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After discovering the new possibility of baby castella from Alice, Kuro was in a great mood. I, who would probably be the one who would eventually eat it, was trembling in fear though.

Well, even though I'm anxious for the future, for the time being, let's think about the present. Desperately persuading Kuro to leave the area lined with food stalls, we headed for the area with attractions.

On the Sixth day of the Six Kings Festival, it seems that each area has a different type of stall, and according to the guidebook, there was also an area where they sold magic tools.

We arrived at the attraction area, which seemed to be filled with games that could be found in fairs. There were classics like ring toss…… no, ring target and target shooting, as well as nostalgic stuff like candy cutting, so we decided to try them one by one.


With Kuro's small, yet powerful words, bullets were fired from the toy rifle in her hands. As soon as she made a shot, Kuro moved her rifle to the side and loaded a bullet in it, before fluidly firing her next round of bullet at the target.

[……Fuuu, well, that's how you do it!]

[……No, sorry to burst your bubble but…… You missed all of them.]

[A- Arehh This is pretty hard, ain't it]

Kuro, who brilliantly missed all her shots, smiled with a troubled expression on her face.

How should I say this…… I know that Kuro isn't perfect in every way. Of course, she has power and wisdom that I can't even imagine, but she's usually way off about something.

Well, it makes me feel closer to her, so I strangely feel like such imperfection is one of Kuro's charms.

[Ohh, that's great, Kaito-kun! You hit the target!!!]

When I hit the target, she is as happy as if she's the one who made the shot. As if guided by her cheerful voice, I felt my eyes drawn towards her, and when our eyes met, she gave me a cute smile.

It may just be a small thing, but these small gestures are really cute and makes me feel happy when I am with her. She really is a lover that's too great for me.

[Uwoohhh, that's amazing, Kuro…… You're always hitting the bulls-eye in the RINGTOSS.]

[Fufufu, well, you might not know it, but I'm actually World Rank……]


[……2's…… friend! I'm friends with her, so I'm also kind of good at it!]

[I- I see……]

Kuro averted her gaze, clearly looking flustered…… I don't think it's not possible, but does she really think I don't know who the Baby Castella Mask is

H- Hmmm. I guess it's better if I just don't breach that topic here……

[K- Kuro, shall we go to the next one]

[U- Unnn. You're right…… Ahh, let's try that one over there.]

[Unnn ……What's that Chocolate game]

The next place Kuro pointed at was an unfamiliar stall. It's just a hunch but…… With the "heart patterns" all over its signpost and the words "couples only" written on it, this place makes me feel uneasy.

No, I mean, this would definitely be something embarrassing……

[N- No, Kuro, that's a bit……]

[Now, now, walk faster!]

[Wait! Uwaahh!]

I had a bad feeling and was about to suggest that we stop going to that stall but…… the very excited Kuro pulled me by the hand.

Of course, there was no way that I, a relatively weak person, could resist Kuro's strength, and I was smoothly brought in front of the stall.

In the store are cylindrical chocolates where the middle section is divided to a pink and white section…… H- Hmmm, is it just my imagination I feel like I've seen something like this before. Wait, isn't this that I'm talking about those chocolate sticks that you can eat from both ends……

Ahh, there seems to be an explanation on a flip chart…… This is totally that game. No, no, as expected, this is just too embarrassing……

[Here, Kaito-kun, you take the white side!]

[You already bought one!]

The chocolate game was just as I had expected, but sadly, Kuro was quite excited and has already bought a chocolate.

Speaking of which, that's right, isn't it I knew she was also like this from our first date but…… Kuro is shy about some stuff like exposing her bare her skin…… but when it comes to flirting in public, she isn't feeling shy at all.

This won't do…… This isn't something I can refuse. Standing before Kuro's sparkling eyes, there's no way I can refuse. I mean, she's already holding the chocolate on her mouth……


[……U- Ugghhh…… H- Here I go.]

At Kuro's urging, I prepared myself and brought the other end of the cylindrical chocolate into my mouth.

Squatting down to match Kuro's height, I could see her face closer than before. Ummm, honestly speaking, she's so d*mn cute.

As her face drew closer while we ate the chocolate…… it feels like I'm being sucked into her beautiful golden eyes.

Moreover, Kuro had her hair tied in a ponytail today…… and looking at her from this distance, she looked so cute that I couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

I can't hear the sounds around me, and I can't taste the chocolate at all. This is a magical moment where I could only feel as if there is only Kuro in my eyes and mind.

As our faces got closer and closer, I felt my love for her grew larger and larger…… and by the time Kuro slowly closed her eyes, I had forgotten the embarrassment I had been feeling.

Dear Mom, Dad————— It's a sweet moment that suddenly arrived. With our overlapping lips as proof of our shared feelings, even though I was feeling embarrassed…… Right now, without thinking about later———- I just want to savor this happiness to my heart's content.

Serious-senpai : [Oi, stop it, you idiot…… Don't put cliché events in here…… Put that p*cky game away……]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Under King : [Fumufumu…… I see.]

: [What are you looking at]

Under King : [Comments in the "Multiverse-Wide Web". ……They're giving me an idea for my new baby castella! I'm so happy!]

: [What the heck is that devilish den you're hanging out in…….]

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