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It had been about an hour since the party started, and I had finished greeting some of the people I knew. The situation near Kuro and the others were getting calmer than at the beginning, and just when I thought Id come over and greet them, a dignified voice echoed through the hall.

[Everyone, stop and listen. This voice is adjusted to “reach the entire venue of the Six Kings Festival”. I, the God of Time and Space, will now deliver the words of Shallow Vernal-sama on her behalf.]

Moving my gaze towards the direction where I heard the voice, I saw Chronois-san standing diagonally in front of the seat where Shiro-san was standing.

Even though she was on the stage quite a distance away, her voice sounded as if she was speaking right in front of me. As soon as I stopped walking, all sounds disappeared from the party hall.

When she mentioned about her voice being heard in the entire venue of the Six Kings Festival, I guess that means even those who werent at the party could hear her voice.

Even so, I wonder what Shiro-san is going to say Kuro and the others also seemed like they were unaware of this, so I guess this wasnt something they had planned in advance……

[Well then, Ill tell everyone exactly what Shallow Vernal-sama said. “With the cooperation of the three realms, God Realm, Demon Realm and Human Realm, the Six Kings Festival that everyone had created…… was quite the wonderful event. I am also greatly satisfied. Thus, to express my gratitude for this worthwhile time, for all those present at this event…… Id like to give a simple reward”…… End of message. I will now tell everyone the contents of this reward.]

Errr, does this mean that Shiro-san is going to reward all the participants and staff of the Six Kings Festival That sounds great, but what exactly is she planning to give them

As I was thinking about this, Chronois-san continued to speak.

[As for the reward…… Everyone in this venue will be granted the “God of Lifes Informal Blessing” which only lasts until the new year arrives.]

Hearing what Chronois-san said, the hall began to buzz at once. I guess that would be normal. Only a king of a country can receive the blessing of a High-ranking God, but in this event, even though it might be informal, everyone will be granted the blessing of a Supreme God. It was a tremendous surprise.

[……Silence. Now, as for the effects of God of Lifes Blessing…… God of Lifes blessing, to put it simply, is to “bring the persons body into the prime of their life that the person envisions”. Theres no need to think about it too hard. You can just think of it as “you can become as young as you want”.]

Become as young as they want…… I dont know if I should say its to be expected from the blessing of a Supreme God or not, but even when its an Informal Blessing, it has quite an amazing effect.

[If you think you have a good body when you were young, you can have a young body…… Even if you feel good about your body now, it will look the same, but “you will be free of any disease or fatigue, enabling you to perform at your best”…… Thats about it. Your rejuvenated body will remain intact even after the blessing wears off. However, because its only an Informal Blessing, you can only change your body once…… Therefore, I will now give you a few minutes to picture yourselves at your prime. Oh, and as an effect of the blessing, for six months, you will be free of disease and most fatigue will be completely gone after a nights sleep.]

This would be especially nice for species with a long life span, and is something that could really be described as an act of God. However, I wonder what this is This strange feeling I have…….

[……Well then, in five minutes, everyone will be granted the blessing. Of course, you can refuse. If you dont want the blessing, you just have to think that you dont need it.]

Hmmm…… I really think its strange. Im not talking about the content of the reward, Im talking about the act of giving a reward itself……

Shiro-san is someone who is extremely impartial towards most things. And yet, hearing her say that “she would give something only to those who participated in the Six Kings Festival” somehow strangely makes me feel like something is out of place.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Looking at Shiro-sans expression on the stage, I couldnt read anything in particular. However, I wonder what this feeling is This thought of mine about how this blessing “had some other intentions”————– Am I overthinking too much

Hearing about the unprecedented kindliness in the form of a reward, most of the people at the Six Kings closed their eyes in thought, trying to picture their prime form in their minds.

But of course…… There were people like Kaito, who felt the hidden meaning behind this reward.

……From behind Kaito who was tilting his head in wonder, Alice quietly turned her gaze to Shallow Vernal who was standing on the stage.

(……This seems to be more serious than I thought. Most of the subordinates under the Six Kings, including mine, are all here at this venue. That means, this reward…… is also her way of saying “Ill allow you to perform at your best. Come at me with all your might.”.)

Yes, for those who are expecting to face off against Shallow Vernal soon, this reward is like the mercy given by the Last Boss, Shallow Vernal.

It was also meant to make sure theyre fully recovered before the “Boss Fight”.

(But with this action, she had made herself clearer for my eyes to see through her. Shallow Vernal-sama…… is probably “hesitating”. Because she couldnt make up her mind, shes going to leave the final choice to a third party. The odds are looking a bit better for us.)

Shallow Vernals hesitation. The feeling of not being able to decide her own feelings is something that Alice herself remembers. Thats why she was able to see through her hesitation.

Shallow Vernal will definitely fight against Alice and the others in a battle that both sides have a chance to win. That can be said as the light of hope they needed……

(But on the flip side, its because she left the final choice to a third party…… means that shell do everything she can to prepare herself. It seems like this would really be the hardest fight Ive ever had.)

~ ~ God of Lifes Blessing ~ ~

Informal Blessing : Can only rejuvenate a person once. Invalidates disease and increases speed of recovery from fatigue.

True Blessing : Allows a person to rejuvenate aas many times as they wish. Allows a person to use Resurrection Magic, invalidates disease, extremely fast recovery fatigue (15 minutes of sleep is all it takes for one to recover. This is also the reason why Kaito gets better after a day of sleep even if he is tired)

Serious-senpai : [Haahhh…… Ive been busy with lots of serious stuff lately~~ Gaahhhh~~ This is hard~~ I have too many appearances, it really is hard for a busy person like me~~!]

: [You look like youre quite carefree though…… Youre even drinking choccy milk over there….. I mean, why are you drinking that sweet drink]

Serious-senpai : [Theres only choccy milks and baby castellas in here, so I dont have any other choice!!!]

: [I see…… Well then, I guess Ill just drink the black coffee I brought with me by myself.]

Serious-senpai : [……Can I have some]

: [I refuse.]

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