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After chatting with Lilia and the others for a bit, we parted ways, and Kuro and I were once again walking around the Six Kings Festival venue.

Now, we were on our way to a place that Kuro really wanted to go…… a place she had apparently prepared for this day.

Though I say that, we weren't directly heading towards that place, and were instead moving at a gentle place, buying snacks and eating along the way, checking out various stalls.

As the sky was starting to turn red, we finally arrived at our destination.

[……What is this A dome]

[Fufufu, just look forward to it! No other participants are allowed in here. It's just you and me!]

We arrived at a semi-circular building about 10 meters in diameter. It looked like a baseball dome, but isn't quite as big as that.

As I tilted my head at the unusual shape of the building, Kuro pulled my hand and walked into the building without hesitation.

The inside is dimly lit, with just enough light to see your feet. It kind of looked similar to a movie theater.

[Come on, we're here!]

[Errr, what is this place after all]

[Fufufu, this is a place that recreates a facility in Kaito-kun's world using the latest technology in video recording magic tools…… Yes, it's a "planetaria"!]

[……It's planetarium. I mean, Kuro, are you actually making that name mistake on purpose]

Putting aside Kuro who tells me the wrong name with a cute, smug look on her face…… I see, this place is a planetarium huh. Speaking of which, I had never seen a magic tool that looks like a video camera in this world, so being able to project images might be an amazing new technology.

I guess this is just like Alice mentioned yesterday, another technology that was difficult to realize due to cost.

[……wait, arehh I know it's a planetarium but…… Doesn't Kuro have that Planet Memory Couldn't you just use that magic to create a starry sky.]

When I asked "If she wants to see the stars, why don't she use that magic that she used to show me the night sky a thousand years ago", Kuro spoke with a wry smile on her face.

[Hmmm, I can certainly do that but…… Interference with the law of cause and effect shouldn't be done too casually.]

[……I see.]

[Well, anyway, let's look at the stars together here…… Come, there's a chair prepared over there!]

With a bright smile, Kuro pointed in the direction where there really was a chair, though it was a bit hard to see in the dim light…… It was just a single chair though.

[……Hey, Kuro]


[I don't know if it's just my imagination, but I could only see one chair……]

[Unnn, I did say it's just one chair, right Kaito-kun would go sit on the chair, while "I would sit on Kaito-kun's lap", so it's just one chair.]

[……I- Is that so……]

Arehh I wonder why She made it sound so obvious that I was immediately convinced…… but isn't this kind of a bad idea

I mean, look, Kuro isn't wearing her usual coat, and is currently wearing s- spats……

[And here!]

[……A blanket]

[Unnn! A blanket for the both of us!]

[……W- Why]

Let's calm down and get our information straight. What's happening now is that I'll sit in a chair and watch the stars with Kuro on my lap. Then, Kuro and I would wrap ourselves in a single blanket. Which means I'll be embracing Kuro from behind…… Doesn't that look extremely embarrassing!

[Fufufu, now you've said it! Yes, there's a reason "higher than the seas, lower than the mountains" as to why I decided to do this!]

[No, no, you got the whole saying around…… but even so, I don't feel like the reason would be that great at all……]

[I borrowed a romance novel from Isis that had a situation like that in it, and I wanted to do it with Kaito-kun too!]

[It really isn't that great of a reason!]

Isn't that just an idea you randomly thought about! And just for that reason, you went out of your way to make a planetarium……

[That's why, come on, Kaito-kun! Sit down, sit down!]

[……U- Unnn.]

There were so many things I wanted to throw a tsukkomi at, but unfortunately, I couldn't win against Kuro's smile. With her urging, I sat down on the chair.

After seeing me sit, Kuro gave me an innocent smile before she sat down on my thighs.

S- Soft…… No, no, this won't do. This is seriously dangerous! Spats are much thinner than I imagined, and I can even clearly feel Kuro's body heat through it.

I don't feel her weight at all, but her softness and warmth seemed to resonate to my core.

[Here, Kaito-kun. The blanket.]

[U- Unnn…… Just like…… this]

[Unnn! Ehehe, Kaito-kun…… You're so warm.]

She's so freaking cute…… Ahh, wait! Stop with the flapping of legs! The vibrations are…… The vibrations are bad!

My body feels hot, and it's not because I'm wrapped in a blanket…… The warmth of Kuro's hug and close contact with me made my whole body feel like it was about to boil.

[……Ahh, look, it's starting.]

[Y- Yeah……]

There's something that smells really good. T- This is strange…… It may have something to do with the fact that we were alone under the stars, but I felt more nervous than usual.

Wrapped with an astonishing silence, I felt like I could clearly hear even the sound of my breathing.

[……Beautiful, isn't it]

[You're…… right.]

[……Hey, Kaito-kun.]


[……This is happiness.]


In the silent dome, only the voices of Kuro and I echoed. It was a strange feeling. I was so tense that I felt like my head was about to boil, but the strength of my hands embracing Kuro was getting stronger.

It was as if my instincts were telling me that I didn't want to let go of this love-filled warmth……

[……Hey, Kaito-kun]


[Can I turn around]

[……I- It's fine.]

Nodding at Kuro's words, I loosened my embrace for a bit…… and Kuro wriggled in the blanket, flipping herself towards me.

Straddling my waist, Kuro wrapped her hands around my back and gently hugged me. Our body is so close together that I think there was no space between us…… but still, I hugged Kuro's body even more tightly.

[……Hnnn…… Kaito-kun…… I love you.]

In the midst of a deep oneness with each other, as if our body heat was mingling with each other and becoming one…… Kuro brought her mouth close to my ear and passionately whispered.

Feeling myself quiver all over my body, I looked down…… My eyes met wth golden eyes that were far more beautiful than the stars in the night sky.

[……I love you too…… Kuro.]

I didn't need to say any more words, and Kuro also didn't say anything back. All that happened next…… closer and more intense than our embracing bodies…… Our lips overlapped with each other.

Dear Mom, Dad————– Well, there's that. I'm sure I'll be writhing in agony later when I calmed myself, but now isn't the time to think about that. Yes, right now————- I just want to make sure I won't miss a single bit of her warmth.

Serious-senpai : [……It fired up…… It burned out…… all ashen white……]

: [S- Serious-senpai! ……Well, putting her aside, just because she's the main character doesn't mean you could give her preferential treatment, okay! This is completely turning into a wrapped lo…… Erhem, erhem. Rather, even after you both went this far, for Kaito-san not to cross that line, what the heck is with his reasoning!]

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