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As we were stunned by the Demon Kings inexplicable emergence into the Human Realm, Lilia-san turned towards the lower-left corner of the Human Realms map…… Pointing at the black mark, her expression slightly changed to something serious as she continued speaking.

[For the Human Realm at that time, the Demon Race that suddenly appeared was a tremendous menace, not to mention the Demon Realm with the absolute existences, the Six Kings. The Demon Kings army quickly overthrew the surrounding countries and named himself the Demon King when he declared war on the people. And thus, the long war between our people and the Demon Kings army began.]

[Incidentally, Hades-sama deeply apologized at the treaty of friendship for the incident at that time, “He should have taken care of them properly” he said. Even though he received Hades-samas generosity, he acted out of control and even made Hades-sama bow for him…… That Demon Kings outrageous behavior is still unforgivable even after a thousand years.]

[U- Umm, Lunamaria-san]

Lunamaria-san added more details to Lilia-sans words, but it looks like the calmness she had before was thrown out of the window…… She had a look of utter disgust on her face that I unintentionally freaked out a bit.

[In the first place, the noble Hades-sama shouldnt have apologized for trashy insects like them…… However, thats to be expected of Hades-sama! He has the grace to bow down to people of rank lesser than him and the integrity to admit wrongdoings…… And thats why hes really the king of kings……]

[Luna, Luna!]

[Hyah! I- I beg your pardon……]

Lilia-san admonishes Lunamaria, who began to speak as if some sort of switch in her had been turned on. Looking at us surprised, she explained with a sigh.

[Luna has apparently met Hades-sama once before, and shes been fanatical about him ever since. Please take note of this. It may take several hours to calm her down if someone thoughtlessly mentioned Hades-sama to Luna.]

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[……If I could, I would have served Hades-sama instead rather than this spinster……]

[……Luna, Ill make sure youre going to get 2 or 3 slaps later.]

Dont talk about Hades-sama to Lunamaria-san. Okay, got it. Lunamarie-sans eyes certainly look dangerous just now. It was like something completely flipped her switch, it was like the word “fanatic” was really fitting for her.

Lilia-san must have really been having a hard time dealing with her……

[Lets get back to our conversation. The Demon Kings army invaded the Human Realm…… This actually made the Six Kings scratch their heads in worry.]

[ [ [Eh] ] ]

I didnt immediately understand the meaning behind Lilia-sans words. Because from what I heard earlier, the Six Kings should have the power to easily defeat the Demon Kings army. And to say that its making them scratch their heads in worry…… Wait. That may certainly be a bit tricky. Why was the Hero needed to be called when the Six Kings could deal with them

[……As I mentioned earlier, the Demon Kings army wasnt very famous nor feared in the Demon Realm in the beginning. Hence, it was already too late when the information that the Demon Kings army had invaded the Human Realm had reached the Six Kings ears. And by that time, it was no longer possible for the Six Kings to thoughtlessly eliminate the Demon Kings army.]

[……I see, they were concerned about intervening with the Humans huh.]

[What do you mean by that, Senpai]

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It seems that Kusunoki-san understood what Lilia-san was talking about, but Yuzuki-san and I still dont understand it well. Once the Six Kings have dealt with the Demon Kings army, that should have been the end of it, but from the way Lilia-san was talking about it, it seems that they cant do anything about it for some reason.

Hearing Yuzuki-sans question, Kusunoki opened her mouth as she turned towards Yuzuki.

[Back then, the Demon Realm wasnt interfering with the matters around the Human Realm. In other words, they didnt have any channels through which they could negotiate with the Human Realm and tell the Humans that they arent hostile.]

[A- Ahhh! I see what you mean!]

[It seems that Miyama-san has also noticed. Its probably just as youre thinking. They may know of our existence, but most of the Demon has never seen a Human before…… On the other hand, its also the same for the Human Race. And for the Human Race at that time, the Demon Race was recognized as the Demon Kings army.]

Yes, I finally understood the part that Ive been concerned about. Even though the Six Kings had the power to defeat the Demon King, they didnt have the means to negotiate after defeating the Demon King to show that they werent hostile to the Human Race.

If the Six Kings just annihilated the Demon Kings army in the blink of an eye, what would the Human Race think when they saw it The answer would simply be “a far more powerful Demon Race than the Demon King is attacking”.

[——A threat far surpassing the Demon King has arrived. The people would wield their swords to their deaths. If that happens, the story will no longer end with just the Demon King invading the Human Realm. It would turn into an all-out war between the Demon Realm and the Human Realm…… On the contrary, if the Six Kings, the beings who stood in the apex of the Demon Realm, were involved in the invasion towards the Human Realm, the God Realm, which had been waiting in standby, would also begin to move. And in the worst-case scenario, a great war might have broken out involving the three worlds. Thats why the Six Kings couldnt lay a hand on the Demon King.]

Along the way, Kusonoki-san took over the explanation from Lilia-san, who had been speaking with a heavy tone. Its okay if its just the Human Realm. At worst, if the Six Kings could only make a ruthless decision, it might have been possible for them to conquer the Human Realm by force to keep the fire of war from spreading to the Demon Realm.

However, if the God Realm moves, it wouldnt just end there. Once, in ancient times, the Demon Realm and the God Real fought in a war. If that legend is true, it means that the power of the Demon Realm and the God Realm can compete against each other to some extent. If that were to happen, the Demon Realm would surely be in danger of war and the Six Kings wanted to avoid that.

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[A great war involving the three worlds. It was necessary to avoid that…… In the weakest Human Realm, the being who had enough power to defeat the Demon King—- The being who can carry the hope of Humanity. The Hero who can sit at the negotiation table with the Demon Realm……]

[And that was…… the First Hero……]

[Thats right. There are various theories about the summoning of the First Hero. Theres the theory that the Creation God, fearing the coming of a major war, gave the Humans a summoning circle in the form of an oracle. Theres even one which said that the Six Kings secretly requested cooperation from the God Realm and requested them to do so. In the beginning, there have been unknown magic circles passed from one generation to another…… There is no clear record of this because the Human Realm was in turmoil at that time, but the summoning of the Hero took place in the Symphonia Kingdom.]

This is where the First Hero appeared. I wonder what the First Hero looked like Im certain that theyre from the same world as us, but I dont know if theyre male or female, or if theyre even Japanese……

[Ive heard that the journey of the First Hero-sama was very harsh. As he traveled through the Human Realm that was in a maelstrom of chaos, the First Hero-sama saved a lot of lives, gathered companions to fight along with, and at the end of the incessant war, defeated the Demon King.]

That may sound like a classic story of the journey of the Hero, but I think it was actually very hard. Like us now, they would have struggled to keep up with the situation in the beginning, and they wouldnt have been able to teach the difference between them and Earth as easily as they do now.

If I was sent to a truly unknown place alone, and while fumbling around for information, I would have to fight against a mighty enemy for the people of this world…… I think its absolutely impossible for me.

[From there, it was said that the Six Kings acted very fast. They immediately explained the situation to the First Hero and all six of the Kings drove out the remnants of the Demon Kings army in the blink of an eye. With the help of the First Hero, they apologized to the people and showed that they have no intention of going to war. And thus, the invasion of the Demon King didnt turn into a war.]

[……But, its not like there were no grudges left, right]

[Yes, its just as Aoi-san said. At that time, the Human Realm and the Demon Realm were linked by a so-called truce, a nonaggression pact. Even though the Humans defeated the Demon Race, it seems that the damage received by the Human Realm was big.]

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It should have been pretty obvious. Even though they had defeated the Demon King, it doesnt mean everything will be back to normal. Rather, the Human Races impression of the Demon Race was still bad……

[However, the First Hero just didnt stop there. When the Six Kings told him about the situation, the First Hero-sama said that the biggest cause was the non-intervention of the three worlds regarding the aforementioned Demon King, and the First Hero-sama thought of a way to make sure that it didnt happen again.]


[First of all, the First Hero persuaded the Six Kings to cooperate with the Human Realm, which was to cooperate with the ruined Human Realm with their abundance of foods and supplies in the Demon Realm, and they also went to the God Realm to negotiate with the Gods. It naturally wasnt easy, some problems occurred here and there due to the differences in our races. However, the First Hero-sama never gave up. The First Hero-sama traveled to various places and spun words to the point of breaking his throat…… “Even though I was from a completely different world, we had understood each other. Ive come to love this world with all my heart.” The First Hero-sama appealed more desperately than anyone else.]

I wonder how strong the First Hero really was Im sure he didnt get much support at first, but he kept negotiating without giving up. It must have been a much more painful and arduous road than his fight with the Demon King.

[Gradually, the number of supporters of the First Hero-sama increased. Gates were being built in each place, and the opportunities for those from the three worlds to come and go were increasing. The dream of peace that the First Hero-sama spoke of was transformed into the future that many people wanted. And after 9 years passed, in the place where the First Hero-sama defeated the Demon King…… In the place where another battle of the First Hero-sama began, the Kings of the Human Realm, the Six Kings of the Demon Realm and the Creation God of the God Realm—– The most important people of the three worlds gathered and a treaty of friendship between the three worlds was signed in the presence of the First Hero.]


As Yuzuki muttered to herself, it was truly a majestic event straight out of a fairy tale. However, this isnt just a fairytale for this world, but a true event that happened in history. Thats why the name of the First Hero has been sung in praises even now.

[And thus, the battle of the First Hero ended. In the land where the treaty of friendship was concluded, the three worlds worked together to create one city. The name of the city was —- “Hikari”, named after the First Hero-sama. This is the city where the main event of the Hero Festival is to be held.]

……Hmm Hikari If thats the name of the First Hero, then the First Hero was a woman

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[And from then on, the festival would be held once every 10 years to commemorate the years of the First Hero-samas journey, which was called the Hero Festival. Its a long story, isnt it Do you have any questions]

[……What happened to the First Hero after that]

Quietly exhaling, Lilia-san concluded her story. After a brief moment of silence, I reservedly raised my hand and spoke my question.

Hearing the story now, I understood well why the First Hero is being extolled. The First Hero is the symbol of peace in this world and is without a doubt, a Hero.

She faced the challenges and undauntedly accomplished them—- But what did the First Hero do after her accomplishments I directly asked that.

[……I dont know the details. After the treaty of friendship was signed, the First Hero-sama suddenly disappeared from the eyes of the public. It is said that a stone monument engraved with the sword used by the First Hero and a summoning circle was found…… on a hill near the place where the treaty of friendship was negotiated. Left on the back of the stone monument was the handwriting of the First Hero.]

Saying this, Lilia-san read out the words that the First Hero had engraved on the stone monument, as if she had memorized them by heart.

“My battle as a Hero is over. Im so glad I came to this world. There were people here who encouraged me. Some people cheered me on. I had everyone supporting me behind my back. And thats why I was able to do my best. I was able to make it not just because I was called a Hero. The three worlds are connected because each one of you who lives in this world has bravely taken a step forward. Im not the only Hero here. Everyone who lives in this world is a great Hero, so Im sure everyone will be okay for the rest of your lives. I love this world. And I will hope it will always be a peaceful world full of smiles…

—Kujou Hikari.”

(T/N: Hero could also be read as “Brave Person”)

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[……The First Hero-samas sword and the stone monument are covered with a very strong State Preservation Magic, its still in the same condition as it was back then.]

[……I wonder if the First Hero has returned to her previous world.]

[I dont know. Theres a theory that the First Hero returned to the previous world, and theres also a theory that she remained in this world. However, theres information that only came to light recently…… Its said that only Hades-sama might know the truth.]

The First Hero who accomplished a really great feat and disappeared without a trace. Its really a legend that looks like a fairy-tale. However, Im not sure about the State Preservation Magic, but from the way Lilia-san talked about it, it seems that some additional information has been found.


[It is said that about 200 years ago, a hidden passage was found at the back of a cave where the First Hero-sama is said to have stopped by. The area doesnt have a very powerful State Preservation Magic casted in it, and the writings are weathered and unreadable, but a part of it has been written in otherworldly letters and has been deciphered by a Hero we had invited to the Hero Festival back then.]

Saying that, Lilia-san placed a sheet of paper on the table. It seems to be a copy of a letter, but some of the writings have faded out…… However, I could see words of thanks and farewell to Hades, written in Japanese.

[Hades-sama has refused to answer the question about what happened to the First Hero-sama, saying that he cannot talk about it because he promised. Being the first one to agree with the thoughts of the First Hero-sama, theres some information that Hades-sama helped the First Hero-sama when she went to various places…… It was even said that it was Hades-sama who casted the State Preservation Magic when the First Hero-sama left the sword and that stone monument behind.]

[……I see.]

In the end, a lot of the aftermath of the First Hero is still shrouded in mystery…… But I understand why the Hero is honored so much in this world. The difference in the way she dealt with the Demon King was enough to convince me that she must have been a person with a stout heart.

Dear Mother, Father—– There are still many things I dont know about the other world. However—- The Hero was really a great Hero.

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