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Differences in values and tastes. This is something that exists everywhere. Even on Earth, when one travels abroad, they are sometimes confused by these cultural differences.

Thats how it is in a world even in a world that only had the same humans in it. So, being transferred to a completely different world, the differences would have been enormous.

However, this world was fortunately greatly influenced by the world I was in, and I can also feel something Earth-like in this worlds unique cultures, so I feel that it is easy for me to adapt.

Of course, there were some things that puzzled me, such as magic and polygamy, but now, I can say that I am generally familiar with this worlds culture.

But unfortunately, I was feeling the difference in values very much now. I felt a definite wall between me and the people who live in this world……

Yes, I just want to say one thing…… Why the heck are you still here on the seventh day, “Baby Castella Cuisine Specialty Restaurant”!

This is strange, isnt it…… After all, the stores that were popular during the previous six days are the ones who can open their store on the seventh day, right That means, eh Was this restaurant popular No, no, no matter how you think about it, this is just a restaurant that likes pranking others!

Its the kind of store that I really dont think anyone but Kuro would like, so how the heck are they still……

[Its the Six Kings Festivals sponsors privilege.]


So its your fault again!

This is that, isnt it Theres no way that this would be that pattern where I would have to eat baby castella dishes two days in a row, right Seriously, how much trauma does the baby castellas of this world want to inflict on me

[……Ill ask just in case, but are there any other restaurants we could go to]


[…….I knew it.]

I wanted to go to a different restaurant if its possible, but of course, there was no way that Shiro-san, who has a rivalry with Kuro, would ignore going to a restaurant that Kuro and I went to yesterday.

And just like that, I ended up eating baby castellas two days in a row…… This hurts.

When we entered the restaurant, we were brought to a VIP table, just like yesterday, and was handed the menu. Hmmm, I feel like Im going to have a heartburn just looking at the menu. There are so many items with the word “baby castella” in it that I feel like Im going to have a gestalt collapse, but I think I should choose something before I lose my mind……

(T/N: Gestalt Collapse is a phenomenon where something complex was broken down to its component parts in a persons mind, making it lose its meaning after being stared at for a short while.)

As I was looking at the menu, realizing that all of them didnt look appetizing at all, I suddenly found a menu that was different from the others.

“Special Menu (Please be thankful to the Cute and Thoughtful Transcendental Beauty)”

This stupidity emanating from this sentence…… Its definitely Alice who wrote this. Could it be that Alice is going to cook for us Alice had an amazing cooking skill, so she might be able to cook a baby castella dish that I, who would be eating baby castella cuisine two days in a row, might be able to eat.

Thinking this, I decided to order the Special Menu.

[Errr, Shiro-san, what will you be ordering]

[Ill have the same thing as you.]

This is where she differed from Kuro. Kuro just ordered everything……

[Kuro ordered everything.]

[Ehh Ah, yes. Thats right.]

[However, I ordered the same thing as Kaito-san.]

[Y- Yes, you did.]

[That means…… Its my win.]

[No, like I said, I dont understand your criteria for win and lose at all.]

Theres that smug look on her face again. I feel like Shiro-san is even more competitive with Kuro today than ever before. Did something happen

As soon as such a question popped into my mind, the food we had ordered was brought in with surprising speed.

The dish brought to me was somewhat reminiscent of a French cuisine, with a large baby castella in the center of the plate, surrounded by various sauces and other ingredients.

Is this the special menu The baby castella was so big that it made me shy away from the dish…… but if Alice was the one who made it, Im sure it would have first-class taste.

[Errr, how about we eat now]


After saying a few words to Shiro-san, I picked up a fork and knife, cut some portion of the large baby castella and brought it to my mouth. Eating a baby castella with a knife and fork makes me feel wrong though———– Whoa, yummy!

T- This is…… It might look like a baby castella, but its actually not! This is “meat”!

Its texture feels similar to a burger steak, easy to eat and goes well with the surrounding sauce. I see, so the special menu is not a dish using baby castella, but “a dish that looks like a baby castella”……

Thank you so much, Alice! Ill definitely treat you to yakiniku next time!!!


[Eh Ah, yes. Whats the matter]




As I was being impressed by Alices excellent followed-up, for some reason, Shiro-san had stuck her own food on her fork and held it to me.

She still had the same expressionless face and intonationless voice but…… It seems like she wants me to eat it.

Its very embarrassing, but since its Shiro-san, Im sure she wont take no for an answer. Resigning myself to fate, I opened my mouth.

[How is it]

[Errr, its delicious.]

[I see. I wonder what Kaito-sans dish tastes like though]

[N- No, were eating the same dish, remember]

[I wonder what Kaito-sans dish tastes like though]

[……Would you like to taste it]

[Ill have some then.]

I understood what Shiro-san was asking for, so I quietly pierced a portion of my food on the fork and fed it to Shiro-san.

Even though we ordered the same dish, this blatant appeal…… As expected of Shiro-san. Her brazenness and airheadedness is truly amazing.

[Id get embarrassed if you praise me that much.]

Im not praising you. This is important, so Ill say this again, Im not praising you.

Dear Mom, Dad————- No, seriously, Shiro-san is coming on strong today, feeling more troubling than usual. However, I wonder why Feeling that she was having so much fun———— I cant help but think that this is fine.

: [As expected of Alice-chan. She is devoted to supporting Kaito-san behind the scenes. Doesnt that make her an unmistakable top heroine]

Serious-senpai : [Youre tooting your own horn again.]-

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