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Before I knew it, the Tag-team Karaoke Battle had started. I was sitting on a chair in front of the stage as a judge, holding a red and a blue flag.

Now then, I wonder who would be the first one to sing

“Now, lets start the first round! On the red side…… The Gorilla who burns in a fiery fighting spirit unsurpassable by none! …… The War King, Megiddo-san! And with him is the hot Demon Uncle who keeps his passion beneath his calm eyes, Ozma-san!”

With Alices introduction, a motivated Megiddo-san and a smiling Ozma-san went up on the stage. Hmmm, putting aside Ozma-san, I wonder how great of a singer Megiddo-san is He has quite the loud voice, so Im sure he would have the volume…….

“Well then, lets hear you sing!”

Rather, Megiddo-san didnt participate in his Humanoid form huh…… the microphone he had in hand is insanely big. Also, I wonder what song hes going to sing He looked like he would be the type who would bring excitement on the stage with a rock song……

While I was thinking about this, I heard Alices band starting to play on the side. Wait, arehh The tune is slower than I expected…… Could this be a “ballad”

As I was a bit surprised at the different tone of the song, Megiddo-san immediately sang into his large microphone and started to sing…… with a beautiful voice that I could never imagine from his appearance! Hes a great singer!

He has a strong and stable bass…… Hmmm, hes even better than I imagined. Ozma-sans gentle voice also goes well with the ballad, surprisingly making it a talented singing duo.

When Megiddo-san and Ozma-san finished singing, the audience applauded.

“……Hmmm, War King is also great with his singing skills huh. Its just our first contestant, and a champion candidate already came out Wait, Shall-tan, whats the matter”

“Bufufu…… A Gorilla singing a ballad…… its not even close to fitting…… this is that, isnt it Hes actually a new, never-seen species called Ballad Gorilla. Ahaha, its so funny, my stomach hurts!”

[Shalltear, you b*stard! Ill remember this later!!!]

Putting Alices taunting aside, Fate-san is probably right in saying that Megiddo-san and Ozma-san could be a potential winner.

“Welly well then, that was an unexpected comedic act, but its now the Blue sides turn! She wants to quit being a King and become a minstrel, sharing her songs to the three realms! The current king of the Hydra Kingdom, Laguna-san! And her partner is the miracle of the Elves! The Great Singing Sage! The Elven Elder, Fors-san!”

“Ohh, its a legendary heroes duo huh. wait, arehh Doesnt Forfor look smaller than I remembered”

“According to my sources, her body shrunk due to a failed experiment with a magic potion.”

“Heehhh…… Well, such things happen in life.”

They just easily dismissed her shrinkage as trivial as cutting ones hair…… H- Hmmm. Oh well……

Laguna-san and Fors-san went up to the stage and faced Megiddo-san and Ozma-san.

[Ohh, if it isnt Laguna! You wont be lacking as an opponent…… Come at me with all you got!]

[Well then, Ill take your word for it. I will be in your care.]

I remembered hearing that Megiddo-san is very close to Hydra Kingdom. I guess Laguna-san and Megiddo-san know each other well.

Then, Megiddo-san and Ozma-san stepped down from the stage, and Laguna-san and Fors-san took their places in the middle of the stage.

[……By the way, Laguna]

[Unnn What is it]

[After my body had shrunk, my voice obviously changed as well. I may end up holding you back. No, well, I used to dream of being a minstrel myself…… Though it did only last for about three minutes. Im pretty proud of my singing ability, but Ive only been humming for the last hundred years or so, so expect some blanks in my skill. Ahh, of course, I wont be skimping with my singing……]

[Shut up already! Come on, get ready!!!]

After exchanging what seems to be a short skit, Laguna and Fors-san took the microphones and began to sing. Oddly enough, the song was also a ballad, just like what Megiddo-sans team sang.

And they were quite good at it. Megiddo-sans voice was better in terms of volume, but Laguna-san was better in terms of compatibility.

The voices of Laguna-san and Fors-san seemed to work well together, raising the level of the song a step higher.

Of course, after they finished singing, there was a big round of applause.

“Ohh, isnt this quite a good match…… I mean, frankly speaking, their singing level is high. I was imagining that the singers today would be something casual……”

“……I dont know how either of them can sing such a long song without getting tired of it. Amazing.”

“No, no, Fate-san…… Thats a strange part to praise upon. Also, the length of their songs is very common. I mean, youre going to be singing with me later, so Id like it if you take it if you take it seriously.”

“……Ill be serious…… only for one phrase though.”

“Thats a bit short!”

A skit is developing over there as well. No, well, putting them aside…… Hmmm, this is hard. Both teams were pretty great, and each of them had different good points, so Im hesitating as to pick which team should win.

“……Now then, Kaito-san. Raise the flag of the one you think was good!”


“Whoa! Kaito-san raised the blue flag…… That means, Laguna-san and Fors-sans team wins!”

The winning team I chose was Laguna-san and Fors-sans team. Thereupon, Alice appeared in front of me and pointed the microphone at my mouth.

“Incidentally, can you share the reason why As expected, they lost because of the Gorilla, right Was it the Ballad Gorilla”

[……Shalltear, you b*stard! I will definitely kill you later!]

Shes still lightly taunting Megiddo-san at this time. Well, I guess thats to be expected of her. However, Megiddo-san only clenched his fists in frustration and didnt go fight with Alice…… Probably because Kuro is here.

“……Errr, both of them were really great, so I found it difficult to decide. Megiddo-sans teams singing was indeed very good and had great stability. However, I dont know if its because Megiddo-sans voice was too overpowering, but it was a bit difficult for me to hear Ozma-san singing.”

“Fumufumu, I guess that means Laguna-san and Fors-sans team were good in that area.”

“Yeah…… no, yes. They seemed to be in tune with each others pitch and volume, so theyre balance was pretty great.”

“I see, thank you very much!”

After I spoke the reason why I had decided on the winner, though I was a bit nervous while saying it, Alice thanked me and disappeared. I was worried about whether I conveyed the message well, but Megiddo-san and Laguna-san shook hands, so it seemed like they were satisfied with my message.

However, the level of the match was really high from the first round. I guess that means I can expect more of the same level of singing in the second round.

“Now then, lets start the second round! From the red side…… God Realms most troubled person, bringing in most of the bad luck into her body…… As for this person, based on my sources, everyone already knows their name, so Ill introduce them by their name. The God of Time and Space, Chronois-san!”

[……I feel ill intent from that introduction of yours……]

“And her partner was God Realms Sleeping Beauty, someone who I hardly see awake! God of Life, Life-san!”

[……Im in your care.]

Next up is Chronois-san and Life-sans team…… Another great pair. I didnt really imagine Chronois-san would join an event like this…… but I guess Shiro-san told her to join.

She seemed to have a lot of experience in singing, judging from the way she coolly walked up to the stage and held the microphone. I guess I can expect great singing from her……

“……Shall-tan, gimme some “earplugs”.”

“Yes, here you go…… They are made to be completely sound-proof, so dont worry.”


……Hmmm Eh Wait a moment there, I think I heard frightening words being said just now. Eh No, no, both Chronois-san and Life-san looked like very capable office ladies.

However, theres no way that they…… arehh There are also some people covering their ears…… Eh No way…… Seriously

Dear Mom, Dad————– As expected from people with high specs, their songs are also of a very high level…… is what I was thinking, but the atmosphere suddenly turned kind of disturbing. Theres no way, right Theres no way that Chronois-san and Life-san————– are bad singers or anything like that, right

Serious-senpai : [……So, seriously How was this pairs singing skills]

: [……Theyre so bad that they could break window panes.]

Serious-senpai : [……Doesnt that mean their voice could be considered as weapons already]

T/N: Only one chapter today.


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