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The castle of the Underworld King, Kuromueina, located in a corner of the Demon Realm. The owner of the castle, Kuromueina, was staring at a certain person with a complicated expression on her face.

[……Kuromu-sama How can I help you]

[Unnn, Ein. I've been wanting to ask you this for a while now…… Do you remember when I told you to take regular breaks]

Noticing her presence, the maid, Ein, stopped cleaning and greeted her master. Ein then straightened her posture and asked, politely bowing her head.

[But of course. This Ein has never forgotten the words Kuromu-sama says, not even for a day.]

[……So, when have you ever taken a break]

Ein is the most hardworking member of Kuromueina's family, handling almost all the chores of Kuromueina's castle by herself. Kuromueina had worried about this back then, so she had instructed her to take a break from time to time…… but she doesn't remember seeing Ein resting at all.

Even though she's a high-ranking Demon with extraordinary physical strength, that doesn't mean that Ein couldn't get tired. When Kuromueina asked this, hoping that her family wouldn't be too reckless with their body, Ein replied without hesitation.

[Yes. I took a "15-minute break 10 days ago". "In another 20 days or so", I plan on taking a break again.]


Hearing Ein say that she only took about 15 minutes of rest a month, as if it was a matter of course, Kuromueina's eyes narrowed.

[……Have you ever taken a whole day off]

[Kuromu-sama, I'm the maid who fights against the moment of time. For a maid like me, laziness is an act of indulgence.]


Looking at Ein who was puffing her chest as she proudly exclaimed her extreme theory, a vein popped out of Kuromueina's forehead.



[……Ein, tomorrow, for the whole day…… Maids are banned.]

[……Huh K- Kuromu-sama, w- what in the world are you……]

[Maids are banned for the whole day! You are also banned from wearing a maid uniform! Go play around outside for the whole day…… You're not allowed to come back until nightfall! That's an order!]


Hearing Kuromueina, gave her an "order" which she hardly did…… Or rather, this is the first time she had ever given her one, Ein looked as if the world had ended.

And thus, towards Ein, who has a strange obsession with being a maid…… A limited time "Maid Prohibition" has been issued.

[Ummm, errr…… I had somewhat understood what happened now. I'm not going to say anything about you trespassing my room since it's too late to say it now…… but…… Why is it that you've come here again……]

Carefully choosing the words I say, I spoke to Ein-san, who was hugging her knees in the corner of my room, radiating a negative aura around her.

No, seriously…… "When I came back to my room after having breakfast, I found Ein-san crouched in the corner of my room, not wearing her maid uniform". I wonder how this happened……

[I- I don'd…… habe anyone…… else…… t- to rely on……]

[I understand, it's alright. That's why, please don't cry.]

Ein-san said, with an extremely feeble voice….. or rather, with a voice drowned in tears. U- Unnn, what should I do about this……

[……not a maid…… Today's me…… is not a maid…… What's even the worth…… of a me who is not a maid……]

[There's a lot I want to tsukkomi about with that unusual obsession with maids that you have but…… Well, anyway, I take it that Ein-san won't be able to go home until tonight]

[……Yes. I'm just a bother…… aren't I For trash like me suddenly intrudes and asks to stay here…… My apologies, Kaito-sama…… I'll be going now.]

[It's alright! You can stay here as long as you like!!!]

The situation's very tricky. I don't know if it's because Ein-san is really proud that she's a maid or not, but she becomes very frail when she loses her identity as a maid.

Her usual cool appearance has disappeared, and she now looks as fragile as a puppy drenched under the rain.

[……But you can't just stay like this for the whole day, right Kuro told you to go play around outside, didn't she]


[Well then, since Ein-san have a day off, let's have a date. Staying in the room will only make you feel depressed anyway…… I'll be with you for the day.]


I mean, it's not good for my mental health to be in a room with such a negative aura all the time. I feel like I was a bit pushy on my invitation though. Asking Ein-san out on a date, I pulled her up from the corner of the room.

……I guess it's "just as planned" huh I'll say this now…… Ein-san getting depressed is unexpected but……

Through the busy streets of lunchtime, Ein-san and I walked side by side. If it was our usual dates, Ein-san would have stubbornly walked a little behind me, so it's refreshing to be able to walk side by side with her like this.

Moreover, the clothes she's wearing weren't her usual maid uniform, but a neat black long skirt, which looked refreshing…… I mean, this is the first time I saw her wearing something other than a maid uniform.


[Am I walking too fast]

[N- No, it's just, how should I say this…… It slightly…… feels embarrassing……]

What is this sweet-looking person…… Anxiously gripping the hem of my clothes, she snuggles up to me, as if she's trying to hide herself…… She looked like a different person than usual.

H- Hmmm, I don't know if it's that gap moe or not, but perhaps, I'm so used to seeing Ein-san's usual cool demeanor that I find her current anxious expression to be quite cute.

[It's alright. I'll firmly escort you on our date today so…… Even if it's once in a while, you can count on me.]

[Y- Yes…… That's very reassuring.]

Unnn, it really is nice to see Ein-san like this sometimes…… Rather than urging your desire to protect her, it makes me feel like I needed to protect her.

Well, there's actually a vast difference in specs between me and Ein-san, just like the difference between an ant and a dragon, so it's difficult for me to protect her but…… I at least wanted to show her that she can mentally count on me.

[Well, I know that you're worried about lots of things but…… let's think of positive things. I think new things can be discovered when you look at something from a different perspective. Whether it's the Ein-san, the maid, or the Ein-san that isn't the maid, I still like you so…… Well, how should I say this…… Please don't worry.]

[……Kaito-sama. You're right…… I'm currently not a maid…… Just Ein, and as Kaito-sama's…… lover, spending time like this might not be a bad idea.]

[Yeah, that's for sure……]

[Yes. Kaito-sama, for this whole day…… I will be relying on you.]

[You can count on me.]

It seemed that Ein-san was starting to feel a little more relaxed, as a smile finally returned to her lips. She doesn't have her usual elegant smile, but a lovely girlish smile, making me feel like I'm seeing another side of her.

Now then, according to the "plan"…… I'll be with her for 6 around hours Putting that aside, I'll make sure that Ein-san is having fun……

Just like that, as Ein-san and I firmly held each other's hand, we decided to enjoy this rare opportunity to the fullest.

After her date with Kaito, Ein walked back to Kuromueina's castle, absentmindedly thinking about things.

(I think it's safe to say…… that today was the most fun I've ever had huh. Perhaps, the pride I have for being a maid has also been a restraint on my emotions.)

Even though she had been walking around all day in a state she's unaccustomed to, Ein's body was still full of energy and was even in better shape than usual.

Her mind, which had always been tense because she's the perfect maid, was refreshed, making her cheerful.

(Kuromu-sama must have been trying to make me realize this. I see, indeed…… I guess going back to just Ein…… isn't so bad.)

Remembering her date with Kaito, Ein came home with a gentle smile on her face…… only to be greeted by "the sound of crackers".

[ [ [ [ Ein (-san), happy birthday! ] ] ] ]


Her beloved family gathered in the center of the room, in the center of them was the smiling Kuromueina. That unexpected sight completely caught Ein off guard, which is quite unusual for her.

And then, as Ein was still standing blankly, her mind still not catching up with the situation, Kuromueina gently spoke to her.

[Welcome back, Ein.]

[K- Kuromu-sama, t- this is……]

[Fufufu, you must be quite surprised, aren't you Today's the first day of the Heaven month, Ein's birthday.]


[I tried to make a surprise party this year, but it was really hard to slip through Ein's eyes since you're doing everything around the house.]

Yes, the main reason why Kuromueina issued the ban on maids was, of course, she wanted Ein, who was usually straining herself, to get some rest, but she also wanted to keep Ein away from the castle while she prepared for the surprise party.

[Come on, Ein. Over here.]

[K- Kuromu-sama]

Pulling the stunned Ein by the hand, Kuromueina took her to the dining hall where the party was to be held. When Acht and Eval, who had been waiting for her, opened the door to the dining room, they saw a large cake and "a certain something".

It's very familiar to Ein as it is placed in the center of the dining hall as a decoration……

[T- This is……]

[Fufufu, this, you see…… It's a new maid uniform made with materials we all gathered and asked Shalltear to make it for us.]


Yes, it's the apron dress that Ein usually wears…… The design was very similar to that of a maid uniform, but it was made with the best material and techniques. A birthday present from her family to Ein……

Holding it with her trembling hands, Ein seems to be overcome with emotion as she spoke.

[……T- Thank you. Kuromu-sama…… Everyone……]

[Unnn…… Ein, thank you for always looking out for us everyday.]


[……By the way, did you have fun today Well, you're with Kaito-kun, so I think it should be okay but……]

[……Eh Kuromu-sama, how did you know that]

As his family members warmly watched Ein thank them with tears in her eyes, Kuromueina suddenly asked, to which Ein tilted her head in wonder.

Thereupon, Kuromueina smiled, as if her prank was a success and she's currently revealing her hidden trick.

[Well, I knew that Ein would go to Kaito-kun's place…… so I asked Kaito-kun to take care of Ein beforehand.]

[S- So that's what happened……]

[Unnn, it would have been great if Kaito-kun came to the party but…… saying "This is a good opportunity for all of you to have fun together as a family", he refused. Ahh, but he still prepared a birthday gift, and I'll give it to you later.]

Apparently, Kaito knew about this surprise party right from the start. Hearing that, Ein thought back to the time she spent with Kaito today, and remembered about how he was indeed looking like he was checking the time.

[Well, anyway, let's start the party!]



[…..I'm quite the lucky person, aren't I For me to have so many people care about me……]

[That's just how much everyone loves you, Ein.]

[……Yes. I'm really happy about that.]

The smile on Ein's face as she said that…… was the brightest smile she ever had.

Talking about what happened after that day, Ein started taking a day off about once a month. For that one day, she changes her maid uniform to casual clothes, and spends the day not as Ein, the maid, but as just Ein.

During her day off, Ein would always visit the Human Realm, and her family, who knows about what was going on, would see her off with a smile.

Serious-senpai : [This is totally unrelated, but there is actually an ultra ultimate secret-rare version of me wearing Isis' clothes. It's actually a sticker added as thanks for a certain fan letter Author-san received or so I heard…… I knew it, I'm really the one carrying this novel eh]

: [That's not gonna happen.]-

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