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I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoningbut That World Is at Peace Chapter 595

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First of all, Im sorry that this is not a continuation of the main story. The Author suffered from “Heartfelt Disease”, which makes him want to write a heartfelt story, and until Author-san finished writing one, he wouldnt be able to continue writing the rest of the story.

So, for today, Im going to post a chapter regarding a little bit of Lilias past.

The disease has been cured, so next chapter will be the usual main story update.

Lotus Lia Symphonia, the 17th King of Symphonia Kingdom. And as the child of the queen, Dahlia Lia Symphonia, the girl…… Lilianne Lia Symphonia was born into the world.

Even though she was born as the long-awaited first child of the queen, who has not been blessed with children for a long time and has even been criticized as an infertile woman, Liliannes position was a very delicate one.

This was because Lilianne was born at a time when Ryze Lia Symphonia, the child of a concubine, had just been married and was officially appointed as the next king.

The royal castle isnt a single, monolithic system. With Liliannes birth, a force has arisen that insists that Lilianne, the daughter of the queen, should be installed as the next king, causing some disturbance in the palace.

However, many thought that as a newborn infant, Lilianne wasnt a match for Ryze, who had been educated for a long time as a member of the royal family, and thus, the calls for Lilianne to be the next king gradually became lesser and lesser.

If that had been all, it would have been dismissed as a dispute for succession, which is common in the royal family. However, by the time Lilianne was four years old, there were strong calls to make her king again.

Yes, it is ironic in a way, but Lilianne Lia Symphonia———— was a “genius”. She was no subpar genius either. She possessed an overwhelming talent that was unparalleled in the history of the Human Realm.

She could read a book and easily understand its contents, she could learn etiquette and dance with ease after being taught once. In fact, by the time she was five years old, she was already able to use magic.

She had later said that “it took her about three months to learn magic”. Its a speed…… that couldnt be said as fast for Humans. However, in the first place, the premise in this matter is different.

No, indeed, it took Lilianne three months to activate her magic…… “Self-taught”, that is. Yes, at a very young age and with no magical guidance by others.

Without being taught by anyone, Lilianne became aware of the existence of magic power flowing through her body, and was able to use it by herself, causing others to shudder before her talent.

Because of this, the King, Lotus and the Queen, Dahlia, were troubled. Even with her birth, the two were preparing to hand over the throne to Ryze, but as Liliannes talent is revealed, the voices in Liliannes faction are growing louder and louder.

It might be repetitive to say this, but Lilianne is a genius. A genius unparalleled in history…… She can easily memorize the contents of a book shes read once, her etiquette is so perfect that she amazed her instructors, and she can easily reproduce movements she had seen once.

The calls for Lilianne to become the next king, which had been few at first, became so loud that they divided the royal court, and the two were forced to deal with them on a daily basis.

However, this was not the only change that took place.  Lilianne herself was beginning to change as well. In a negative way.

In the eyes of the young Lilianne, all the people around her were “incompetent”. The adults around her struggled to do things that she, a child, could do easily, and there were even things that the adults were no match for her.

Not having much time with her busy royal parents, and with everyone around her praising her as a genius…… Together, these factors have begun to create an arrogance in Liliannes heart that looks down on others.

If she had been left as she was, Liliannes character would have had a warped personality. She might have grown up to be an arrogant person, brandishing around her power.

Lotus was quick to realize this, and thus, he took in his long-time best friend, the elven mage Rejnhardt, and his daughter Sieglinde as Liliannes friend, to help her heal her loneliness and keep her from forgetting how to care for others…… However, it would take some time to move the whole family out of Rigforeshia.

He thought that they wouldnt be able to make it in time before the arrogance within Liliannes heart solidly forms.

However, there was someone who scolded such a Lilianne.

[……Lilianne-samaaaa, thaaaats wroooong.]

[W- What do you think youre doing, Illness!]

Yes, it was Liliannes personal maid…… Illness.

After being lightly prodded in the forehead by Illness, Lilianne naturally sharply reacted. She wondered why someone like herself is being offended……

[You caaaant talk doooown to peeeeeople like thaaaat.]

[……I- Im just stating the facts. Even Illness wouldnt be able to win against me. I am an amazi……]

[Reeeeeeeally You doooont look that amaaaazing to me thouuuuuuugh]

[W- Why!]

Lilianne had never been scolded that much. It was no wonder. There were not many people who could scold her, a princess and a rare genius……

However, Illness scolded her. With her usual gentle tone, she admonished her.

[Theres nothing amaaaaazing in hurting anyones feelings, you knooooow Hurting anyones feeliiiiiings is something anyone can dooooo. What is truuuuuuuly amazing is to be able to recognize and proteeeeeeect those who are powerleeeeeess.]


[Lilianne-sama certainlyyyyy might have amazing poweeeeer~~. Howeveeeeer, if you use that power to hurt someoooooone, then youre just a bad persooon who can be found anywheeeeeere. It is onlyyyyy when you use your power properlyyyy that you can become a respectable persooooon.]

[……Uuuu, but……]

Illness calmly and slowly spoke to Lilianne. The use of power, the responsibility of those with great power, and what is necessary when you are eventually in a position to protect others……

Lilianne is intelligent. It didnt take long for her to realize that Illness words were correct.

But even so, there was a part of her that was not fully convinced…… but one word from Illness made her change her mind.

[……If Lilianne-samaaaa becomes a bad aduuuuuult, I will “hate” youuuuu.]

[I- I…… dont want that.]

At that point, Lilianne was not an arrogant person yet. She was just beginning to show signs of arrogance. The fact that she was scolded at that time by the person who had been taking care of her since she became aware of things…… The thought of not wanting to be hated by Illness, with whom she had talked to the most, became the impetus that changed her mind.

And after that, she gained a kind friend in Sieglinde, which helped her to grow up without forgetting to be kind and considerate to others.

In the process of growing up as a kind-hearted princess, Lilianne was able to improve her relationship with her brother, Ryze. As a result, she was able to recognize the importance of family, although she probably didnt expect that Ryze would become an extreme siscon.

Of course, she was able to do so partly because she was kind-hearted by nature, but more than that…… the existence of Illness had performed a big part in this.

By the time Lilianne was fourteen, her talent was known not only throughout the kingdom, but even in the other countries.. Thats why not many people were surprised when she won second place in her first appearance in a martial arts tournament.

As expected of the genius, Lilianne Lia Symphonia…… She was praised by many people for her talent. The person in question, perhaps accustomed to such words, only smiled and thanked them, just as one would expect from royalty.

However…… There are exceptions that are unlike those many people.

[Illness! Please listen to me! I was the runner-up in a martial arts tournament!!! Well, I lost to Sieg in the finals but…… I will win next time!]

When Illness saw Lilianne speaking with a heartfelt happy smile on her face, unlike the graceful smile she had when she thanked peoples praises in the arena, she stopped cleaning and smiled.

[Kuhihi, I seeeee~~ Congratulatiooooons. Lilia-samaaaa, “you really did your beeeeest”.]

[E- Ehehe…… T- Thats not the case. I still have a long way to go.]

[Even soooo~~ Thats very admirableeee. Shall I baaaake you a caaaaake as a rewaaaaard]

[T- Thank you! Im so happy!]

Illness…… never once called Lilianne a “genius” She always “praised her effort”, not her talent. Lilianne was very happy receiving her praises.

She loved the feeling of being gently patted on the head, and the affection she felt from the cakes Illness bakes for her as a reward.

For Lilianne, Illness was her “other mother”. Of course, she loved her own mother too. Especially after her brother took over the throne, she was grateful that she came to see her during her busy work schedule, where they would often have tea together.

However, her love for Illness was just as much as her mother. She has always loved Illness, who had been by her side since she was a child, scolding her when she made mistakes and praising her when she did her best.

Thats why, when she had changed her name to Lilia Albert and became the head of a Duchy, she desperately bowed and asked Illness to follow her.

Illness being an excellent person and could mentor her maids…… was just the official reason as to why she invited her.

Lilianne———- Lilia was anxious.

Her best friend who lost her voice, her position as a Duchess, and what lies in the future…… because of these inexplicable anxieties…… She wanted her “other mother” by her side.

The office of Albert Duchy. Lilia, who had been working late into the night, stopped at the sound of a knock.

When she gave her permission, Illness came in while pushing a cart.

[My Ladyyyy, youuuuure still workiiiiing]

[Y- Yes, just a few more…… No, there really was just a few more than I needed to handle……]

Hearing Illness words, Lilia looked like a child who had been caught playing a prank, looking away and slightly scratching her cheek. Thereupon, Illness settled down the cart, approached Lilia and lightly poking Lilias forehead with her forefinger.

[……Thats no goooood. Doing your beeeest is fiiiiine, but you need to know how to take it easy, okaaaaay]

[Ahh…… Yes.]

Lilia obediently nodded to Illness words, as if she was aware that she had been putting in too much work.

After a look of satisfaction on her face, Illness walks towards the cart again and speaks.

[Ive brought some refreshmeeeents and baked a caaaaaake. Would you like sooooome]

[Thank you. Ill have some.]


Because of her position as the head of a Duchy, Lilia has eaten many kinds of cakes at soirées and tea parties.

But still, she liked the cakes baked by Illness the best.

Its hard to describe, but it has this heartwarming and affectionate taste. For Lilia, this is what she thinks is a “mothers cooking”.

As she ate the cake that Illness has prepared for her with a happy expression on her face, Lilia muttered.

[……Illness. Have I become…… a respectable head Have I properly protected everyone]

Her anxiety leaked out from her quiet murmur. When Illness heard this, her usual peculiar smile appeared from her lips as she gently placed her hand on Lilias head.

[Its alriiiiiiight. My Ladyyyy prooooperly did her beeeeest. Seeing you become a respectable peeeeeerson makes me very happyyyyy.]

The feeling of being gently stroked on her head, the gentleness that softly enveloped her heart. Looking at Illness peculiar smile, which had scared her a bit at first, but she had now grown to love, Lilia happily smiled.

[……Howeveeeeer~~ Doing your best too muuuuuuch is no good, okaaaaaaaay]

[Ugghhhh…… B- But, Illness is the one whos doing too much……]

[Im a Demon after aaaaaaall, so me doing it is fiiiiiiine.]

[……Youre a Count-rank after all.]

[Thats riiiiight~~ Kuhihi.]


In fact, if one looks at the girl named Lilias life so far, there are many factors that could have distorted her.

The conflict with her brother, her overwhelming talent, her parents who are too busy to care about her, the people around her who only see her talent and not herself…… One wrong move and she could have been exercising her gift in the wrong way.

However, she was blessed by her surroundings.

Lilia still does not know that Illnesss true identity being Pandemonium. But even if she did, she would certainly be surprised, but it would not change relationship with her.

No matter whether shes a Count-rank or an executive of one of the Six Kings…… For Lilia, the thought that Illness was her other mother would never fade away……

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