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March 30 or March 31 is Razelias birthday, so this is a Birthday Extra chapter for her.

(T/N: This freaking fairy-lover…… Anyway, this chapter has been posted by Author-san on March 31.)

Its the 30th day of the Tree month. Im currently using Teleportation Magic to get to Kuros home…… to be more specific, to the large field behind Kuros home. This is a field where not only vegetables, but also fruits and rice are grown by Raz as a hobby.

This field is so huge that I honestly feel that its beyond the level of a hobby but…… Raz-san herself said that she was just doing farming because she likes it.

When I arrived at the field, Raz came flying in from the distance, flapping her tiny wings.

[Kaitokun-saaaaaan! Heyyallo!]

[Hello, Raz-san.]

[Yes! Raz is happy to see you here, Kaitokun-san! What are you doing here today Did you come to eat some vegetables Or did you run out of rice]

Raz-san is an expert farmer, and the vegetables from her fields are extremely delicious. Thats why, I often visit her, asking for some vegetables and rice.

I did say that I would pay her for them, but saying “I dont want any money because Im making them as a hobby.”, Raz-san adamantly refused to receive my money, so I bartered with her for sweets.

However, I didnt come to barter with her this time.

[No, today…… Errr, I heard it was Raz-sans birthday…… so I came to celebrate with you.]

[Aya Kaitokun-san, you remembered Razs birthday]

[Yes, of course. Raz-san, happy birthday.]

[Yaaaayyy! Thank you! Im so happy!]

Hearing my congratulatory words, Raz-san raised her hands in genuine happiness and flew around me, swiftly fluttering her wings.

How should I say this…… Even though shes older than me, shes really cute.

[Ill also be attending the birthday party at Kuros home. I thought Id come greet you first.]

[Raz is happy! Knowing Kaitokun-san came to my birthday makes Raz really, reaaaaaaally happy!]

[Ahaha, Im glad youre happy.]

[Yes! Raz is now finally “10652 years old”! Its finally time for Raz to join the adult ladies!]

The hurdle for you to be counted as an adult is too high, isnt it ……Unnn, I dont know what to say, hearing that shes surprisingly much older than me, but I dont think I need to say anything that could possibly dampen the happy smile on her face.

[E- Errr, I think Raz-san is adult enough though.]

[Really Is Raz an adult lady]

[Y- Yes…… Youre a lovely adult lady.]

[Is that so! If Kaitokun-san says so, then it must be true! Raz is an adult lady! Ehehe, Kaitokun-san, if you have any problems, you can always rely on the adult Raz!]

……What is this cute little creature…… The way she puffs out her small chest out as best as she can is just too adorable.

[Ahh, thats right. Ill give this to you now…… My birthday present for you.]

[Thank you! C- Can I open it now]

[Yes, of course.]


Since Kuros family would be gathering for Raz-sans birthday party and it would be quite boisterous, I decided to give the present to Raz-san beforehand.

With a big smile on her face, Raz-san opened up the present that I had prepared to fit Raz-sans size.

[O- Ohhh…… Its a scarf!]

After much deliberation, I had decided on a red woolen scarf as a present for Raz-san. This was because Raz-san had mentioned before how she doesnt like the cold…… Well, I wondered if it would be a good idea to give her this since were around the season where its about to get warmer, but Im glad to know that Raz-san seemed to be happy with her present.

Cheerfully wrapping the scarf around her neck, Raz-san gave me a smile as lovely as a blooming flower before she spoke.

[Its veeeeeery warm! Kaitokun-san, thank you!]

[Errr, Im glad you like it. I think it came out well, but I apologize if theres some parts that I wasnt able to knit well.]

[Hoehh K- Kaitokun-san, you knitted this scarf!]

[Y- Yes……]

The scarf I gave to Raz-san was something I knitted with the help of Illness-san. I was a complete novice, but thanks to Illness-sans skillful guidance, I think it came out pretty good.

Hearing my words, Raz-sans expression changed to one of surprise, and she began brushing her hand on the scarf around her neck several times.

[……A- Amazing! Being able to knit a scarf, K- Kaitokun-san…… A- Are you a genius!]

The genius hurdle is surprisingly low……

[……I just have a good teacher.]

[Thats not true! Kaitokun-san is amazing! Really, reaaaaaally awesome!]

[Ahaha, thank you.]

[Its Raz who should be saying that! Thank you! Im very happy with your present, Kaitokun-san!]

Hearing Raz-sans words of praise and gratitude with a pure-hearted smile on her face, I felt some gentle warmth bud within my heart.

[Once again, happy birthday to you, Raz-san.]

[Yes! Thank you! Kaitokun-san…… I looooooooove you!]

Soothed by the cuteness of Raz-san, who jumped at me as if to express her joy with a cute hug, I felt really happy.

And then, from that day onward…… Raz-san could be seen always wearing a red scarf, regardless of the season.-

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