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After receiving a rather peculiar gift from Pandora-san, I also received a present from Megiddo-san. Just as I had expected…… he gave me a huge barrel of alcohol.

After Megiddo-san, Fate-san gave me a large cushion, and next to her was Magnawell-san, but of course, Magnawell-san was not able to enter the venue. Since he was currently outside the venue, Fafnir-san handed out his present on his behalf.

After that, Ryze-san, Lotus-san, Dahlia-san, Amalie-san and Orchid-san handed out their gifts in order, and just when I thought it would be Dr. Viers turn next……

“Okay, next up is Catastro-san.”


Following Alices words, a woman dressed like a butler with her long light green hair pulled back behind her head and wearing a tuxedo (), she gracefully walked up to the stage.

……Somehow, someone I dont recognize at all has just appeared! Eh Who is she Seriously, I dont remember her at all.

“Ahh, Kaito-san. This child, you see, one of the Count-level, High-ranking Demons who were temporarily entrusted with guarding Kaito-san. She has never directly exchanged words with Kaito-san, but since she was the mediator of those ten people, I allowed her to participate.”

Ahh, I see…… Shes one of the people that Alice assigned to guard me during the incident with Kuro. If shes their mediator, then shes probably pretty high up among Alices leaders.

Catastro-san walked up to me and gave me a polite bow, she spoke.

[Its nice to meet you, my name is Catastro. I would like to congratulate you on your birthday today. Meager it may be, Ive brought you a small present.]

[Y- Yes. Thank you for going out of your way for me. Im Miyama Kaito…… Errr, Im in your care.]

[Thank you for your polite words. However, my apologies, I cant shake your hand…… My genetic make-up tends to corrode the things I touch. Even though I wear thick gloves, I still couldnt perfectly prevent such a thing from occurring.]

As I reflexively held out my hand for a handshake with my greeting, Catastro-san lightly shook her head and apologized.

Corrode things she touches…… The way she said it, it seems like she cant stop her ability by herself huh How should I say this…… Thats kind of a little sad ability to have.

Ive got Shiro-sans blessing, so I think Im probably going to be fine…… but perhaps, this isnt a topic that should be touched on too much.

“No, Kaito-san. You dont have to feel sorry for her. That child “can hold things if shes in her true form”…… So its fine if shes in that form.”

[……Even if this hand is dangerous, even if these “poison wings that had turned into my hands” were dangerous, even if the cost of the gloves and other items makes me live in extreme poverty every day, even if I eat less than a slice of bread a day, even if I have to sleep in a cave…… I wont recognize “that unsightly form” to be my true form. This is my true form.]

What is this I began to feel sorry for her in a different way from earlier.

“Incidentally, her true form is a “moth monster”.”

[Im trying to deny it just now, so could you please not reveal my true form to everyone, Shalltear-sama!]

“Rather than that, youre using up too much time. Please hand in your gifts already, get off the stage, go to the corner and eat your stale bread.”

[S- Shalltear-sama…… As expected, youre being too unreasonable……]

Unnn, I think it really is a bit too much. Even if shes your subordinate, this will make Catastro-san angry……

[Cant you please allow me to have some salad! Please! Ive only been eating weeds that grow nearby!!!]

Youre talking about that! Thats what youre complaining about! I mean, her diet is so miserable, but seriously!

“No…… well, you can eat whatever you want.”

[……No, if I eat too much expensive food, my stomach wont be able to accept it……]

……She just started crying. Even though her situation wasnt in her control, she is extremely poor that it makes my heart tremble. Catastro-san, youre a Count-level, High-ranking Demon, right Youre one of the few amazing beings in the Demon Realm, arent you If shes that poor, how often does she corrode her gloves

[……Ah, my apologies, Miyama-sama. Once again, happy birthday to you. Meager it may be, heres my present to you.]

[T- Thank you. Errr…… Is it alright]

When I asked her if its alright, containing the thoughts about how shes having financial problems, she seemed to have understood my intentions, and with a small smile on her face, Catastro-san spoke.

[Thank you for your concern. However, its alright. “Im used to fasting”.]


[Well then, if youll excuse me.]

From the way her present looked like, it seemed to be pastries…… but her gift that should be light feels awfully heavy. Her present that she prepared for me, even having the resolve to start fasting…… This apologetic feeling is unbearable.

E- Errr, just proceeding like this wont do. Is there something I can do Anything…… Ahh, thats right!

[C- Catastro-san! Please wait!]


[I- If its alright with you, please take this!]

[H- Huhh, its Miyama-sama whos got a birthday today so———- wait, this is! G- Gloves made from Megiddo-samas mane!]

Stopping Catastro-san, who was about to get off the stage, I immediately handed her the pair of gloves that I had received as a prize at the Six Kings Festival.

W- Well, I dont know how effective these gloves will be against Catastro-sans corrosion, but with the material used in it, I think it wouldnt be a bad idea for her to use it.

Even if I had them, Id only use them as kitchen mittens anyway……

[……No, this wont do! Theres no way I can receive such an expensive item!]

[Even if I had it, I dont think I can make good use of it……]

When Catastro-san saw the gloves I held out to her, she flusteredly shook her head, but I couldnt back down in this situation either.

[I- I dont need it either! P- Please give up already!]

“Incidentally, those gloves would completely prevent Catastro-sans corrosion. Catastro-san was so desperate for them that she brought her saved up paycheck on the first day of the Six Kings Festival and worked really hard to get them…… but she was defeated by Agni-san, so she couldnt get it. The gloves are made through special means, so only Megiddo-san can make them, and they were extremely rare, especially with that restriction that they could only exchanged by those who won against Megiddo-san.”

[Shalltear-sama! Please dont say unnecessary things!!! A- Anyway, Miyama-sama! Please put it away! Theres nothing I can give you in exchange for it!!!]

There was such a restriction huh…… It was on the regular exchange list I was given, so I didnt notice it.

And while Catastro-san is trying to get me to put the gloves away with an expression that could be described as desperate, but her eyes are glancing towards them, so it seems like she really wants them.

Even so, “grasping” Catastros hand, who I dont know if she was being sensible or not, but she would not take it, I forcibly handed her the gloves.

[No, I cant ignore it after hearing a story like that. I mean, theres no way I can sleep at night, ignoring such a matter when these gloves could solve it! Thats why, for my sake, please receive it already!]

[……T- Thats never my intention———- [ Catastro! ] ————-Shalltear-sama]

“With Kaito-san like that, he would never pull back. Just give up. Youve already taken up too much time, so just take it and go eat your salad in the corner.”

[Ughhh…… I- I understand.]

When I heard Alices words, I glanced over to the audience and saw Eden-san in the corner, glaring at Catastro-san.

This is no good. Im sure that shes thinking “To refuse my childs kindness is an act worthy of death. Would you like me to wipe you out right here and now” or something unreasonable like that.

At Alices words, Catastro-san took the gloves from me with an apologetic expression on her face and immediately bowed her head vigorously.

[Miyama-sama, I extremely appreciate your kindness! I will never forget this favor. I will use this life of mine to repay this debt of gratitude!!!]

[N- No, youre being too dramatic……]

[Thank you very much!]

[Ah, no…… Yes.]

After loudly expressing her thanks, Catastro-san got off the stage and moved to the corner…… and started eating salad.

Dear Mom, Dad————— Unnn, I wonder what this feeling is. How should I say this…… She was an extraordinary person in a different way from others. Its like shes unique or something like that…… By the way, I was just wondering—————– Isnt there anyone decent among Phantasmal Kings subordinates

~ ~ Todays Mama Eden ~ ~

[…………………. (Cant my turn come already This is a great time to bask up my childs countenance, but all these talking lumps of flesh blocking my view every so often is so annoying. Good grief, that Alice is doing something unnecessary…… However, from what I read within her mind, this is beneficial for my child…… Ill just have to be patient. Ahh, speaking of which, there were also three other children in this place besides my beloved child. While they may not as good as my beloved child, they are still my children. As their mother, lets tell them a few words.)]


[…………………. (That damned lump of flesh, lets get rid of it. Refusing my childs offer is an unforgivable disrespect. Cant it understand that it never had the right to refuse I promised them that I would not kill any living creature of this world without reason but…… before such crime of disrespect, it should be alright. No, its not only her disrespect. To reject my beloved childs offer twice is worthy of death…… Well then, lets immediately do it…… However, wouldnt doing such an act hurt my gentle childs heart There is no need to be considerate for these lump of flesh, but the kindness of my child is wider than the universe. However, there is a limit to what I can tolerate as his mother. Mhmm, what should I do Lets see…… “If she refuses again, lets get rid of her”…… Yes, lets do that.)]-

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