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An unexpected Karaoke Battle against the winning team. As I was dumbfounded and unable to keep up with the situation, I noticed that preparation was well underway.

Alices band has increased in number and is now in a more luxurious version…… Its like theyre an orchestra, which has also gathered an awful lot of attention to me…… Do I really have to sing here I guess I cant huh.

To be honest, I liked music and listened to it a lot, and my parents sometimes brought me to karaoke when I was in elementary. I dont think Im bad at singing but…… I dont think my singing skill is enough to win against the duo of Alice and Fate-san.

“Well then, before we start the Special Match…… Lets introduce our judges!”

Ahh, they finished preparing before I knew it. This is bad, I cant think of any way to turn this match down. I guess Ill just have to go through this huh.

However, even so…… Judges Indeed, since Im entering the competition, another person should be judging, but since they said it in plural form, I guess that means there are multiple judges huh

“There will be a total of nine judges, three representatives from each realm. If you think Kaito-sans song is better, raise the red flag! If you think the song sung by me and Fate-sans team is better, raise the blue flag!”

Hearing Alices words, I moved my gaze…… and noticed that a really long table had been prepared before I knew it, where nine people who should be the judges were seated.

From the Human Realm, of course, the rulers of three realms, from the God Realm, Shiro-san, Chronois-san and Life-san, and from the Demon Realm, Kuro, Isis-san and Lillywood-san seemed to be representing.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please judge fairl———– wait, oiii! Isis-san! Why are you raising the red flag for! Let alone the judging time, we still havent even started yet!”

[……Kaito…… wins.]

“No, no, I already expected that there would be a certain amount of favoritism for Kaito-san, but you cant do it so openly, okay! Come on now, please put the flag down……”

[……This…… is unneeded.]

“Oiiiii! Why the heck are you nonchalantly throwing away our teams flag!”

[……I will…… never raise…… that flag…… Thats why…… I dont need it.]

“……You arent even feeling shame at all…… Geez, fine.”

An unexpected handicap of one vote even before the battle starts. I guess its just like Isis-san to do something like that. Also, when our eyes met, she smiled and gave me a small wave, which is really cute.

However, Alice teams agony didnt end there. 

When the exchange between Isis-san and Alice had come to an end, Shiro-san declared in an intonationless voice.

[……God of Space and Time, God of Life.]

[ [ Y- Yes! ] ]

[I know you already know what Im about to say but…… Im not so forgiving as to tolerate you “disappointing me twice in a row”, you know]

[ [ Hahh! As per Shallow Vernal-samas will!!! ] ]

After straightening their backs at Shiro-sans words, Chronois-san and Life-san raised the red flag high in the air.

“Oi, you people over there! What the heck are you doing! I just told you to be fair, didnt I!!!”

[ [ ……………. ] ]

“……They wont budge a bit, these freaking Supreme Gods.”

“Shall-tan! Just let them! Its impossible to tell them otherwise, okay! Lets just overlook them!!!”

Even in the face of Alices sharp criticism, Chronois-san didnt move an inch and continued to raise their flags. They look desperate. The both of them looked so desperate that Fate-san couldnt help but back them up.

“No, no, Fate-san…… This is strange, okay! How come the opponent scored “4 out of 9 points” before the match even starts! Thats a huge handicap!”

“K- Kai-chan is an amateur! A handicap like this should be fine, right!!!”

“M- Mnhhh, indeed…… Well, fine. Four points of handicap should be alright.”

I was unexpectedly one step away from winning even before the match started. I mean, its really rare that Fate-san had followed up so desperately. I guess its because Shiro-san is involved in this huh……

A- Anyway, thanks to the big handicap I got, this match wouldnt end with my overwhelming defeat, so it looks like I wont be embarrassed too much.

No, I would still be embarrassed if I end up singing really badly but…… I- It should be alright. I think.

“W- Well then, lets get back on track and start with the opening song from Kaito-san!”

[Eh I- Im going first]

“Yes. Temporary it may be, the defending champion always goes first…… Now, please declare the song you are going to sing.”

Taking the microphone that Alice handed me, I sat on the stage for a moment and thought.

What should I do now Well, I guess this might be better than singing after Alice and Fate-san sing really greatly……

No, more importantly, what should I sing If its songs from back on Earth, I know about them to some extent, and Im sure Alice can play them without a problem but…… If its possible, Id like to compete here with a song from this world.

If thats the case, the only song I know from this world…..


“……A Small Story.”

“Ohh, Kaito-san chose a popular song huh…… wait, stop right there! Kuro-saaaaaan!!! Why are you nonchalantly putting away our teams flag! Even though I thought you were a decent judge! Were you that happy Hearing that Kaito-san will sing your song, were you that happy!”

[……N- No, thats not it. I just adjusted the position a bit……]

“That adjustment of yours is far too far, you know!”

[I- Isnt it just your imagination]

When I heard Alices words, I turned towards Kuro…… and she certainly had moved the blue flag away. At a distance that would normally be beyond her reach……



“Please be honest with me. Depending on which song we choose, are you willing to raise our flag”

[……No…… I guess]

Alice slumped in disappointment, hearing what Kuro said with a wry smile on her face. An unexpected 5th vote arrived.

“……Hey, Shall-tan. Kai-chan already got the majority vote……. We already lost before the match……”

“N- Not yet! If we get the other four votes, this would still be considered a win for us! Lets do our best, Fate-san!”


“You lost all motivation! Do I not have any ally here!”

A- Alice really is amazing. She didnt get discouraged even in this situation……

Dear Mom, Dad————- An unexpected situation occurred. Even before the match started, I already won the majority of the votes and the match was already decided. How should I say this…… I feel sorry for Alice. Well, putting that aside————– Couldnt we just end this without me singing

Serious-senpai : [This is just tragic.]

: [It was a mistake to select them as judges……]-

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