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After eating the baby castella dish, we went around the attractions I had visited in the previous six days…… such as the Monster Race with Dr. Vier and Neun-san, and the VR attraction with Alice.

Of course, we werent able to visit all of them, but I think we were able to smoothly go around them with the support of the different Gods.

Shiro-sans excitement is quite intense, but its a new experience for me…… To be honest, I had a lot of fun.

I feel like I got to see a lot of different sides of Shiro-san today…… Its hard to notice because of her usual expressionlessness, but shes always trying to fight Kuro and was getting worked up with various things…… She surprisingly had a childish part in her.



[There is a place I have to go, do you mind if we go there]

[Eh Y- Yes, I dont mind.]

I suddenly felt a strange sense of unease at what Shiro-san said. Most of the places weve visited so far have been at Shiro-sans request, but this is the first time shes asked for my confirmation like this.

Wouldnt that mean that this place Shiro-san wanted to go to is really important to her

[Well then, lets go.]

As soon as Shiro-san said this, the scenery changed. The sky, which should have been dyed with the color of sunset, has now turned blue.

[Arehh This is…… the Sanctuary, right]


The place Shiro-san brought me to was the familiar Sanctuary…… the floating garden where I first met Shiro-san.

[Kaito-san, theres something Id like to ask you.]

[Something youd like to ask]

[……What if…… This is just a “what if” but…… A person you know of…… It can be one of your family, a friend, or your lover. What if “that person has lost all memory of you”]

[……H- Huhh.]

[Its not that they have forgotten about you, its that all the memories about you disappeared in their mind. If that person couldnt remember you anymore…… Do you think that person is different from the person you have spent your life with]

I dont know why she would ask me such a question. However, Shiro-san seemed to be very serious as she asked this question…… Is this an important question

[Thats a difficult question to answer…… but lets see. You could call them a different person, I guess To put it simply, I think they would turn back to the person they were before they met me.]

[I see…… That means what makes a person such a person is their memory…… their heart, isnt it Or perhaps, would they still be the same person as long as they have the same vessel…… the same body]

[……I think its more about the heart.]

Even after hearing all this, I still dont understand the purpose of Shiro-sans questions. What in the world…… is the answer Shiro-san was looking for

As I was thinking about this, Shiro-san turned her gaze towards me, looked straight into my eyes and continued.

[Well then, is the act of “completely erasing a persons memory”…… the same as murdering that person]

[……Thats also a difficult question to answer but, lets see. It certainly might be an act thats equivalent to killing that person.]

[……Is that so……]

Hearing my answer, Shiro-san slightly looked down. After a few moments of silence, she looked away from me and quietly muttered.

[……What do I really want to do I dont know anymore.]


[Ive told you something worthless. Im sorry…… “Please forget about it”.]

[Eh !]

When Shiro-san told me this in a voice that sounded as if shes holding back her emotions, my vision turned all white.

I was walking through the venue of the Six Kings Festival when my feet suddenly stopped.


[Is something the matter]

When I suddenly found myself exclaiming, Shiro-san, who was walking next to me, tilted her head.

[Ah, no, I guess I was zoning out a bit…… What were we doing again]

[It was almost time for the last days party, so we were talking about parting ways.]

[……Speaking of which, that was the case.]

Thats right. On the last day of the Six Kings Festival, a party is being held in the Central Tower. I had just met up with Lilia-san, who was also attending the last days party, and we were talking about parting ways early since we had promised to head to the partys venue together.

Yes, that should have been what we were discussing about but…… I wonder why What is this strange sense of discomfort Im feeling

[Whats the matter]

[No…… Shiro-san, how was your day]

[I had fun.]

[So did I. Thank you for hanging out with me today.]

I feel like theres something out of place, but I dont really know what Im doubting about, so I chalk it up to being my imagination and thanked Shiro-san for today.

When Shiro-san heard my words, a thin smile appeared on her lips.

[Kaito-san, thank you for today. I will take my leave then.]

[Ah, yes. Its me who should be thanking you instead.]

[Then, this is my way of saying my thanks.]

Before I could even ask her why she would say her thanks, Shiro-san smoothly brought her face close to mine…… and our lips met with one another.


[See you later.]


It was so shocking that even after Shiro-san left, I stood there for a while in a daze.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Just like that, my date with Shiro-san ended…… but to be honest, within this Six Kings Festival————– This is the most shocking event that happened.

After parting ways with Kaito-san, Shallow Vernal returned to the Sanctuary. Then, she lightly brushed the empty space and entered a space that only she could enter.

There, she found a white sphere with a vast array of magic formulas engraved on it. Slowly touching the sphere, Shallow Vernal muttered within that space that held no people other than her.

[……I see…… What I was doing was an act of killing you huh.]

Within the voice that leaked out of her mouth…… one could feel a little bit of hesitation.

[Even if thats so…… I will still not give up. Kaito-san…… If you “lose all memory of the year you spent in this world”…… “If everything started all over again, and Im the one who saves you”…… Will I be special to you]

However, there was no one in that place that answered her quiet mutter.

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