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Alice's top choice, the cave attraction…… Super Lovey-dovey Illumination. The interior of the cave makes me feel like we're walking through a sea of stars.

The colorful lights scattered on the walls of the cave weren't too bright, but they're just like the gentle light of fireflies, beautifully illuminating the cave.

[……It's amazing, I can't find the words to describe it.]

[I had a hard time balancing the colors here.]

Slowly walking through the cave, my hand clasped with Alice's hand, which was so small that it perfectly fit in my hand. The cave was surprisingly quiet and beautiful, and I could feel that this place had quite the great mood around it.

A special space where it makes me feel as if there are only us two in the world…… and it's also making it feel passion being naturally transmitted from our connected hands.

How should I say this…… It feels a bit strange. To be honest, when I first met Alice, I never imagined that we would have this kind of relationship.

She's a cheerful idiot, someone who's always troubling me…… But I wonder why The more I learn about her, the more I find myself liking her more and more.

I'm not just someone she's protecting, I also want to protect her. I want us to laugh together. Just like partner in crimes, just like best friends…… and yet, we have become lovers who held definite feelings for each other.

My relationship with Alice is very comfortable. I guess it's so comfortable that I can calmly expose my true thoughts to her I am confident that she will accept me, and that's why our relationship is so natural.

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[Well, I wonder how I should say this…… Not so long ago, even though I thought that being sent to another world and being together with someone like this is just something out of a dream…… It feels strange. When I'm actually doing this, it's as if this was something inevitable, and the happiness I'm currently feeling is perfectly fitting into my heart.]

[……I guess I understand what you're feeling. I also feel like this moment is something I couldn't have imagined back then.]

It seems that Alice can relate to what I'm feeling because she came to this world from another world as well.

My days are so happy and fulfilling that I can't help but ask myself what my life would have been if I hadn't come to this world six months ago.

[What the future holds really is unknown. When I try to help others, I get helped instead. When I try to support others, I get supported instead……]

[That's the way life is. Things don't work out just the way we expected it. There are lots of unexpected things, and they are filled with surprises, both good and bad.]

[……Unnn. Errr, well, how should I say this…… I don't know how to put these words together but…… Thanks, Alice. I'm really glad that I met you. Thanks to you, I'm really happy right now.]


When I told her how I felt, feeling a bit embarrassed under the gentle light, glittering in various colors, Alice took off the mask she was wearing and smiled.

[If you're going to say it like that, I'm the one who should be thanking you…… I think about it this way. Happiness doesn't just go in one way.]


[If you make someone else happy, that happiness will surely come back to you. If Kaito-san thinks you're happy right now…… This also means that you have made someone else happy. It's a common saying that happiness isn't something you can find by yourself…… It is actually as those words said.]

[……I see.]

[Yes, if Kaito-san is happy, I'm also happy. When you're smiling, I'm also smiling. I guess this is what it meant…… having bonds with someone.]

When I told her that, Alice squeezed my hand and looked at me straight in my eyes, giving me a gentle smile.

The expression on her face, filled with affection, was a little different from her usual mood. However, I can understand without any doubts that this is indeed one side of Alice.

[Kaito-san…… Just as you've brought happiness into my life, I will also bring just as much…… No, I will give you even more happiness. I will never make you regret choosing me.]

[……Thanks. However, there's something I'll have to refute. I will never regret being with Alice. And…… I'm the one who will make Alice happier. I'm not going to lose in that regard.]

[Mnnhhh, now you've said it. Well then, how about we play a game I'm not going to lose.]


Saying that, the both of us smiled. Clearly feeling that we were walking hand in hand in the same direction, as if our hearts were deeply connected, the atmosphere was inexplicably comfortable.

I guess this is that good atmosphere they were talking about back in my world.

It isn't that we were aware of it, but as if we are drawn to each other, the distance between Alice and I draws closer. And as if it were a very natural thing to do……

Beneath the colorful light of the cave adding to the bloom of the moment, I felt the warmth of my beloved lover's lips.

For 1 second…… 2 seconds…… Not keeping track of the time anymore, the sound around me disappeared, and the light disappeared as I closed my eyes. With the absence of my sense of sight, I could feel the touch of Alice's lips overlapping mine, intensely and clearly.

Not needing to think about anything, my heart just melted into the boundless warmth of happiness.

Dear Mom, Dad————– When you have a partner who accepts you, and you accept them for who they are…… I think that is true happiness. I see, it is indeed as Alice said. I guess the happiness we weave in this path————— doesn't go one-way.

Serious-senpai : [I see…… Lovey-dovey huh…… So its name isn't a lie huh…… It hurts…… It's painful.]

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