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It seems that Isis-san has read a lot of books, and we had a lot of fun talking about it.

I was mainly the one asking questions while she answers them, but it seems like Isis-san herself really enjoys it and answers every single question.

Apparently, not only do they have history books and adventure stories in this world, but they also have grimoires and other kinds of books that dont exist on earth but…… what really caught my interest more than anything else was the books that are like fantasy novels.

Because of the existence of Hero Summoning in this world, they were extremely familiar about the existence of other worlds. Thats why many writers in this world fantasize about isekai…… In other words, they were writing novels about our world or other worlds they could imagine.

For me to come across novels talking about being transferred to another world right after we were transferred in this world is kind of……

[The more I hear about it, the more interesting the books in this world sound like. Id like to read more of those books too.

[……Then, then…… Ill bring…… various kinds of books…… next time.]

[Really Im looking forward to it.]

After hearing that I became more and more interested in the books of this world, Isis-san said that she will be lending me her books, and I replied to her with some eagerness in my tone.

We continued chatting about books for a while, and when the topic of conversation died down, I began to leisurely sip my cup of tea that had cooled down—— and thats when I noticed it.

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Theres something with a faint glint in Isis-sans eyes while she looks at me—- Tears appeared in her eyes, and a single drop ran down her cheek and fell on the table.

[I- Isis-san! Whats wrong]

[……Ahh…… Im sorry…… Its just that…… Its been a long time…… since Ive had so much fun.]


When I called out to her, worried that something was wrong, Isis-san replied with a soft mutter.

I feel like her reply contained emotions that couldnt be easily expressed in words, making me hesitate to give her a cheap reply.

After letting that brief pause of silence pass for a moment…… Isis-san began to talk about herself, one piece of information after another.

It seems that from the moment she was born, Isis-san has had a potent amount of magic power of death in her body…… And until now, she has been hated by many creatures.

In the beginning, she couldnt handle her magic power of death very well, and if Isis-san were to feel negative emotions, her magic power of death would reap the lives of the people around her.

Most living things in this world, including plants and animals, were unable to resist Isis-sans magic power of death. In those days, Isis-san was definitely spreading death wherever she goes, just like a walking disaster.

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There is no one who doesnt feel negative emotions in their daily life. Frustrated by trivial conversations, feeling worried when things dont go well, feeling lonely when theyre alone……

No matter how much Isis-san wishes to get along with others, all creatures would be frightened by her approach and die.

After spending a long time like that, little by little, Isis-san became able to control her magic power of death…… but in the end, she was unable to completely stop it from being released from her body.

But in those days, she had the Six Kings to converse with…… Beings that have a power that rivaled or even surpassed Isis-san. Seeing that some people can converse with her, she felt really happy at that time.

However, the existence of the other members of the Six Kings…… these existences that hold monstrous power equal to her, ironically, became the fact that drove Isis-san more into a corner.

Her equals…… The other members of the Six Kings who were beings that she felt were similar to herself, as months and years pass, their family and subordinates began to increase, and as they gradually became the center of the Demon Realm, adding up the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between the three realms, not only demons, even Gods have begun to gather around the other members of the Six Kings…… And thus, Isis-san was left behind.

While Isis-san could only interact with people with power almost as high as hers, the other members of the Six Kings were on friendly terms with the less powerful Humans.

Isis-san couldnt help but be envious of them. It was hard just being able to watch as the other members of the Six Kings interact with the Humans.

Even if she enjoys all the conversation she had with the other members of the Six Kings until now, it seems that every time she hears them talk about the Human Realm, inexplicable loneliness welled up within her mind, making her shed tears all alone countless times.

To Isis-san, I was her first human friend she had ever made, and she was very happy about that.

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After I finished listening to Isis-san, I get up from my seat and moved over to her side.

Touching her slightly trembling little hands, and as gently as I could, wrapping it in between mine.


[To be honest, I cant understand all of the painful feelings that Isis-san has been feeling for thousands of years…… I cant even say that I understand what youre feeling.]


[I dont think I could even act cool like somehow do something to ease your loneliness…… And unfortunately, thats also not something I can say and I think thats also something I can do.]

It might be unfortunate in some way, but it might also be fortunate in another way. I think I should clearly say that Im just an ordinary person.

If I cant accomplish something more than I can handle, all I can do for the trembling Isis-san…… is just be me, and just face her straight directly in front of her.

[The reason Im able to talk to Isis-san normally is because of my Sympathy Magic, a rather unusual ability of mine…… You could even say that it was just a coincidence that I happen to be the one with this power. However, Im sure that this is just one of the things that may be destined to happen…… And so, whenever youre feeling lonely, you can come wherever you want. Theres not much I can do, but if its talking with you, then I will always be here.]


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[Dont worry. I will say it now, I will never be afraid and reject you in the future. That much, I can promise you.]


I dont know if I was able to convey it to her well, but I think I was able to somehow convey my feelings.

I was able to overcome Isis-sans magic power of death due to my Sympathy Magic, and although it can be said that it was just a coincidence that I have this ability, but this ability, is in a sense, my own.

It would just be nonsense if I keep on thinking about what would have happened if I didnt have my Sympathy Magic here, so Ill just do my best to put it to good use for Isis-san.

Receiving my words, Isis-san looked down while her body was slightly trembling, and a little later, as if she had snapped, she leaped towards me.

[I- Isis-san!]

Feeling her cool body temperature and touch of her soft body, I could also smell the flowery scent wafting from her hair.

[……Kaito…… I love you…… I love you…… I really love you.]


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I was surprised when she suddenly hugged me, but when I saw Isis-san burying her face in my chest and her shoulders trembling with her voice, I couldnt say anything else.

Isis-san is one of the Six Kings, powerful beings exceeding human knowledge, and one of the strongest in the world…… but she isnt an invincible being who will never feel hurt.

The proof of this is Isis-san, who was hugging me as if shes cling unto me, with tears streaming down her face. Her trembling shoulders look terribly small, looking so fragile as if it would break just by touching it.

I hugged Isis-sans body as gently as I could, as if I were touching a delicate piece of snow sculpture, while she continued to cry, as if shes was releasing her overflowing sadness that had accumulated for a thousand years.

Dear Mom, Dad—— I wont just tidy up Isis-sans situation with simple words like “Isis-san is pitiable” and I dont think theres much I can do for her. But for now—– Isnt it alright if I can show her my cool side for a bit


………….Theyre flirting.

I guess she could already be considered as a heroine now, right-

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