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A soft breeze blowing the Sanctuary swayed the silvery-white hair of the two people present in that place while their golden eyes crossed each other.

[……Now that I think about it, the reason why I created you…… I guess it really was just a whim.]


[I dont really understand what I was thinking at that time but…… Now, thats right. Im glad that I have created you.]

[W- Whats the matter Suddenly saying such a thing……]

Hearing Shallow Vernal speak in her usual inflectionless tone, to which she could also somehow feel calmness within them, Kuromueina curiously tilted her head.

[Its really strange. You and I are supposed to be the same, but everything about us is so different. Whether its our personalities, our way of life, “our height and breast size”, we are complete opposites.]

[That last one doesnt really matter, does it! I can change my appearance, you know! Im not limited to this form, okay!]

[However, thats right. I guess we are similar in some ways.]

[……Hey, Shiro. Listen to me, okay The things I said to you earlier are very important!]

Shallow Vernal spins her words, splendidly ignoring Kuromueinas complaint. Kuromueina, who has known her for a long time, lets out a sigh, thinking that its useless to try correcting her any further.

However, her dumbfounded expression changed with Shallow Vernals next words.

[Even though we are polar opposites, oddly enough…… “we sought the same being”.]


Kuromueina immediately knew that she was referring to Kaito. However, she didnt know the true meaning behind Shallow Vernals words.

Its true that Kaito came to this world because Kuromueina tampered with the Summoning Magic Circle. It isnt strange to say that Kaito is the being Kuromueina sought for.

However, by the way she said it, it sounded like Shallow Vernal had also wanted Kaito. Kuromueina certainly knew that Shallow Vernal likes Kaito…… but even though she had known her for a long time, she didnt know what was within Shallow Vernals heart.

But Shallow Vernal stopped speaking there, paused for a moment and slightly smiled.

[……Thanks to you, I was able to know that I have a heart. I never had the chance to say it before but…… thank you, Kuro.]


[Im not sure what you think about me…… but for me, you are more than just my other self, I think of you as “my precious friend”.]

[A- Ahaha, Id get embarrassed if you suddenly say something like that. Seriously, whats with you today]

In response to Shallow Vernals straightforward words of gratitude, Kuromueina scratched her cheek in embarrassment. Even though she was wondering whats with Shallow Vernal, hearing Shallow Vernal call her a friend somehow makes her happy.

[……If it wasnt for you…… I suppose I could have chosen more “ruthless means” without hesitation……]


With those words, the atmosphere around Shallow Vernal drastically changed. The calm atmosphere she had earlier vanished, and a tingling sense of intimidation enveloped the surroundings.

[……My half-body, Kuromueina.]

[ ! ]

[……I wouldnt argue now about where the “real beginning” started. However, if you are the one who began his story, I will be the one standing at its end…… This is a “declaration of war” from me to you.]

[S- Shiro W- What in the world are you……]

In response to the sudden declaration of war, Kuromueina looked confused. but Shallow Vernal continued, her face still having the same expression she had before.

[The decisive battle will be fought from the 29th night of the Heaven month to the end of the 30th day…… before the time of their repatriation comes…… be prepared. This battle is different from 20,000 years ago. There will be no “draws”. It will end only when “I won or lost”.]

[……Shiro, why…… why are you……]

[I also have “things I cant give up”. Even if I had to confront you, my friend, for it…… If you want to protect Kaito-san, you must also use everything in your power.]


Shallow Vernals determination was firm. Even though her expression didnt change, Kuromueina could still tell that. Thats why…… she wasnt able to understand.

What is it that Shallow Vernal wants so badly…… what did she mean with the words real beginning…… After all the times they spent together, Kuromeuina realized that she still didnt know anything about her friend Shallow Vernal.

Two beings who once faced each other 20,000 years ago are now facing each other again. With the singularity named Miyama Kaito at its center……

[……Well then, thats the end of that conversation. Lets have some tea.]


[I guess the teacakes would be baby castella huh.]

[Eh N- No, wait a moment…… Im begging you, please wait!]

[What is it]

But then, in an instant, the tense atmosphere disappeared and Shallow Vernal spoke in her usual intonationless tone again. Of course, Kuromueina wasnt able to keep up with the sudden change, looking bewildered.

[……Where the heck did the tense atmosphere earlier go!]

[I dunno Its something that doesnt have a will of its own, so isnt it possible that it got blown away by the wind]

[Im not talking about that! Ahh~~ geez!]

[Whats with all your sudden shouting]

[……I dont know. I really dont understand what you were thinking, Shiro……]

[Really Thats strange…… Well then, shall we have some tea]

[……I guess…… so.]

Hearing Shallow Vernal make her usual airheaded declaration, as if the previous conversation had never happened, Kuromueinas shoulders slumped.

Then, with a look of resignation, she sat down on the chair that Shallow Vernal created and started drinking tea.

[……Rather, is it really alright to drink tea with someone you had just declared war on]

[Unnn I declared war on you, but that doesnt mean Ive come to hate you…… The war will also start on the 29th day of the Heaven month, so having tea now is not a problem.]

[……H- Hmmm.]

The conversation between the two ended with a doltish atmosphere…… But by no means did Shallow Vernal say that their conversation earlier disappeared.

The one-year story of the being named Kaito in this world…… The confrontation between the beginning and the end isnt that far-off.

Serious-senpai : [Why are you stopping there! Seriously!!!]

: [Yes, yes, thank you for your usual reaction…… Hmmm, in the end, Shallow Vernals true intentions remain unclear. I guess it will be revealed in an Intermission or something like that.]

Serious-senpai : [……W- Well, in terms of serious flags, I guess I really expect from it…… right]

: [You should step on your breaks right there, dont you think]

Serious-senpai : [No waaaaaaayyyy!]

T/N: 4/180

I wont be around tomorrow, so Ill be posting this today.-

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