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A vast plain spreading across the Demon Realm. Among the Demons that inhabit the plains, there is a particularly huge group of Emperor Bulls. Each one of them standing over ten meters tall, they would charge at enemies in a line.

The Emperor Bulls reigned supreme over the plains and even the dragons were no match for their hordes…… but thats only if theyre against monsters.

[10, 20…… This should be enough.]

Zwei, a member of Underworld Kings family, is currently “counting the number of Emperor Bulls they have decapitated and bled out.

She would normally be busy running Underworld Kings territory, but she had put off all her work to participate in this urgent situation.

[Neun, Vier…… Please take this to Ein immediately. Im going to go catch the next ingredient, Tyrant Fish.]


[Unnn! In that case, after we bring them to Sister Ein, well go to the lake in the Ancient Forest.]

[Yes, Im counting on you.]

After seeing off Neun and Vier, who were carrying a large number of Emperor Bulls as she instructed, Zwei headed off to her next destination at super speed.

At the same time, in the largest forest in the Demon Realm that exists near the center of the Demon Realm, there stands Isis and Lillywood.

[……Lillywood…… Please.]

“Yes, I heard about how Razelia would provide the vegetables, while we would bring fruits…… My followers, I would have to trouble you for a bit.”

Nodding to Isis words, Lillywood held out her hand to the forest, and a large amount of fruits immediately appeared on the vast amount of trees. The fruits then immediately pops off the tree, and pulled on the ground by gravity…… but stopped in midair.

[……Kaito…… likes…… ripple fruits.]

“I see, then well prepare some of them too.”

[……Unnn…… it would be great…… if Kaito…… gets delighted with this.]

After securing a large amount of fresh fruits, Isis and Lillywood repeated the process as they went around the forest, harvesting one set of fruits after another.

In the castle of the Underworld King Kuromueina, Ein, who was in charge of the kitchen, and Shalltear, the Phantasmal King, was there.

[……Kuro-san has already left huh]

[Yes, she needs to prepare presents and secure a place for us to celebrate. As expected though, she doesnt have that much time to prepare, so Kuromu-sama apparently went to ask for God Realms cooperation.]

[Then, since the ingredients are arriving, I guess well just do our own things huh…… We would be preparing a couple of cakes and other dishes, but would this really be alright]

[You must be kidding, right…… You and I are going to team up with cooking. How can we not make it in time]

[I guess youre right.]

With two of the most skilled cooks in the Demon Realm…… no, in the world working side by side, they faced the mountain of ingredients brought in by others.

With each hand moving with a speed that it leaves sound behind, and yet, with a precision that seemed like they could easily pierce a thread through the hole of a needle, they cooked an overwhelming amount of food.

[……Speaking of which, Shalltear. Why is it that your clone is the one cooking here]

[……The main body is flirting with Kaito-san. I also wanted to have some surprise at the birthday party, so I was keeping Kaito-san occupied in the miscellaneous goods store until everyones ready.]

[I see.]

Finishing several dishes at a frightening speed while the two conversed with each other, the people in charge of preparing the venue began bringing them into the venue.

Its not only the Demon Realm that has become busy. There were people who were also busy in the God Realm.

[……Why Why are we the ones in charge of “constructing a venue”……]

[Of course, its to make Kai-chans birthday the best one ever! If we dont make it soon, since “we still have to carry it to the Human Realm”, we wont make it in time!]

[Shes right. If you have time to talk, you should just get your hands moving, God of Time and Space. If theres even one flaw in our work, it would be a disgrace to Shallow Vernal-samas reputation.]

[Uggghhh, I know!]

The Supreme Gods Chronois, Fate, and Life…… under Shallow Vernals instructions, were currently building “a castle that will be used as the venue”.

Honestly speaking, it would have taken a moment for Shallow Vernal to create it, but saying that she had other things to do, she only gave them instructions before leaving.

As a result, construction was being done by the joint cooperation of Chronois, who can work at super high speed, Fate, who can manipulate probabilities and greatly lessen the work they needed to do, and Life, who can generate an inexhaustible supply of labour.

And as for Shallow Vernal…… She was currently facing the Earth God, Eden, in the Sanctuary.

[……I believe our interests are perfectly aligned, correct]


[Well then, we dont have a problem with that matter, right]

[Again, Positive. My Child, First Priority, Restriction, Pledge, Limited, Release, Approve.]

As the interests of the two Gods of worlds perfectly aligned, they have unconditionally joined forces with each other. In a sense, it could be said that the two people who shouldnt be working together at all have joined forces…… but unfortunately, Kuromueina, who can stop these two from running amok, is busy elsewhere and currently isnt here.

And so, on that day, the worlds common sense would be overturned once again.

The Symphonia Kingdom is the planned location for Kaitos birthday party. And being in the midst of such a situation, the royal castle was also in a state of chaos.

[Father! The nobles who heard about the party expressed their wish to attend……]

[No! With Miyama-kuns personality, he will not be pleased. Decline all those who havent directly spoken with Miyama-kun!]

The king, Ryze, immediately made his decision and replied to Orchids words as he rushed into his office. Ryze still had to entertain the guests from Archlesia Empire and Hydra Kingdom, so his workload had increased to an extraordinary degree.

It was a critical moment for Ryze, but also a fortuitous one.

Kaitos birthday party…… It was said that the venue would be prepared by the God Realm, but the event would take place in Symphonia Kingdom.

Such an event would inevitably bring him a lot of work to do, but in the end, this event will bring tremendous benefits to the country.

At the same time, in order to ease the burden on his beloved little sister, Lilia, Ryze is exerting effort greater than ever before.

Unaware that a birthday party of an unprecedented level was about to be held, involving the cooperation of the three realms, Kaito was leisurely drinking tea at Alices miscellaneous goods store.

[Ahh, Kaito-san. I think well be able to get the birthday party ready in time, so please look forward to it. Ahh, dont worry. Ive limited the number of participants to Kaito-sans acquaintances.]

[Really You dont really have to bother yourself with that though…… Even so, could you tell my thanks to your subordinates]

[Roger that.]

Currently, what Kaito is imagining is a small party held only by his family and friends. What he didnt expect though was that for his sake, a new castle was being built as his partys venue……

Serious-senpai : [……Good grief, Im not so demonic that I would curse on someone on their birthday. Well, even if hes like that, hes still the novels protagonist…… As your birthday present, Ill give you my picture especially signed by yours truly……]

: [And the trash goes to the trash caaaaaan——-! -chan, goal! How exciting, as expected of -chan!]

Serious-senpai : [Why! Its the autograph of this novels most popular character(Afterword Category)! Its super valuable, you know!]

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