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After the lunch which was just like hell…… or rather, the lunch that was clearly a baby castella hell, we came to an area where magic tools were lined up.

As one wouldve expected from a festival hosted by Kuro, the head of the world's largest company, the Seditch Magic Tool Trading Company, the magic tool area was a step above the rest.

[Amazing…… All of the things sold here are magic tools]

[That's right. There are lots of stalls set up by companies, but there are also a lot of personal stalls. Especially this time, there are a lot of representatives sent by companies, including mine, so it's a good chance for them to sell their wares.]

[……I see.]

[Yesterday, at the festival hosted by Shalltear, we revealed a lot of new technology, so perhaps, there may be some magic tools sold here that are already making use of that new technology.]

Magic tools truly have unlimited potential and are still in their infancy. I realized this at yesterday's festival.

In particular, the Demon Realm seems to be a meritocracy, so its common for people to be scouted based on their personal magic tool crafting skills.

Considering this, today was a great opportunity for magic tool artisans. In fact, I feel that the shopkeepers who sell personally-made magic tools have an enthusiasm different from the others.

[There might be a lot of magic tools that are fresh from Kaito-kun's point of view, you know It's the same case with my company, but many of the magic tools sold by companies have lower performance due to cost and other factors. A magic tool being a product of a big trading company doesn't necessarily mean that it will have the best performance.]

[Heehhh…… That sounds interesting.]

[Unnn! That's why a place like this is great. Everyone can compete with their magic tools, exchange and come up with various ideas…… That's how technology develops after all. In a way, this is probably the most advanced place for magic tools right now.]

The look in Kuro's eyes as she said this was very gentle and she seemed to enjoy watching the growing world. Hmmm, she looks like a different person from the one who was giddy over Baby Castella Cuisine not long ago.

But well, Kuro is the Leading Pioneer for Magic Tools after all…… So, for Kuro, the development of magic tools may be like looking at the growth of her own child.

[……Well then, since we're here, let's take a look around.]

[Unnn! Let's go, Kaito-kun…… wait, arehh]

[Unnn What's the matter]

[……Isn't that Lilia-chan and the others]


When I turned my gaze towards the direction Kuro was looking at, I saw Lilia-san, Luna-san, Sieg-san, Aoi-chan and Hina-chan about 100 meters away.

Putting Alice aside, in this ridiculously large venue…… I think I've run into Lilia-san and the others quite a bit.

Looking at Kuro, we nodded at each other before moving towards where Lilia-san and the others were. As we got closer, I could hear the five of them talking with each other.

[……Hina-chan, if you're interested, why don't you buy one]

[Hmmm, but it's expensive.]

It seems that Hina-chan was interested in some kind of magic tool and was wondering whether to buy it or not.

[……The magic crystal in it is high purity and the magic technique engraved in it is magnificent, so I don't think it's an expensive purchase……]

[No, it might not be expensive based on Lili's standards but…… this isn't a price we can afford, you know]

[My Lady is noble-like when it comes to money after all~~]

A little behind Aoi-chan and Hina-chan, who were overlooking a stall, Lilia-san, Sieg-san and Luna-san were having a conversation. Since the three of them were closer to us, we decided to talk to them first.

[Lilia-san, Sieg-san, Luna-san, what a coincidence.]

[Oya Kaito-sama, what a co…… inci…… dence]


Luna-san was the first to respond to my voice, but after she looked towards me…… Her eyes opened wide and she stiffened.

In the end of Luna-san's gaze…… Ahh, Kuro in a yukata huh……




Lilia-san and Sieg-san, who turned towards us after Luna-san, noticed that Luna-san was acting strangely and called out to her first.

Luna-san was trembling…… but a little while later, her head swinging upwards, blood profusely gushed out of her nose.

[How—– pre—– cious!]

Pressing down on her nose with her hand, she fell to the ground. She wasn't able to completely hold it back though, as a puddle of blood began spreading out on the ground.

[Luna! H- Hey, are you alright]

[……My Lady…… I…… have finally found the place I can die…… and this unworthy Lunamaria…… has no…… regrets…… in life.]

No, no, bleeding to death from a nosebleed…… That looks like a pretty dumb way to die, you know!

[No, what stupidity are you talking about now……]

[I'm…… convinced…… I was…… born…… for this moment……]

Oi, zealot, are you sure you're fine with a life like that Well, the person herself looked like she was fully satisfied already……

Seeing such a Luna-san, Kuro tilted her head before holding out her hand to her.

[Lunamaria-chan, are you alright Here, sit still, I'm going to cast a Recovery Magic on you.]


[Why did you look like you received damage! Arehh Did I use the wrong spell]

After Kuro casted Recovery Magic on her, Luna-san…… vomited blood. We can just leave her to the side, don't you think ……She's one of those people who won't die even if they're killed after all……

Dear Mom, Dad————- I've met a lot of people since I came into this world. I've seen a really unique person along the way, someone who is quite tremendous in some ways but…… How should I say this———- I don't think the term "disappointing beauty" fits anyone more than Luna-san.

Serious-senpai : [What the heck is she doing!!! She's the main heroine, she also has lots of appearances in the main story, so don't you dare barge in the afterword! This is my field, my stage, the place where I'm the main character!!! D*mn it…… D*mn it…… Even though you're just a "third-placer in the Popularity Contest"……]

Under King : [……………….]

Serious-senpai : [……Eh A- Arehh Since when are you……]

Under King : [……………….]

Serious-senpai : [Ahh, wait! I- I'm lying! Besides, there must be something strange in that Popularity Contest! You're the number one! Stop! Put away that killer forehead flick! Aaaaahhhhhh!]-

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