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The song by the duo of Isis-san and Lillywood-san started. Just as Alice-san and Fate-san have praised her, Lillywood-san is very good at singing. Her resonant voice may be especially suited to this kind of singing.

However, Lillywood-san seemed to be supporting Isis-san, singing in a way that complemented Isis-san rather than leading the song on her own.

Also, Isis-san being a very good singer…… isnt something I could say. Of course, her voice was beautiful and I think she was a better singer than the usual singers back in my world. But if we put aside Shiro-san, Chronois-san and Life-san out of the question, Laguna-san and the others were better than her in terms of singing ability.

However…… I say it, however. Even though the blue team still hadnt even appeared yet, Im already on the verge of raising the red flag.

I mean…… The sight of Isis-san holding the microphone with both hands, singing as hard as she can was just too precious…… I cant stop these overflowing thoughts that Isis-san should win now.

Anyway, shes just too cute. I can feel that she is trying very hard, which makes her not-so-good singing stand out even more.

From a visual standpoint, her performance looked by far the best of all.

And after Isis-san finished singing, there was a solid round of applause…… I dont know if these people are heartless or not, but I feel like a lot of people were distancing themselves from the stage. Putting them aside, Isis-san seems to be happy.

“Hmmm, it was a pretty good song, isnt it Dearth King didnt seem to have much experience singing, but thanks to World Kings support, I think their song balance was good.”

“Youre right. And this time, the judge is Kaito-san. Kaito-san had always been a kind person, but he had always been especially spoiling Kuro-san and Isis-san, so I guess a half-hearted song by their opponent wouldnt gain them a win. Incidentally, Kaito-san is harsh towards me, but I wonder why! Even though this lover of his is so cute!!!”

“……Well, its Shall-tan after all, so its fine.”

“Fate-san, youre harsh to me too!”

Well, putting aside if Im spoiling or harsh with someone, its true that a half-hearted song wouldnt be able to compete with Isis-san and Lillywood-sans angelic song.

“Now then, as for the Blue Team…… Will she be able to make 100 friends No, buddy, no, no, shes someone who had “friends that could easily go over 100000″! Would she sweep this battle with her overwhelming charisma The First-Generation Fairy King! Raz-san!”


“And her partner is the current emperor of the historic Archlesia Empire! Her hobbies are riding horses and playing chess. Shes been getting more human-like lately, which is a big plus in Alice-chans book! Chris-san!”

Raz-san and Chris-san Thats an unexpected pairing. No, to begin with, Raz-san, with her monstrous communipower, she would probably get along with anyone……

Speaking of which, didnt Chris-san know Kuro If thats the case, its no wonder if shes friends with Raz-san, whos part of Kuros family.

[Chris-san! Lets do our best together!]

[Fufu…… Yes, lets do our best.]

The two of them exchanged a few words on the stage…… Chris-san, who was looking at Raz-san as she tightly clenched both of her fists, had a somewhat gentle smile on her face, making me see how close they were.

Thereupon, they started to sing a cheerful song. Coincidentally, just like Isis-san and Lillywood-san, Raz-san was the main singer while Chris-san was supporting her.

Raz-san moved her small body as much as she could, wholeheartedly singing while jumping around on the stage. This was also surprisingly cute.

“This is quite the great performance, isnt it The pop tune suits Raz-sans voice. Chris is great too. She has a steady, exemplary voice.”

“In terms of level, this is also a very close match. What a good match, this is. Now then, which flag will Kai-chan raise”

Its difficult to judge the winner here. An unexpected cuteness showdown…… Isis-sans straightforward performance conveyed her earnestness. Raz-sans cheerful and innocent performance was adorable.

Its hard to decide. This is the most difficult match to judge so far.

Pondering for a long time…… I raised the flag of the winning team.

“And the flag Kaito-san raised is…… red! And thus, this is Isis-san and Lillywood-san teams win! Incidentally, Kaito-san, may I ask why”

“……Errr, to be honest, it was really hard for me to decide. Both teams were wonderful. Isis-san and Raz-sans singing were especially good. However, there was a slight difference between the supports, Lillywood-san and Chris-san. Chris-san sang really great, but Lillywood-san was better than her, so that was the reason why they won.”

“I see, thank you very much! Alice-chan was surprised to get a surprisingly straightforward reason.”


In any case, the duo of Isis-san and Lillywood-san will move on to the second round. It was a shame for Raz-san and Chris-san though. This match is a very close call, and they may have a good chance of winning against another opponent.

After that, the first round of the Tag-team Karaoke Battle went smoothly. The Earth team of Aoi-chan and Hina-chan sang a nostalgic song, beating the siblings team of Amalie-san and Orchid-san.

The team of Lilia-san and Sieg-san, who performed an orthodox performance with a voice that isnt that strong, but stable, won against the couple team of Acht and Eva.

And in a surprising twist, Anima and Caraway-san teamed up to make an appearance….. When did they become so close with each other

The two of them werent crazy good, but they sang powerfully and defeated the twins team of Eta and Theta to advance to the second round.

As for Eta and Thetas team, ummm, how should I say this…… Eta sang pretty great, but Thetas pitch wasnt that great at it, as if she wasnt used to singing.

Well, it was still a very listenable song compared to the combination of Chronois-san and Life-san……

The shocking thing was that…… for some reason, Illness-san showed up with Pandora-san. Were they one of those leftover pairings Anyway, it was a surprising team up. Moreover, they were pretty much in sync with each other, beautifully winning against their opponent……

And so, the first round proceeded, and its finally the last battle of the first round. First to appear as the red team was the husband and wife duo of Rei-san and Fia-san.

After this duo beautifully sang a duet, the final duo finally took the stage.

“Now then, the final duo of the first round is…… me! Alice-chan and……!”

“……Can we abstain the match”

“Hey! Fate-san, it hasnt even started yet! Please don your best!”


Yes, it was the combination of Alice and Fate-san, who had been doing the live commentary and analysis up to this point.

This…… How should I describe this Alice is definitely an outrageously good singer. I think its safe to say that she is a candidate for the championship, but the problem is Fate-san, who is completely unmotivated.

This is team Karaoke, so no matter how good Alice is, if Fate-san doesnt sing, she wont win.

Looking at Fate-san who was lazily slacking off on her flying cushion, Alice seemed to be thinking about something, before putting down her microphone and whispered something to Fate-san.

[……Eh Seriously Thats going to happen]

[Yes. Definitely.]

[……H- Hmmm…… Well then, how about……]

Fate-san, who showed some reaction to what I told her, thought for a moment, then raised one finger. However, Alice shook her head and rejected Fate-san.

Thereupon, Fate-san shook her head too, and this time she held up two fingers. Alice shook her head again, and this time, she held up four fingers.

……They seemed to be negotiating something, but finally agreed to something when both of them held up three fingers. Fate-san then got off her cushion and grabbed the microphone.

“It cant be helped. Well then, I guess Ill get serious for a bit……”

“Ohh, this is rare. Its been tens of thousands of years since Fate-sans been serious on something, hasnt it”

“……No, after I recently got involved with Kai-chan, Shallow Vernal-sama instructed me to get serious for the first time in 20000 years……”

“……The fact that you only got serious after 20000 years is amazing.”

Apparently, Fate-san became motivated. Fate-san, who has never been serious at all, except when something is related to Shiro-san, declared that shell get serious.

Rather, 20000 years, she said…… I dont know if I should say its to be expected of Fate-san or not but…… anyway, it seems like I could look forward to their performance.

Dear Mom, Dad———– The two Supreme Gods had devastating singing voices, but what about Fate-san Is she going to be good enough to be Alices choice as her partner Even so, for Alice to make even that Fate-san to be that motivated————— I wonder what kind of conditions she gave her

Serious-senpai : [Wait! What about m…… Shea and Hearts pair!]

: [They just lost normally. They were pretty bad at singing. I guess there arent really that many good singers in the God Realm, eh]

Serious-senpai : [And yet, all of that scene was removed!]-

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