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Albert Duchy. The owner of this residence is now said to have as much power as the King…… but the said owner, Lilia Albert, was in her office with a troubled expression on her face.

At the end of her gaze was an invitation card placed on the table.

[……What should I do…… I'm having second thoughts about this.]

[My Lady…… You've been repeating that line for 30 times already. Make up your mind already.]

Lilia's personal maid, Lunamaria spoke to her with a dumbfounded expression on her face, but Lilia kept her eyes on the invitation, looking really worried.

Seeing this, Lunamaria sighed loudly before speaking.

[It's just "inviting Miyama-sama to the evening party", right Why don't you just make up your mind……]

[N- No, but…… Kaito-san doesn't really like noble gatherings like this, and he's quite a celebrity to begin with, so his attendance would cause quite a stir…… Also, it's embarrassing……]

[The last one was just the real reason, right……]

What was currently troubling Lilia was really quite simple. In the party that had been the major catalyst for her getting together with Kaito…… She had danced with Kaito there and had really enjoyed it, so she was thinking about dancing again.

It was unlikely that Kaito would raise an invitation from his girlfriend, Lilia, and he would certainly make time for her. As a noble, it isn't difficult for Lilia to attend a party that allows her to dance, and she can easily arrange a place.

If I were to list only the conditions necessary to get there, all of them would be easily accomplished. Except, there's one thing stopping her…… It's the fact that Lilia was extremely shy, fatally pulling her feet down from moving.

Unlike the time when she danced with Kaito before, Lilia is currently Kaito's girlfriend…… A dance between two lovers, in a place where a lot of people can see it…… Thinking about such a situation, Lilia felt so embarrassed that she couldn't invite Kaito.

[……My Lady, if you're going to be like that, "what about when you're finally going to be betrothed with Miyama-sama"]

[T- That is…… I'll just leave it to Kaito-san's lead…… ummm……]

[Haahhh…… My Lady, seriously…… If you're going to be troubled every time you get an invitation to a ball or an evening party, then you should just cut it out and make up your mind already.]

[Ugghhh…… I- I know that. B- But, Kaito-san also has his own schedule and other things to deal with, so I have to make sure that it's convenient for him……]

Looking at the blushing Lilia, muttering intelligible words while poking her fingers together, Lunamaria loudly sighed again.

Thinking that Lilia probably wouldn't be able to ask Kaito out again this time……

On the carriage ride home from the evening party, I slumped down my disappointment.

I couldn't ask Kaito-san out again. Uuuu, why am I so cowardly…… I really hate this part of me.

In the end, I had to leave without dancing with anyone at the evening party tonight.

I don't know if I should say I'm fortunate or not, but how should I say this…… With Chronois-sama's True Blessing, I have gained a very high standing among the nobles, and even if I am invited to a dance, I can simply say "I don't feel like dancing today".

Recently, more and more people have started to think that I don't like to dance, or that I only talk to people and won't accept any dance invitations.

Well, about that…… I don't really want to dance with anyone other than Kaito-san, so there isn't any problem but…… the problem is that I wasn't able to dance with Kaito-san even once.

I've tried to ask him out many times, only to get cold feet…… It's really pathetic of me. Even Luna was quite astounded.

It can't stay like this forever. We've already been engaged, and Kaito-san and I will be getting married soon.

If we're going to be a married couple, and I'm always shy about every small detail, Kaito-san might be disappointed in me.

……Next time…… I'll properly invite Kaito-san next time.

Making up my mind for the umpteenth time, at that moment, the carriage arrived in front of the mansion.

Getting off the carriage parked right inside the gate, I walked through the moonlit garden to the mansion.

I normally ride the carriage to the front of the mansion, but I like gazing at the moonlit garden, so I walk from the gate only when I come back from an evening party.

It's quiet, but the night garden looked fantastic…… I feel strangely calm as I enjoy the night breeze while watching the stars twinkle in the night sky.

As I continued to walk slowly, enjoying the scenery, I saw the figure of someone in the central garden, standing by the fountain……

[……Eh K- Kaito-san]

[Good evening, Lilia-san.]

[Ah, y- yes. Good evening……]

Why is Kaito-san here No, rather than that…… Why is it that he's wearing a "suit"

Seeing my astonishment at the unexpected meeting with the suited Kaito-san, Kaito-san gently smiled and spoke.

[No, it's just that the night looked beautiful…… Reminding me of the night party where I danced with Lilia-san before…… And somehow, I wanted to see you, Lilia-san.]


Seeing Kaito-san's gentle smile…… I realized that Luna finally moved in secret. I guess she had enough with my cowardliness.

……Seriously, she's usually scolding me with mean words, but she has always been by my side. She's really quite troublesome, isn't she My beloved best friend, I mean……

Kaito-san didn't say anything more, just staring at me with a smile on his face. I guess he's waiting for me huh. For me to bring out my courage……

My best friend has pushed me so far, and my beloved is trying to respond to me. Then, I can't just say I'm feeling embarrassed.

[……Kaito-san, it is truly a pleasure to have met you on a wonderful night like this. I'm thinking of preserving this joy I felt as a happy memory.]


[That's why, ummm…… will you please…… dance with me]

[Yes. I'd be happy to.]

Saying that, Kaito-san respectfully bowed, smoothly approached me and took my hand.

Then, as Kaito-san slightly moved his gaze to the side, Phantasmal King-sama's clones appeared a short distance away, each clone holding various instruments, and began to play a beautiful melody.

……Good grief, for him to treat Phantasmal King-sama as an orchestra…… Seriously, this person is…… Somehow, I'm feeling embarrassed of myself for worrying about something very insignificant.

[Well then, shall we dance]

[Yes. I'm looking forward to it, Kaito-san.]

Under the gentle moonlight, our dance begins. It was not a flashy dance, nor was it a particularly spectacular dance.

But yes, the happiness welling up from my heart…… was incredibly great.

As if my heart was connected with Kaito-san, I felt like at this moment…… the only people in this world are Kaito-san and I.

If I danced to my heart's content tonight, I think it would take us quite a while. But I'm sure, for me…… no. For us, it will feel like a very short time.

I wonder what we should do afterwards I would have dinner with Kaito-san, and we would talk until we fell asleep…… No, before that, should I also end our dance just like last time

I may writhe around remembering how I did such a thing, but right now, I'm brimming with so much happiness that it encourages me.

Then, I would turn to the dumbfounded Kaito-san and ask him out. If he would be willing to attend the next evening party with me…… I'm sure he will nod with a gentle smile.

After we attend a party together, I will introduce him to the nobles I usually talk with…… that he's my fiancé that I'm proud of……

I can think of endless futures, and say with certainty that they will come true…… Ahh, I see…… This must be the feeling of being "happy from the bottom of my heart".

Thank you, Kaito-san. For choosing someone like me…… I will not let you regret it. I will work harder than ever so that you can also feel what I'm feeling right now.

That's why, even in the future…… please let me stay by your side…… I love you.

Serious-senpai : [Yesterday, I went to the afterword as usual. Afterword, I say. However, there were so many people there that I couldn't make any comments. And when I looked closer, I saw that there was some kind of banner hanging up, saying something like "50 more words for the afterword". "You're being silly. Are you an idiot", I thought. People don't come for the afterword to read your 50 word idiocy, idiot. It's 50 words, you know 50 words. I mean, we already have the idiot from another world, so you could say that the afterword we give is out of this world. Congratzysss. I mean, there's even that woman who would probably barge in and suddenly say "Alright, I, your mother, will comment ten times more than usual for the sake of my beloved child" or something like that. I can't look at it anymore. Oi, you lot, I've already commented over 50 words in the afterword, so get your ass away from here. Afterwords are supposed to be more brutal. It wouldn't be strange if a fight happens between me and that sh*tty costume hag at any moment. Stab or be stabbed, such an atmosphere is good, isn't it All you characters from the main story, get your ass off here. And just when I thought I was finally able to comment, the guy next to me started booing. Saying things like "Make it more lovey-dovey!" or something. Hearing that, I lost my temper again. You know, the lovey-dovey isn't popular these days. What an idiot. Why the heck are you so smug about being lovey-dovey I'll ask you this, do you seriously want to bring your flirting in the afterword. I'll ask you this question for an hour. I think you just wanted to say that there's only lovey-dovey in this place. As a resident of the afterword, I can tell you that the latest trend among regular afterword readers is the serious style. If the main story also gets serious, together with the serious afterword, it's double seriousness. This is the taste of the connoisseur. The combination of the seriousness of the main story and the seriousness of the afterword is the strongest. However, this is a double-edged sword, for if something like this happens, Author-san will try his best to change the direction of the story to the comedy lane. It's not recommended for amateurs. Well, I guess you amateurs will just have to stick to the main story. I- It's not like I'm envious or anything!!!]

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