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The fifth day of the Six Kings Festival. More than half of the Six Kings Festival had already passed, where each day is filled with very intense, and including today, there are only three days left of the Six Kings Festival. Today, the festival was produced by the Phantasmal King No Face…… Alice will be held.

And today, I'll be going around the festival with Alice for a day, but compared to the past four days, I'm comparably composed.

There are several reasons for this but…… the biggest one is that not many people know that Alice is the Phantasmal King. Attracting people's attention wherever I go is more tiring than I thought, so her anonymity is a very great thing.

Well, since Megiddo-san called me out on the first day, and I went around with members of the Six Kings on the second and third day, and even yesterday, I drew the Special Prize, a Rainbow Dragon Special Individual, so I'm afraid it's going to be me, not Alice, who's going to get all their attentions……

But putting that aside, I feel comfortable with Alice as my partner. Alice's own personality, and the fact that she's someone I usually chat with, make me less nervous.

[……Hmmm. Should I be pleased with Kaito-san's deep trust in me…… or should I lament the fact that I still feel more like your best friend rather than your lover……]

[No, well, that's exactly why I can relax and enjoy today.]

[……And your inner thoughts]

[It's Alice after all.]

[Those words could mean lots of things, you know]

Even though it's the Six Kings Festival, the wryly-smiling Alice didn't particularly change her outfit. She was still wearing her usual easy-to-move clothes and her suspicious mask…… I guess she's really quite carefree.

[However! The one more composed here is me, Kaito-san!]

[……U- Unnn]

[When you see the festival produced by the great Alice-chan, your eyes will widen in amazement, stunned where you stand!]

[……No, but I can already kind of guess what's on your festival……]

[What did you say!  No, no, Kaito-san, if you're going to make a joke, please make it a better one. It's a project I came up with "after waking up from a nap I had after staying up all night"…… Even if it's Kaito-san……]

[I mean, you probably just made the whole city into a gigantic gambling den, right]


Hearing what I said, Alice froze. She really is easy to understand.

Yes, the other reason why my mind was so relaxed was that I had some idea of what today's festival would be like.

[……N- No, you're wrong. You're totally wrong, okay]


[M- My festival's project plan is playing…… leisure, I tell you. There are some attractions that cost money where you could actually win money, but that's just secondary, as the primary prize would always be the entertainment……]

[Speaking of which, I know it's a little late to say this…… but you usually use the word entertainment huh. You definitely know a lot about the world I was in huh]

[……I wonder what you're talking about Alice-chan don't know anything about Kaito-san's world~~]

[You b*stard.]

I've been wondering about this for a while now, but I think Alice knows too much about my previous world. The things she knows definitely don't just consist of things passed down by someone who played the role of Hero.

Perhaps, she has some kind of magic that allows her to see into other's memories. I did remember her telling me that she could do that if she wanted to……

[By the way, I'm changing the subject……]


[Homeowners definitely pay more taxes than non-locals, don't they]

[……Seriously, you're not actually someone from my world, right]

I knew it, she really knows too much about my world. She knows so much that I'm thinking that she has been in my world a few times already.

[Well, leaving those trivia matters aside, let's get going! The festival produced by Alice-chan is pretty amazing. Well, even though it isn't as great as a certain dreamland where those mice live or that gigantic movieland, in a sense, you can think of this city as a large-scale theme park. I guess it's more like a super-gigantic game center.]

[……U- Unnn.]

[By the way, we also have a variety of new games based on the games from Kaito-san's world!]

Arehh Is it just my imagination Hearing what she said, the Super-Exciting Battle Sport RINGTOSS just flashed through my mind…… It wouldn't be something like that, right They're not life-threatening games, right

[Now, now, let's go! Well~~ Kaito-san, you're quite the lucky guy, aren't you Even though you're already super lucky just to have a super beautiful girl like Alice-chan…… You can even go on a date with Alice-chan, the creator of the attraction, and have her show you around!]

[U- Unnn…… Well, I guess I'm lucky that I have to have met Alice.]

[……P- Please don't just obediently affirm what I said. It's a bit embarrassing, you know……]

With her cheeks slightly blushing, I gently held the blushing Alice's hand, which she had extended to me, and walked out of the Central Tower, heading to the festival.

The festival produced by Alice…… is not an amusement park according to her, but a huge game center. And Alice, someone who clearly knows about Earth, said she had created new games based on the games from my world.

I'm feeling a bit uneasy, but still, well, since I'm together with Alice, I guess there wouldn't be a problem.

Dear Mom, Dad———— It's the fifth day of the Six Kings Festival. There were some things that Alice said that slightly bothered me, but I wasn't really that nervous. It's Alice after all…… A day spent together with her————– is bound to be fun.

Serious-senpai : [So, how do you know so much about Earth]

: [Why are you asking me I have nothing to do with Alice-chan, so I wouldn't have any idea.]

Serious-senpai : [……I think everyone already knows your true identity though.]

: [……Seriously]-

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