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A different dimension outside the logic of the world, where not even the concept of sound exists. In that place, there was Eden, the god that was referred to as Earth God in the other world.

She has a beautiful figure that can be described as art, and 20 wings that give off a majestic atmosphere. With the dignity of a god standing at the top of the world, Eden was thinking with a serious expression on her face.

(……I want to love my child. I just want to love him. I want to pamper him so much that every single cell in his body will melt in my love.)

In addition, there is not even a hint of dignity in what she's thinking.

(However, my efforts don't work. Even though my beloved child is waiting for Mother's love, what a pity. All of this because of that d*mned God half-body. She keeps on interfering with the trysts between me and my child…… Just this year, she has already interfered a "hundred" times. Even though "I'm mild-mannered", I have reached the end of my patience. However, the fact that she possessed strength that I couldn't handle made it worse. If I also spend too much time fighting that God half-body, I won't have time to love my child……. I wonder if there's anything I can do A way to get rid of that obstacle and love my child to my heart's content……)

Eden bites her lip in frustration as she thinks about her sworn enemy, Kuromueina. In Eden's mind, Kuromueina is nothing but a hindrance, but she's her beloved child…… Kaito's savior.

(In the first place, how is it that that God half-body always knows about our trysts Ahh, I see, it must be that necklace my child wears. She must have done something in that necklace huh. In this case, things become simpler. I could just disable the Detection Magic that half-body planted on that necklace. Yes, that's it! With that, I can love my child without being disturbed! Since my course of action has been decided, then let's immediately……)

Clapping her hands as if she had come up with a good idea, Eden left the different dimension and headed for the other world. All in order to wrap Kaito with her mad affection……

Once again, in the different dimension where the concept of sound exists, Eden had her hand on her chin, thinking.

("I had an unpleasant premonition, so I came", she said…… Is that God half-body a beast or something I wish she would have a more logical basis for her actions. She's just so unreasonable…… A- Anyway, she interfered once again…… She's really inexcusable.)

Eden, who had tried to love Kaito after disabling the necklace's Detection Magic, was attacked as usual by Kuromueina, who had apparently detected it with her wild intuition, and had returned without achieving her goal.

Biting her lower lip hard, an annoyed expression on her face, Eden frantically thought of her next plan.

(……That's right. In the first place, why don't I just eliminate that God half-body first and then, go to my child By doing that, I can love my child without worrying about being disturbed. I don't feel comfortable putting off seeing my child, but I'm doing this to make time for my beloved child…… Let's make a quick surprise attack.)

The next plan she came up with is that, if Kuromueina was going to interfere with her, she'll make it so that she couldn't interfere anymore, by killing her. After coming up with this plan, Eden disappeared from the different dimension and headed for the other world once again.

As usual, all in order to wrap Kaito in her love……

For the third time, she returned back to the different dimension. Having failed once again, Eden was thinking with a frustrated expression on her face.

(That was careless of me…… In the first place, if I did kill her, I won't be able to be by my child's side…… That hateful God half-body, she's getting stronger again. It might be safer to stop trying to eliminate her by force. I don't know if it's just something she has achieved some breakthrough in strength lately, but she's been attacking me with attacks that could make my clone disappear…… It takes a lot of effort to recreate a clone that matches my child's preferences and send it to another world———– !)

At that moment, it seemed like Eden had thought of some idea.

(I see, there is that method huh…… That world is her domain. However, I don't really have to deal with her there, do I Yes, that's right. I can just call my child to my side. My world will always be where my child's spiritual home will be…… It isn't unnatural for my child to return home. No matter how strong that God's half-body is, it won't be easy for her to cross the walls between worlds. Even if she were to cross over, I can freely move "my main body". If it's with my main body, I won't have to fear that God's half-body!)

Eden, who thought of things around, bringing Kaito to her side instead of going to him, vigorously spread her wings and started preparing.

IThe first step is to successfully bring my child home without being noticed by the God's other half-body. That's easy. My child's relatives live in my world. With him by their side, I can make any number of reasons to appear before him. Ahh, yes, that's right. At that time, let's prepare the best scenery. While sharing the scene of the time my child had been born and raised, I will love my child…… Splendid. I guess I should prepare a video of my own child when he was young. Watching my child's growth, together with my child This is truly a mother's privilege! Fufufu, I'm really, really looking forward to it.)

With a murky heart appearing on her pupils and a smile tinged with madness, Eden began to take action.

And just as usual, the scene returns back to the different dimension. Eden, "half of her body extremely broken", was lost in thought.

(……Fusing with Shallow Vernal is unfair. Gununu, Shallow Vernal. She's an enemy too huh…… I mean, how dare they hurt my main body so badly No thanks to them, I still haven't finished regenerating yet……)

Eden's plan had worked well in the beginning. She had succeeded in inviting Kaito to her world, and she had even successfully led him to this different dimension.

And just when she thought she was going to give Kaito her love to her heart's content…… After fusing with Shallow Vernal, Kuromueina, who had acquired her Perfect form, attacked from beyond the walls between worlds.

Of course, Eden fought back with her main body, but Kuromueina's strength in her Perfect form was so extraordinary that even Eden's main body, with her almighty power, was severely beaten.

After she had so many Recovery Seals and Ability Seals applied to her, she's currently in the process of waiting for her body to regenerate over time.

(I really felt like I was in danger of disappearing. In the future, going with this method is forbidden. Well, putting that aside, I'd better think of the next way for me to love my child……)

But well, it's unknown whether one could say that it's obvious or not…… Eden hadn't learned her lesson, and was beginning to think about her next plan to give her love to Kaito.

It wasn't easy for Kaito, the one receiving Eden's love, but Eden kept on trying to make him love her, changing the means with each try.

And finally, Eden reached the conclusion that "If I also get in a love relationship with my child, I can unreservedly love my child", which brought further distress to Kaito and struggles to Kuromueina…… but that's a story for another time.

The time where Kaito finally breaks down and accepts Eden, albeit with conditions, was still something that would happen in a distant future.

~~ Mama Eden's evaluation of others ~~

Kaito : My beloved child, I want to pamper him

Kuromueina : My sworn enemy, strong person with an evil personality. She's becoming more and more mercilessly lately.

Shallow Vernal : She betrayed me. I see, so this is how Julius Caesar felt like.

Alice : She isn't as great as my child, but I appreciate her enough to remember her name.

Aoi & Hina : They aren't as great as Kaito, but they are still my children. My children, when you are in doubt, you can always consult Mother.

Neun : Complicated…… I'm wondering if I should focus on her body (not my child) or her soul (my child).

Other inhabitants of the other world : Talking lumps of flesh.

Other people from Earth : They're basically my child.

: [The main story resumes starting next chapter! Everyone, you still remember the story, right Yes, in the next chapter, it's the date with the Transcendentally Popular, Special Beauty! I'm sure everyone's getting excited already!!!]

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