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After finishing lunch, I started to tour the festival with Alice's again.

As I expected, all the attractions were as interesting as I had expected, and I had truly enjoyed them all. After visiting several attractions, we decided to go to the attraction that Alice had recommended.

When I arrived at the attraction, it looked like, putting it simply, a cave.

[Now, we've arrived! This is Alice-chan's top choice! The festival's main attraction "Super Lovey-dovey Illumination"!]

[……Sorry, I didn't hear you well, so say it again.]


It's not that I didn't hear exactly what she said. It's just that I didn't understand what I had just heard, so I asked her to say it again. When Alice heard what I said, she stiffened, as if she had been caught off guard, before she restlessly moved her gaze around, her cheeks slightly blushing red.

[……N- No, like I said…… Super…… L- Lovey-dovey…… Illumination……]

[My bad, what is it again]

[……A- As I said…… S- Super…… Lovey-dovey…… wait, what the heck is with this shame play!]

[If you're so embarrassed saying it, you shouldn't have named it like that……]

Seeing the gap between the usual her and the cute blushing face Alice has now, I couldn't help but tease her.

Well, that aside, does the Illumination word in its name mean that the interior of the cave would be beautifully lit up

[……W- Well, getting back on track, I'll explain it now…… This, errr, Illumination is…… Well, in a nutshell, it's a very beautiful place. It's a dreamlike space that uses the most advanced technology to the fullest. But at the same time, it's a space that can be hell for certain people.]

[Hell What do you mean]

[……Please look over there.]

[……Are you…… a devil……]

Seeing the signpost that stood at the entrance of the cave, I immediately understood what Alice meant when she said it was hell for certain people.

The signpost had three arrows on it, as if to show the guests the route to take…… and that made me understand. These choices that could lead the guests to the road to hell is the act of the devil……

Each of the three arrows had words written on it, the left one had "Groups & Families", the middle one had "Lovers & Married Couple", while the right one had "Singles" on it.

Well, to put it bluntly, the choices were actually having the guests separated to the "Normies Path", the "Couple Path", and the "Loner Path". And this attraction's name is supposed to be Super Lovey-dovey Illumination.

She had crowned this place with the word "Lovey-dovey", but went out of her way to prepare a route for the people who came to this attraction alone…… It's a hellish facility where you can feel the will to thoroughly obliterate the loners.

[……Alice, what the heck do you have against the loners……]

[No, you see…… I was just showing the way for the lonely singles.]

[Stop that! Loners have feelings too!]

[It's alright. Kaito-san, the you right now isn't a loner anymore.]

As a former loner, I somehow feel sad for them but…… Well, I guess there's no way loners would go near an attraction called "Super Lovey-dovey Illumination" in the first place.

While thinking about this, looking at the signpost…… I suddenly noticed a small arrow pointing down.

Arehh Were there actually four paths instead of three However, this arrow was awfully small……

Looking closer to read what was written on the small arrow I found by chance…… it said "Gorilla Path : Underground".

Like I said, could you stop with the relentless bullying to gorillas I mean, I can't help but feel that this gorilla is only referring to a specific person……

[……Hey, Alice.]

[What is it]

[This Gorilla Path, what kind of person would go through here]

[I'm talking about that red, blazing gorilla. That gorilla with horns and everything.]

Isn't that Megiddo-san! No, if it's Alice, it's probably just her usual pranks to Megiddo-san again…… If he sees this, they're going to end up in a fight again.

Even so, she has quite the evil look on her face…… Let's punish her for a bit.



[What's the name of this attraction again]

[……Ehh N- No, you already know its name, right]

[What's its name again]


When Alice heard what I said, she clearly looked flustered. However, I don't feel like letting her get away today.

[……What was it again]

[……N- No, as I said…… you know it already…… it's Illumination……]

[Huh What did you say Could you say that louder]

[You're totally bullying me! Doesn't it feel like you're awakening to a really cruel fetish!]

Alice's face turning bright red and her, screaming in embarrassment, was quite the sight to behold…… It makes me want to tease her more. Perhaps, I really might be awakening to some really weird fetishes.

U- Unnn, I'm starting to feel like I'm heading towards a dangerous direction, so let's just end it here.

[Jokes aside, let's go in.]

[Y- You're right. Well then, let's enjoy the Super Lovey-dovey…… ah, errr…… Illumination together!]

[……Don't blow yourself up.]

Dear Mom, Dad————– Even though Alice cheerfully proclaimed its name, squirming as she shyly said it. Is this something that could also be counted as gap moe I guess the girlishness that she shows from time to time————— is also part of Alice's charm.

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope to see you again for the upcoming year.

In fact, the Six Kings Festival isn't scheduled to be so long anymore, and after it ends…… We will have some change of plans, and proceed to the special route for the key character who is greatly involved in the closing arc.

Now then, as to which character has that important role…… (She's someone who has already appeared).-

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