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After Lilia-san and Lunamaria-sans battle () settled down, looking at the two of them who had returned to how they usually were, I began thinking about something.

I still dont know when Isis-san will come to visit so Ill put it aside for now, but since Im talking to them now, I think I should talk about the Sacred Tree Festival which Ive been thinking about for a while now.

[I heard about this a while ago, but there seems to be a festival called the Sacred Tree Festival in the Elven Forest.]

[The Sacred Tree Festival huh, yes, it certainly is right around this time of year. Ive never participated in it before, but Ive heard that its the biggest festival for the elves.]

[Arehh Lilia-san has never participated in this festival before]

I had the impression that Lilia-san was someone who knew everything in the world, and when I heard that it was a pretty famous festival, so it was quite surprising that LIlia-san had never participated in it.

Lunamaria-san realized that the Sacred Tree Festival I had just mentioned had something to do with the earlier suggestion of helping Lilia-san have a change of pace, so she nodded once before speaking in her tone that she usually has.

[……I can understand why youre always forgetting about it, but in case you forgot, My Lady used to be a princess and the head of the Knights Order. So, she didnt have that much opportunity to go out of the royal capital.]

[I feel like youve added a few unnecessary comments there but…… Yes, it certainly is as Luna said, I havent traveled outside the royal capital very often. Half-baked it may be, Im still royalty, and I was left out in regards to diplomacy-related stuff.]

[Even if she looks like a woman who thinks with her muscles and grew up in some kind of wilderness, My Lady is actually like a doll trapped in a box.]

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[……I would resolutely deny the first half of what she said, but the second half is generally true.]

Its easy to forget because of how friendly and approachable demeanor, but Lilia-san is a member of the royal family who has right to the throne, and shes in a slightly difficult position of being the Kings older sister, and in addition to that, the King dotes on her so much that he didnt want to let her out of the royal capital very much.

As a result, although she may have traveled with Lunamaria-san before, its not very often, and there are still many areas which she only knows only through the information she heard.

[Putting that aside, does that mean Kaito-san would like to participate in the Sacred Tree Festival]

[Y- Yeah, I heard that its a famous festival, so Id like to see it if possible……]

[……Isnt it alright The Elven Forest is famous for its beauty and its abundance of trees, and since both My Lady and Miyama-sama have been so busy lately, wouldnt it be just right for a change of pace]

When I nod at Lilia-san who asked that while tilting her head, Lunamaria-san also added some favorable words.

Seeing her glance and the nod she sent towards me, it seems that Lunamaria-san agrees that this festival is a good change of pace for Lilia-san.

The conversation would go on smoothly…… is what I thought would happen, but Lilia-san was looking at the two of us like shes thinking about what we could be up to now.

[……That certainly is a great choice if we want to go sightseeing. However, putting aside attending the Sacred Tree Festival, Ive never visited the Elven Forest before, so Im a little nervous.]

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[Dont you have any information about it, Lunamaria-san]

I had heard that Lunamaria-san was a half-elf, half-demon hybrid before, so I asked her if she knew anything about the Elven Forest since she had elven blood in her veins, but Lunamaria-san shook her head.

[My father certainly was a half-elf, but he passed away when I was very young…… My mother may have brought me to attend the festival in the Demon Realm several times, but Ive never visited the Elven Forest before.]

[……Is that so.]

[Yes, since the Sacred Tree Festival is mainly a festival for the Elves, the people who know more about it must be a pure-blooded elf.]

Even though this country apparently have good relations with them, but there was still a part of us that would feel uneasy if we go to a place where we lack information.

Lilia-san may have agreed with participating, but because shes in charge of us, it seems that she wants more information in advance.

Thats when a woman suddenly came to my mind.

[……Would Sieg-san know about this]

[Indeed, Sieg is a pure-blooded elf that was born in the Elven Forest…… Luna, around this time…… is Sieg in the middle of patrolling]

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[Yes, perhaps…… Ill call for her.]

Apparently, Sieg-san seems to be from the Elven Forest and seems to be the perfect person to ask about the Sacred Tree Festival.

After receiving Lilia-sans words, Lunamaria-san went to call Sieg-san.

Sieg-san is one of the people working at Lilia-sans mansion, and it was quite fortunate that shes an easy person to ask questions to, as Ive talked to her a lot.

Briefly explaining the situation to Sieg-san who arrived a few moments later, it looks like she understood as she nodded her head, and after sitting down on the reception rooms couch, she looked ready to answer our questions.

……She just sat down next to me like it was obvious, but isnt her vigilance to me too weak Ugghh… Something smells good…… Calm down…… Keep calm……

[S- Speaking of which, I dont even know where the Elven Forest is in the first place, but is it far from here]


[I see. Then, would it be difficult to go there by carriage]


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[Arriving there by flight…… Through something like magic]


[Eh Dragon I see…… So theres also that way of travelling around here huh.]

It seems that the Elf Forest is a reasonably far away from the royal capital and it would take too much time to travel by carriage, so it seems that one would usually ride a flying dragon when travelling in such distances.

I didnt know this, but it seems that using flying dragons seem to be the mainstream method of transportation to get around and carry supplies, and there are even some merchants who specialize in it. In short, these flying dragons are like the airplanes back on Earth.

[In that case, the time is just about right, isnt it Is anyone allowed to join that festival]


[Thats good. Im relieved. I heard that its a festival about hunting and harvest before but……]


[Ah, I see. The festival lasts for two days huh.]

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[Fumu fumu, so they would hold the hunting tournament on the first day, and the people would harvest on the second day huh.]


[Ah, is that so. Im looking forward to that!]

The Sacred Tree Festival apparently lasts for two days, with the first day holding the hunting tournament, in which participants hunt in a predetermined area, and prizes are awarded to winners based on their game.

Then, on the second day, everyone would begin harvesting in a safe area. It seems that even children can participate in this event and even I, who cant hunt, can participate without any problem.

Ive been told that the fruits of the hunting and the harvest are to be cooked and eaten on the second night, as everyone offers their thanks for the bountiful harvest.


[Heehhh… Then, a lot of people would come visit every year huh.]

[……Ummm, please wait a moment, you two.]

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While Sieg-san was courteously explaining about the Sacred Tree Festival, for some reason, Lilia-san stopped us for a moment.

When Sieg-san and I turned towards her while I tilt my head, Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san had dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

[What are the both of you doing just now, Kaito-san, Sieg]

[Eh No, Sieg-san was explaining about the Sacred Tree Festival to me……]

[……Sieg-san isnt able to speak in the first place, so how does Miyama-sama understand Siegs explanation]

[That is, well, I can somehow understand it based on her gestures……]

When the two people asked me as if theyre seriously wondering about it, I replied to them while tilting my head.

Thereupon, Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san look at each other before making somewhat astonished expressions.

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[……My Lady, could you understand what she said]

[……No, all I could see was just…… Sieg nodding, shaking her head, and occasionally moving her hands……]

Ah, thats right.

Thanks to my Sympathy Magic, I was able to read what Sieg-sam want to say to me not with words, but with her emotions, and I thought it was very easy to understand because she was also adding some gestures with it but…… For Lilia-san and the others, it just looks like Sieg-san is making gestures while I talk to myself.

[I see, Sieg…… The reason why you took the initiative in escorting Miyama-sama was because you dont need to write to have a conversation with him……]


After hearing what Lunamaria-san said, Sieg-san deeply nodded once, and for some reason, she looked taken aback before turning towards me, and then, began waving her hands while looking really flustered.

She tells me that its not just because it was convenient for her, but because she likes me as a person.

Shes probably worried that Ive been hurt by her earlier affirmation, but Im strangely embarrassed when I heard such a thing from a beautiful woman like Sieg-san.

As for me, Sieg-san is a very easy person to talk to, so Ive been talking to her every time I see her regularly but…… I know that Sieg-san is a kind person, so she wouldnt react in such a way, but there was a part of me that was honestly worried that she finds me annoying.

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However, with the way she acted just now, I was very happy to find out that Sieg-san, who Ive talked the most in the mansion aside from Lilia-san and Lunamaria-san, looks favorably towards me.

Dear Mom, Dad—— Sieg-san has told me lots of things about the Sacred Tree Festival. Also, Im happy to say that—— it seems that Im getting along with Sieg-san.


Next time in YuuShou…… The Death Kings Invasion!

T/N: Three bonus chapters as thanks for the anon guy. Though I didnt see his/her post in foxys kofi…


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