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Even on its Sixth Day, the venue of the Six Kings Festival was as crowded as it was on the first day, if not more so. Even after the sun had set, the crowd hadnt diminished, and on the road where many Humans, Demons and Gods were passing by, there were people who stood out from the rest.

[……Even so, I wonder what todays summons is about]

A woman with long blonde hair of excellent proportions murmured. A sensational dress that had a bold exposed her cleavage, beautiful hair that seems to be shining. Her gait was graceful, and her white porcelain legs, which could be seen through the slit of her dress, inadvertently attracting the gaze of men.

Hearing the words of the woman who is so intensely sexy that let alone men, even women couldnt help but blush with each light flutter of her eyes, the eyebrows of the brown-skinned girl walking next to her twitched.

[There is no need for you to think about such things. “Shalltear-samas” orders take precedence over everything else.]

[Haahhh…… Youre still as loyal as ever eh…… However, I hope you dont think that all of us are as loyal to Shalltear-sama as you and Pandora-sama. Understand, Moloch]

[……What are you trying to say, Lilim]

The brown-skinned girl named Moloch asks back with a somewhat annoyed expression on her face at Lilims words. Thereupon, Lilim responded with a thin smile on her face.

[I meant what I said. Not all the leaders are enamored with Shaltear-sama. At least, I dont have the same loyalty as you do.]


[Fufufu, you dont have to glare at me that much. Even though I say that, that doesnt mean Im thinking of disobeying Shalltear-samas commands. My presence here means Im properly following her commands, dont you think]

Lilim, who had a teasing smile on her face…… and Moloch are both Count-level, High-ranking Demons, and leaders of the Phantasmal King Corps, headed by the Phantasmal King No Face…… They are members of a group commonly known as the “Ten Demons”.

Moloch, who is also the leader of the Daemons and has the second name “Sacrifice-Seeking Great Demon”. Lilim, the most powerful Succubus and also known as the “Sneering Nightmare”.

The girls were currently on their way to the venue of the Six Kings Festival after receiving Shaltears summons.

[……Im in Shalltear-samas service because of the special treatment. Well, I guess you could say that we have matching interests.]

[……I dont know what youre talking about, but if you betray Shalltear-sama…… Ill kill you.]

[Ara How scary…… Dont worry, I wont do anything stupid like that. In fact, Id be too scared to do anything like that.]


[I mean, Shalltear-sama herself knows my thoughts, you know On top of that, she lets me do whatever I want. I have nothing to complain about…… Shes giving me a fair evaluation of my abilities, giving me jobs that fit me. She also allows me the freedom to not pledge absolute loyalty to her…… Shes giving me rewards when I ask, neither too much nor not enough.]

Without stopping from walking, Lilim tells her in a tone as if she were singing.

[I dont think of Shalltear-sama as the Supreme King as you do…… but I think of her as the best boss Ive ever had. And Im also deeply afraid of her power and cold-heartedness. Thats why Im following her instructions, Im afraid of her, so I would never betray her…… Look, if its the results, my thoughts are the same as you are. I obey and I dont betray.]


[So, dont glare at me like that. Im just making small talk…… Im bored. But well, I guess there are those who have differences in thinking like us…… My guess is that Catastro, Phenex, and Tiamat would be someone like me. I guess Astaroth and Gluttony would be like you Im not sure about Phantom and Pandemonium though.]

[……Speaking of which, I havent seen Pandemonium around lately.]

Moloch, who had been silently listening to her, finally spoke when Lilim mentioned the names of the other members of the Ten Demons.

[Hmmm, I dont know the details either…… I heard that she was a maid at the “Albert Duchy”.]

[……What in the world is she doing]

[I dunno I dont know what shes thinking either. My guess is that its related to that otherworlder kid though.]

[……Miyama Kaito-sama huh]

[Yes, him. I heard that she was “making the bed and cleaning the room” for that kid. Diligently, every single day.]

[I know Im repeating myself…… but seriously, what in the world is she doing]

[I dunno]

As the two of them walked along, having a casual conversation, a girl in cute clothes and holding a plushie suddenly appeared in their path.

[……Im here to pick you up.]

[Ara If it isnt Gluttony…… Im grateful for that, but if you were going to pick us up, I wish youd come sooner~~]

[……The only thing I was asked to do was to pick up the members of the Ten Demons that arrived at the venue.]

One of the Ten Demons like Lilim and Moloch, Gluttony, “The Subspace Predator”, quietly mumbled before she moved her fingers vertically in front of them.

Thereupon, a line ran across the landscape and it opened like a door.

[Come in…… Also, Lilim. If you betray Shalltear-sama, Moloch wouldnt even have the time to kill you before I devour you myself.]

[……Ahh~~ yes, yes. You fanatics really are scary~`]

Receiving Gluttonys quiet intimidation, Lilim didnt mind her, chuckling as she walked into the crack in space, while Moloch silently followed.

As they entered, the open space closed and disappeared, and at the same time, the figure of Gluttony disappeared from the place.

Lilim and Moloch were led to a simple room with only a round table and eleven chairs around it. All ten Demons, other than Pandora, were already there.

A translucent, faceless being whose robes seem to float in the air…… “The Ghost of Disasters”, Phantom.

A woman with light green hair, dressed in a tuxedo and wearing thick gloves, drinking black tea…… “Perpetual Calamity”, Catastro.

Sitting on her seat, foolishly wearing a “stuffed cow costume” given to her by her master…… “Imaginary Informant”, Astaroth.

A beautiful bird, clad in green flames, sitting on a chair in a disciplined manner…… “Immortal Flame”, Phenix.

A two-horned huge lamia over four meters tall, whose chairly was clearly not the right size for her…… “Lamenting Despair” Tiamat.

A girl wearing a dress with bandages all around her body except for her right eye and mouth, who seemed to be sewing something with a needle and thread…… “Doomsday-Invoking Plague” Pandemonuim.

Adding Pandora, Gluttony, Lilim, and Moloch, that makes it a complete line-up of Phantasmal King Corps leaders…… The Ten Demons.

[Arara, youre all early~~ It doesnt seem like Pandora-sama and Shalltear-sama……]

Muttering in a light tone of voice, Lilim sat down in an empty seat with graceful movements, and Gluttony sat down as well. Only Moloch, whose face slightly scrunched up by the fact that she would be sitting next to Lilim since it was the only empty seat, before she silently sat down on her seat.

Then, the nine Count-level, high-ranking Demons quietly waited for their lords arrival…… isnt what happened.

[Hey, hey, everyone. I talked to Moloch a little bit about this earlier, but which type of person are you guys Are you someone loyal to Shalltear-sama like Moloch Or are you someone with a business-like relationship like mine]


Lilim, who hates boredom, cheerfully spoke, not caring about Molochs gaze, which seems to be deeply annoyed by her.

And the main topic of conversation was…… Perhaps, because it was about Shalltear, the head of the Phantasmal King Corps, that the members of the Ten Demons reacted, with the exception of Pandemonium and Phantom.

[Phantom…… doesnt really speak even when anyone asks her. As for Gluttony, well, Ill ask just in case…… but youre the same as Moloch, right]

[Shalltear-sama picked me up. I will dedicate my everything for Shalltear-samas sake.]

[……Should have known. What about you, Catastro]

[Fumu, as for me…… I guess Im the same as Lilim-dono. I know that Shalltear-sama is a great person, but Im serving her because its advantageous.]

In response to Lilims question, Catastro wryly smiled as she showed her gloves, which had become tattered before they knew it.

[The cost of materials I needed is nothing to scoff at after all.]

[……Youve already ruined another one Isnt that too early]

[Good gracious, it really was troubling. Even though Ive chosen materials that should be resistant to corrosion……]

Catastro is born with the power to corrode anything she touches. Her power is so strong that even custom-made gloves made of corrosion-resistant material were ruined in a few hours.

Therefore, Catastros daily expenses were considerable, and it seemed that she was serving Shalltear in part because of the excellent salary.

[……Im going to ask Astaroth next, but well, I guess I dont have to ask huh.]

“Of course, I am absolutely loyal to Shalltear-sama. She is my great master who discovered and nurtured my strength.”

[……Enough about that, but you look like an idiot in that, you know……]

Astaroth, like Moloch and Gluttony, is absolutely loyal to Shalltear. This was quite obvious when she was wearing the stuffed costume that Shalltear had given her……

[Then, what about you, Phenex]

“……Its difficult to say. The reason Im serving Shalltear-sama…… I guess its because Im afraid of her”

[Heehhh…… Even though youre immortal, youre still afraid of Shalltear-sama]

“My immortality…… Its of no use against her. If she seals me, thats the end of me. In that sense…… I guess Im feeling awe towards her”

The reason why Phenix serves Shalltear is awe…… which is in a way, could be called a kind of loyalty.

After nodding once, Lilim turned her gaze towards Tiamat, who was occupying the space to her left. Thereupon, perhaps sensing her intentions, Tiamat spoke.

[My turn huh. I guess Im like Lilim and the others. There is too much tragedy in the world. They will never disappear…… but Shalltear-sama can minimize those tragedies. Thus, I am following her.]

[Hmmm…… So its the same as usual eh.]

[Ahh! Regrettable it may be, but I myself am helpless…… I wasnt able to sweep away the sorrows of this world! Ahh, the tragedy never goes away. How sad, it is!!!]

[Stop it! Dont shoot out ultrasonic waves in this place!]

[I suppose this is also the providence of grief.]

[Youre wrong! Youre absolutely wrong!]

Tiamat, who was highly susceptible to crying, started generating shocking ultrasonic waves over a wide area, but Lilim kicked Tiamat to silence her. Even though she was lamenting, it can be said that she was also Shalltears staunch follower……

[……The only one left is Pandemonium…… Are you even listening]

[Im listeniiiiing. Im not going to participaaaaate thoooooough.]

[……Speaking of which, what in the world have you been doing]

[Its going to beeee~~ a littleee~~ chillllyyyyy, so Im going to make a lap blankeeeeeet.]

Except for Phantom, who wouldnt speak at all, Pandemonium didnt participate at all, continuously sewing without looking up at Lilims words.

Of course, she was making that lap blanket for Kaito, and it was a priority for her above all others.

[……Errr, by the way, Pandemonium Can you knit a scarf]

[I can kniiit, whyyyy]

[……Ummm, I was wondering if you could, errr, teach me how to make one]


For some reason, Lilims cheerful demeanor has changed and she now asked for help in a rather awkward manner, to which Pandemonium replied that she doesnt mind without stopping her hand from working.

At the sight of such a Lilim, Moloch tilted her head and asked.

[……Whats got into you Sewing doesnt suit you.]

[Shut up, will you I do what I want……]

“Speaking of which, Lilim. I heard that youve been cutting back on playing around with men lately.”

[……Astaroth…… Can you not say anything unnecessary]

As if she had something she didnt want others to know, Lilim responded to her words with a slightly irritated look, but it only drew the gazes of the other members of the Ten Demons…… other than Phantom and Pandemonium.

[Youre cutting back on playing around with men I find that hard to believe……]

[T- Thats enough already, okay This conversation ends here……]

“Kukuku, its not that much of a reason. She just doesnt want to be hated again by her “beloved daughter” with whom she had repaired their relationship recently…… or rather, just a few years ago.”


While Lilim tried to flusteredly divert the conversation, Astaroth ruthlessly added pursuing words. Apparently, she is slightly angry at being told that “she looked like an idiot” earlier.

[Ahh, speaking of which, you have a daughter, havent you Isnt she that girl who said “youre the most repulsive being in the world” and how she hated you……]

[Guhh, thats already a long time ago……]

“It was funny to see how depressed you were at that moment…… Whats more, her daughter was so cute that she was helpless against her. Lately, shes been asking her for help with her makeup and dress, and shes been pretty happy about it.”

[……Astaroth, Im going to kill you later.]

Yes, it can be said that playing around with men is her instinct, and she had seduced countless men in her life…… but even with all the deeds she had done in the past, she had only given birth to one child.

However, Lilim, who had never had a child before, did not know how to treat her daughter…… As a result, her daughter hated her.

However, a few years ago, after finally being able to repair her relationship with her daughter, who had grown mentally thanks to various factors and “a certain member of the Six Kings”, Lilim had become very much involved with her.

In any case, her clumsiness with the way she treats people is still the same, so it doesnt always go well…… but they had a good relationship, to the extent that she would call her “Mother” lately.

Not wanting to be disliked again by her beloved daughter, who is so cute that it dazzles her eyes, Lilim has refrained from playing around with men for the past few years.

Even so, as a succubus, it is her instinct to seduce men, so the number of men she was playing around with hadnt reached zero yet……

Seeing Lilim, looking unusually embarrassed as she glared at Astaroth, Moloch slightly smiled.

[I see, that scarf would be a gift for your beloved daughter…… Interesting. Id like to meet that girl myself.]

[Ill never allow it! it will be a negative influence to “Chris-chan” if she gets involved with a “bunch of eccentric lunatics” like Ten Demons! Im also hiding from her about how Im one of the Ten Demons…… Luckily, I gave birth to her when I was using an alias, so they dont know my true identity yet…… Understand Chris-chan is an angel! Ill never let her meet a bunch of crazy people like you all……]

[Like hell youre one to say that…… Well, putting that aside, angel No, I only know about her from the rumors, but isnt she famous for being rather cunning]

[Unnn Doesnt that also add to her cuteness Shes a girl, shes got to know a trick or two.]

[I- I see……]

When Lilim unashamedly said this, Moloch tilted her head, looking confused, and stopped talking. She had a feeling that if she asked her any more, its possible that she wouldnt stop talking……

Thereupon, right at that moment, the door at the back of the room opened…… and the girls lord appeared.

[Well~~ Its great to see how everyone is getting along quite well. Well, the fun banter stops now…… Lets start the meeting.]

All Ten Demons stood up from the seats and bowed to Shalltear, who appeared with Pandora. They have differing reasons for obeying her, but Shalltear is still everyones King.

And slowly…… From Shalltears mouth, the true reason for the Ten Demons Meeting was spoken.

Serious-senpai : [Oh The Intermission this time isnt what I thought it was huh.]

: [This chapter is treated as part of the main story, but it isnt spoken at the point of view of Kaito-san. Well, anyway, I heard that “I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World is at Peace” is going to be published as e-book.]

Serious-senpai : [Heehhh, is that so…… Huehh]-

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