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As I saw the sun was beginning to set outside the window, Alice told me that “the party was ready”, so I went out of the store…… and became dumbfounded.

What the heck is happening I thought I was getting used to the absurdity of this world to some extent but……

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[Could it be that Im seeing things Its just outside of the royal capital…… I think Im seeing a “castle floating in the sky”……]

[Youre seeing it right.]

The thing I was dumbfoundedly staring at was a huge castle floating in the south of the royal capital. If I had seen it when I was completely ignorant of this world, I would have just thought it was straight of fantasy, impressed by its beautiful color, just like white shining porcelain.

But the premise this time was different. Looking at the floating castle in the distance, how should I say this…… I have a very bad feeling about the situation.

[……If I remember correctly, there was nothing like that over there, right]

[Yes. “It was built today after all”.]

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[……I dont think this was the case but……]

[Its the venue for Kaito-sans birthday party.]


Apparently, the prediction I had in mind had perfectly hit the bulls-eye.

This is strange…… Something is fatally strange. I thought it would be something like a home party in Lilia-sans mansion or something like that but…… a castle!

[……Ummm, Ill ask just in case, but whats with that castle]

[Its something the Gods built in half a day.]

[For me, errr…… It was nice how the guests are limited to my acquaintances but……]

[Kaito-san, Kaito-san…… Thats impossible. Your acquaintances are the heads of this world, you know……]

[……I guess youre right.]

I wonder why I havent thought about that The acquaintances I have…… are the three rulers of the Human Realm, the Six Kings of the Demon Realm, and the three Supreme Gods and the God of Creation of the God Realm…… even a God from another world.

If Shiro-san was going to participate in my birthday party, the Gods would become enthusiastic about it, and with the participation of the Six Kings and the rulers of the Human Realm, its to be expected that it would be an extravagant party…… No, but that doesnt mean I could have imagined why theyd build a new flying castle for a birthday party.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[I can 100% understand trying to make the birthday party extravagant. However, the one who came up with the idea of building a castle …… Who is it]

[Shallow Vernal-sama and Eden-san, from what I heard It seems that for once, they were unconditionally cooperating with each other.]

[The worst tag-team ever was born!]

A tag-team of the two pinnacle Gods, who have their ability to read the mood turned off by default, possessing power to achieve ideas that are out of the norm…… Theyre the worst combination imaginable.

No, of course Im glad that theyre trying to celebrate my birthday, and I appreciate their thoughts…… but these two are people who definitely dont understand moderation at all……

[I mean, how am I supposed to get to that castle]

[What are you talking about Kaito-san has this reliable Transcendental Beauty of a lover, dont you Your love-dovey lover will carry you, so theres no problem at all!]

[……Can I request for a change to Kuro or Isis-san]

[Wait, Kaito-san!]

I mean, hearing Alice carry me reminds me of the trauma I had after visiting the Demon Realm……

[Its alright! Ive come up with the best method to transport you this time! It will feel like youre just riding a big ship!]

[……Just hearing you say “transport” completely loses my trust in your method. Also, Im not sure if its my sixth sense telling me this or not, but I feel like I should run away right now.]

[Hahaha, youre joking around again…… Well then, please get on this.]

[No, Im not joking around…… wait, what the heck is this]

Alice took out a circular wooden board with a radius of about 1 meter…… and when I got on it, the wooden board floated in the air and automatically moved…… isnt what happened. Staying away from it with apprehensions in mind, I saw a mischievous smile suddenly appear on Alices lips.

I looked back at the wooden board carefully, but I couldnt find anything unnatural about it at all.

[……Alice, be honest. What kind of magic did you cast on this wooden board]

[Eh Its just State Preservation Magic to prevent it from breaking though.]


[No, no, Im saying the truth here! Come on, were running out of time here, so please get on already!]

Rather than just looking questionable, this thing is really suspicious. However, we certainly are keeping everyone waiting, so wed better hurry.

Thinking about it for a while, I timidly got onto the wooden board but…… nothing special happened.


[See, theres nothing weird about it, right Well then, lets go~~]

[Y- Yeah…… No, wait, why are you taking out a new wooden board]

As I was feeling relieved that nothing happened, Alice then took out a long, thin wooden board, which I think I remember seeing somewhere, before attaching its end parts to the round wooden boards and casted a State Preservation Magic to keep it from breaking apart……

[……Wait, Alice. Is it just my imagination It kind of looks like a “seesaw”, you know……]


[Im get———- [ Angle, check! Fire! ] ———-Uwaaaahhhh! Aliiiiiice! You better remember this!!!]

Seeing through what was going to happen, I hurriedly tried to get off the wooden board but…… Alices palm was faster as she smacked the wooden board opposite of the one I was on.

And then, the worst thought I had really happened, as my body soared into the sky.

Dear Mom, Dad————- I was thinking that Alice was a bit quiet lately…… but she went and did something outrageous again. Yes, this would definitely get me to the venue quickly, but there were definitely other ways to get there, right It was also obvious that she chose this method of transportation because she finds it interesting. But this freaking b*stard————- Im definitely going to scold her later.

: [With Alice-chans method of transportation, you can fly to your destination in a flash! Youll experience a comfortable means to travel through air! Eh Assurance that youd live through it Dont ask m…… Alice-chan that! Youre not Kaito-san! The only one with aftercare is Kaito-san.]

Serious-senpai : [……T- There are too many things I want to tsukkomi at.]-

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