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It was finally Shiro-sans turn. Based on my past experience, I dont think that she has prepared a gift that goes along the common sense of the world. Or rather, such a thing is absolutely impossible.

No, of course, Im happy to receive birthday presents. However, there is this thing called moderation, so it would be great if she reads the mood…… She wont huh.

“Now then, biding her time, she has finally arrived! Shallow Vernal-sama! Geh, oi, you rotten angel! Stop strengthening your Law of Causality Intervention!”

As Shiro-san dazzlingly walked up to the stage, everyones attention was drawn by her presence…… Arehh I wonder if its just my imagination Rather than being in a bad mood, it looks like Shiro-san is sulking.

[……Shiro-san You seemed to be displeased, is something the matter]

[Yes, Im a little displeased.]

[W- What are you displeased about]

Why Im pretty sure she wasnt displeased with the result of the Karaoke Battle earlier but…… Was she unhappy with the order No, that doesnt seem to be it either.

P- Perhaps, I may have done something to sour Shiro-sans mood earlier……

[My present “overlapped” with Kuros.]


It really ended up being another silly reason! Or rather, her present overlapped with Kuros Of all the presents Ive received so far, this is the least likely to overlap with each other though……

[The present I prepared for you is this.]

Looking a little displeased, Shiro-san held out to me what looked like a 30x30x30cm black piece of iron…… It was a mysterious object.

[……Ummm, Shiro-san]

[What is it]

[I dont see how this is overlapping with Kuros gift…… No, rather, what is this square thing]

[Its my birthday present.]

The usual airheaded reply, as expected of Shiro-san. No, thats not what Im talking about. I want to know what this mysterious object is……

If this overlaps with Kuros present, does that mean this is also VR or something like that

[Its a game console.]

[……Are you talking about that game console]

[Yes. Its a game console that allows you to play “every game on Earth” at this time.]


I wasnt able to immediately understand what Shiro-san was talking about.  A game console It can play every game on Earth All of it in this box

……Seriously, all of it in this black box…… You sure this aint some OOPArts T- This is outrageous. No, rather than that……

(T/N: OOPArts/Out-of-place artifacts)

[……Ummm, I thought this world was supposed to be free from technological items]

[Not exactly. I have a contract with Earth God that prohibits technological items. However, my and Earth Gods interest were perfectly aligned today. Thus, we have edited the contract on the condition that only this product is allowed.]

[H- Huhh…… I see……]

[……And yet, it overlapped with Kuros present.]

I- I feel like there were too many outrageous things that happened today that my mind wasnt able to keep up, but lets tell her this first.

[No, theyre not overlapping at all!]

[Is that so]

[The only thing thats the same about them is that theyre both games.]


E- Even so, the fact that I can play the games I played on Earth, frankly speaking, makes me happy. I thought I would never be able to play games again since I decided to stay in this world.

Thats why, as someone who likes games, Im happy to receive this but……

[……Ummm, Shiro-san]

[What is it]

[You said every game on Earth…… Does that include online games]


[……From where is it connected]

[Its connected in the cyberspace Ive created in this world.]

[……Are there any other players beside me]

[Of course, theres none.]


In a sense, I would end up being a true solo player. No, I mean, she just nonchalantly said it earlier but…… she just built a cyberspace Im scared, so I wont ask too much about it.

For the time being, Ill use this to play something other than online games. Yep, lets do that.

[However, how do I use this]

[This is the users manual.]

Something that looks like a dictionary came out! No, well, if you can play all kinds of games with a box of this size, I guess it might really need a huge amount of explanation……

Ill carefully read it another time.

[Errr, Shiro-san. I was surprised by lots of things, but Im happy to receive this. Thank you.]

[Im glad youre happy with it. Ahh, speaking of which, Kaito-san.]


Hearing my words of thanks, the corners of Shiro-sans lips slightly rose, before she spoke, as if she had suddenly remembered something.

[……”Do you want this castle”]

[No, thank you.]

[I see.]

I answered too quickly, but I guess she is talking about this flying castle were using as a venue…… Unnn, I really dont think Ill ever need outrageous castles like this. This is totally beyond my control.

Shiro-san didnt seem to be particularly bothered by my refusal, as she moved her gaze and lightly waved her hand towards the corner of the stage.

[……Arehh What just……]

[Human, Lilia Albert.]

[Whoeehhh! G- God of Creation-sama! Y- Yes!]

Thereupon, the unconscious Lilia-san, who was being tended to by Luna-san, woke up and hurriedly kneeled when Shiro-san spoke to her.

[After this castle is used as a venue today, this castle will then be “your property”.]

[Fueehhh ……Huh, eh Eeeeehhhh!]

A murderous pass from Shiro-san towards the newly-awakened Lilia-san. Naturally, Lilia-san couldnt catch it. Receiving Shiro-sans pass, Lilia-san screamed with an expression that is a mixture of despair and astonishment.

Even so, she manages to regain her composure and flusteredly spoke.

[……H- However——— [ Lilia! ] ———-Chronois-sama]

[I know what youre going through! I know it so much that it hurts! However, thats something you cant do! Listen here, this is a gift from Shallow Vernal-sama herself. Putting aside Miyama who Shallow Vernal-sama allows his “rudeness of refusing her gift”, if someone other than him does such a thing, all Gods will become their enemy…… Give up.]

[……Yes. I- I……gratefully…… a- accept.]

After Chronois-san warned her, Lilia-san bowed her head with tears in her eyes…… and just like that, she fainted again.

Ummm, how should I say this…… Im sorry, Lilia-san. I never thought that the situation would turn out like this.

Dear Mom, Dad————- For the time being, Ill cooperate with her later to discuss what to do with this castle. Either I just take it myself or ask Ryze-san to manage it for the country, I will try to make it as easy on Lilia-san as possible. However, even though Im the cause of the problem, why is it that Lilia-san—————- looked as if she had drawn the short end of the stick

Volume 4 of the light novel has finally been finished. This time too, there are many new stories that werent in the web novel. There are also about 5 to 7 additional entrances…… for the most popular heroine in the novel…… or so it was advertised.

T/N: 28/181-

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