Kaito-san, happy birthday. This is my present. Ive also properly placed State Preservation Magic on it!]


She totally got me…… This is so unfair. Theres no way I can be unhappy about this, you know


The picture was as elaborate as a photograph, yet it was drawn with warm colors. There was a picture of me and the people who had gathered to celebrate my birthday.

The me within the picture looked really happy…… and he had a hearty smile on his face.

Ahh, seriously…… I feel happy. Its not what I had in mind…… but the days I spend in this world…… is way, way better than I had ever imagined.

And this picture in my hand———- was indeed filled with such happy thoughts.

Dear Mom, Dad————— Whether its Humans, Demons, Gods…… or me, no one is perfect, and thats why we complement each other. Our thoughts overlap, our hearts communicate, and our memories are woven together. Its not something you can see, and it doesnt have an actual temperature. However, there definitely is something warm within it.————— I guess that is what people call bonds.

————A picture of a happy memory, and everytime I look at it, I remember those days.

————And at the same time, “I feel regret”.

————Over and over again…… yes…… over and over again……

————Even though I know I cant change it…… I still regret the past.

————Ahh, why didnt I……

————Why didnt I properly say it

————That “next time, something normal is alright”……

: [Did you think it was serious at the end But unfortunately, it wasnt serious! It was a gag!!!]

Serious-senpai : [You betrayed me! You just betrayed the expectations I had!]

: [Well, since its the 600th chapter, it felt like a neat conclusion…… but theres still Eden-sans gift.]

Serious-senpai : [Ah……]

T/N: Last part was said by Kaito.


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