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Two days passed since we decided that were going to participate in the Sacred Tree Festival, and it is now the 18th day of the month of Fire.

Lunamaria will look into the exact date of the Sacred Tree Festival and she said that she would prepare the things that need to be done like preparing a flying dragon for us to ride on, so all we have to do now is wait.

As a side note, thanks to the book that Kuro wrote before, Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san are now able to use their magic power successfully.

Im told that theyre going to start practicing the actual activation of magic today but…… since theyre like me who came from another world, I wonder if they would also be able to use an unusual kind of magic

Walking down the corridor while thinking about this until I reach the dining room, I woke up early today and thought there would be no one in the dining room, but when I entered, I saw the figure of someone inside the dining room, I reflexively bowed my head.

[Good morning.]

[Umu, youre quite early. Thats a good attitude to keep, Miyama. Humans only have a finite amount of time, so try not to waste it.]


I shut the door in silence.

Thats strange…… I somehow have a feeling that theres someone here that shouldnt have been here. Did I open up the wrong door That must be it…… Alright, lets try again with more gusto!

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[……What the heck are you doing]

[Thats supposed to be my line instead…… Why are you here, “Chronois-san”……]

Yes, in front of the table in the dining room, there sits a Supreme God who was supposed to rarely visit the Human Realm except at the Festival of Heroes…… the Goddess of Time, Chronois, and she was drinking tea there like it was normal.

On a side note, regarding the way I call her, its just that Ive been calling the God of Creation, Shiro-san, by her name in our previous conversation, and so, she strongly said that she wont allow me to call her with a “-sama” attached to her name, so I ended up calling her by her name, Chronois-san.

[Me I am here at Lilias request. I told her before to call me if trouble occurred…… Well, I didnt expect it to happen this quickly nor did I think it was because of the worst-case possible……]

[No way, did something happen!]


[Eh Ummm…… Chronois-san]

Hearing Chronois-san speaking like an emergency happened, I hurriedly asked since I thought it would be something that would require the presence of Chronois-san, a Supreme God but…… Chronois-san made an expression like she was really dumbfounded, and as her red and blue heterochromatic eyes turned towards me, she let out a sigh.

[Well, I guess I can understand the troubles that Lilia is going through with this guy. I came here because of that situation that you went into, you….. I heard that you became acquainted with the Death King]

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[Eh Ah, yes. Isis and I became friends two days ago.]

[That power of yours that blesses you with connections may as well be a curse huh. What has happened that you have found the Death King in such a short period of time……]

[N- No, its really just a coincidence that I met Isis-san……]

[I know that. Still, its quite unusual for someone to get to know two of the Six Kings in less than twenty days…… especially the Death King… Its not that the Underworld King dragged you and introduced you to her, right]

[……Yeah, well.]

Thats a sound argument I cant refute at all.

Indeed, carefully thinking about it, the people Ive known since Ive come to this world are truly some of the most powerful people in this world, and some of them hold the highest position in status…… You could describe it as fortunate in some cases, but you could also describe it as unfortunate. I could understand the feeling of why someone would describe it as a curse.

However, let me say one more thing—– arent you also included among that group of outrageous people Ive met

[Moreover, to have been acquainted with the Death King of all people you could meet…… If it was someone like the World King, she would have been someone easy to talk to……]

[Is Isis-san really that feared by everyone]

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[That one is pure, in both good and bad ways. Thats also why shes so much worse than the other members of the Six Kings. There are many occasions when she doesnt make sense.]


Hearing Chronois-sans words makes me feel a little complicated.

I know that I havent exchanged that many words with Isis-san yet, but I think I know that shes not a bad person.

Isis-san seemed really happy when she was talking to me…… That would mean that she was probably lonely all the time, and thats how I feel from the emotions I could read with my Sympathy Magic.

Feared as a monster by both the Demon Realm and the Human Realm because of the magic power of death she was clad in, and being constantly exposed to the gazes of fear, I cant even imagine what it felt like being in her situation.

Thats why I couldnt agree with Chronois-sans comment about Isis being bad, so I just replied with silence.

Thereupon, Chronois-san nodded once with a somewhat impressed look on her face, and right at that moment, something that looked like a blue bird appeared before me.


[……A hummingbird…… Good grief, speak of the devil and she appears huh.]

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[Errr, whats this]

[Just think of it as a convenient way of communicating through long distances using magic, just like a short letter delivered by messenger birds. Touch it, and her message should appear.

As Im surprised by the sudden appearance of the blue bird, Chronois-san gives me a brief explanation about it.

Huh Hummingbird…… Where have I heard that before Didnt Kuro mention that before

As I tilt my head, trying to recall where Ive heard those familiar terms, the blue bird disappears as I touch it and glows in a bluish-white light in the air before disappearing.

“……Today…… Afternoon…… Im coming…… to meet you.”

Thats freaking scary!!! Did she just send me a cursed letter!

A- Anyway, it seems like this message came from Isis-san, and it looks like shes coming to visit today.

Chronois-san looked at the message and muttered “I guess its a good decision for me to come huh.” before she stood up from her seat and left the dining room, heading towards Lilia-sans room.

Its currently past noon, and me, Lilia-san, Lunamaria-san, and Chronois-san gathered at the entrance of the mansion to welcome Isis-sans arrival.

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Its clearly different from when we welcomed Kuro, we were now greeting her with just a few amount of people instead of that time where there were lots of people who welcomed Kuro as, under Chronois-sans direction, the feeble-minded and those with little magic power were ordered to stay in their room, which also includes Kusunoki-san and Yuzuki-san.

I dont know if its because Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san are very anxious, as they are both repeatedly correcting their posture with a pale expression on their faces while waiting for Isis-sans visit any moments now.

[……You dont have to worry, Lilia. You just have to follow my lead.]

[C- Chronois-sama……]

Chronois-san calms Lilia-san with lines that only ikemens would say, and Lilia-san looks at Chronois-san with eyes that look like shes relying on her.

It appears that Lilia-san and Chronois-san have some kind of mutual understanding in that talks they had before…… I dont know if its because theyre sympathizing with each other about being troubled with the higher-ups, but it seems like Lilia-san relies on Chronois-san very much.

As we wait within that tense atmosphere, a bluish-white light appears around the gate, and behind that light, Isis-san appears.

Dressed in the same gothic-lolita style dress she had before, she began floating her way in slowly approaching my way.

I dont know if its because my body had already gotten used to her magic power of death since that time I met her, Im not feeling the same way I did but…… Looking at Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san who were repeatedly trembling, it seems that her magic power of death manages to reach where we stand even within the distance between us.

And just like the ikemen she is, Chronois-san naturally moves Lilia-san behind her, protecting her from Isis-sans magic power of death.

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When Isis-san notices me, she has a happy expression on her face as she speeds up a bit to get in front of me.

[……Kaito…… Good afternoon…… Im sorry…… for the sudden visit…… Im not a bother, am I]

[Good afternoon…… Its not like youre a bother or anything like that. Its good to see you again, Isis-san.]

[……Ahh…… Unnn.]

Isis-san timidly asked me, so I returned her greeting with a smile on my face.

Thereupon, Isis-san smiled like a blooming flower and happily nodded her head……. As I thought, I really cant imagine her as a person thats hard to please.

[Its been a while, Death King.]

[……Chronois …… What are you…… doing here]

[I know the homeowner of this place…… At any rate, it seems that you have visited at quite the reasonable time.]

[……Lillywood said…… it would be rude to visit around noon…… and I should wait until afterwards.]

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[I see, its the World Kings advice huh…… I guess thats to be expected from the so-called Conscience of the Six Kings.]

To Chronois, who vigilantly speaks to her, Isis replies without seemingly bothered by her.

[Anyway, why have you come here today]

[……Ive come…… to visit Kaito…… Ah, Kaito…… Here…… Ive brought some souvenirs.]

[Eh Thank you very much. Im sorry for the trouble.]

Isis-san announced as if she suddenly remembered it, and held out a basket of some kind of fruits, and as Im wondering if I should accept it while disregarding the homeowner, Lilia-san but…… since she currently looks pale while trembling behind the Chronois-san, I decided to accept it and convey my thanks.

Thereupon, Isis-san happily smiles again and as her cheeks were slightly read, she spoke.

[……If youre happy with that…… Im also…… happy.]

[……Who the heck is this woman]

Looking at Isis-san, who was fidgeting as she adorably poked her fingers together and shyly smiling, for some reason, Chronois-san had a dumbfounded expression on her face.

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Dear Mom, Dad—— Chronois-san appeared, and then Isis-san appeared, and how should I say this—– I guess its going to be another rowdy day.-

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