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In the corner of the Demon Realm, a huge house…… which can already be called a castle stands, where powerful Demons live as a family. Sitting on its roof, a girl clad in a black robe which makes her face obscure from the sight of others…… Shalltear was absentmindedly looking at the night sky, lost in her thoughts.

Since she came to this world and became a member of Kuromueina's family…… Several hundred years have passed. In that time, many things have happened, such as the increase in members of Kuromueina's family and their invasion of the God Realm.

It's not that she's unhappy with her life here. Regardless of how her relationship with them had started, she now has a certain amount of affection for her family, and she's grateful to Kuromueina for that.

But even if that's so…… Shalltear's heart was still dreadfully empty.

The reason for this is simple…… As her name implies, Shalltear perceives herself as nothing more than a fragment. She knew that she was a fragment of an illusion that a girl named Alicia once had. She was but a fragment embodying Alicia's desire to fulfill her best friend's wish, and that this was all she had.

She'll fulfill her best friend's wish, and then die…… This was the only absolute within Shalltear's shattered heart.

It's not that she's dissatisfied with her life here…… However, she isn't afraid to cut down this life if she feels like it is getting in the way of her goals.

She has a certain amount of affection for her family…… but she wouldn't hesitate to cut off their necks if it's necessary.

She's feeling grateful to Kuromueina…… but she doesn't have blind faith in her unlike the rest of the family. At best, she would try to help her out if she can, but that's about it.

Shalltear's only concern is to carry out her own goals…… That's the only thing that her shattered heart can cling to. She wants to fulfill her best friend's wish and die soon. That's the only thing that had always been in her mind, but ironically, it hasn't progressed in hundreds of years.

She was so aware that she used to be human that she couldn't see non-humans as love interests…… No, it's more correct to say that looking at a non-human as a love interest subconsciously made her feel like she's "compromising" instead. But ironically, she was unaware of this and was frustrated that no one met her ideal.

As she gazed at the starry skies for a while to calm her frustration and impatience…… she suddenly heard a voice.

[Shalltear, what are you doing in this place]

[……Megiddo-san. Well, I'm just thinking for a bit.]

As the humanized Megiddo appeared on the roof, Shalltear let out a small sigh and moved her gaze from beneath her robe.

[……Megiddo-san, what do you think of the current Demon Realm]

[Ahhn What are you talking about]

[The weak becomes prey and the strong survives, the devious and the strong fill their pockets, while the pure and the weak hide and cower, or fall under their control. Every day, skirmishes occur here and there, and many lives are lost…… I just can't like the current Demon Realm.]


As she spoke in an indifferent tone, Shalltear took out two cups out of nowhere and threw one of them to Megiddo.

After making sure that Megiddo took it and sat down next to her, she took out a bottle of alcohol. As she poured some into her cup, she spoke.

[What about you, Megiddo-san Is the current Demon Realm a nice place for you who likes to fight]

[No, I don't like the current Demon Realm either……]

[Oya That's quite unexpected. I thought you were going to say "Fighting is in my blood" or something……]

When Megiddo spoke over a cup of alcohol, Shalltear replied, sounding a bit surprised.

[You're right, I do like to fight. I also like seeking for strong people. But strength isn't just about fighting power, right However, there is only one kind of strength necessary to live in the current Demon Realm…… Combat ability. A Demon Realm where only combat ability matters is boring.]

[I see…… Then, Megiddo-san, do you think that order is necessary in the Demon Realm]

[That's what I think…… but it will be difficult. Things that have been built for a really long time is unlikely to change……Well, that's unless Kuromueina finally takes her throne as the leader of the Demon Realm, but that's not going to happen, right]

[Kuro-san is kind and overly optimistic about things after all. It's unlikely that she'll try to rule the Demon Realm by force.]

The strongest being in this world is undoubtedly Kuromueina. However, for better or for worse, she is just too kind. She accepts even the current state of the Demon Realm and watches it over, and she herself will not make any move that would bring any change to the Demon Realm.

So, it was necessary for someone other than Kuromueina to make that change.

Megiddo has known Shalltear for quite a long time and as they often fight on a daily basis, he knows her personality to a certain extent.

Megiddo sensed the determination from Shalltear, who indifferently said that without any jokes or teasing at all…… and gulping down his drink, he muttered to himself.

[……Shalltear…… What are you planning]

[Yes, to be honest, the way the Demon Realm is now is getting in the way of my purpose. I've been trying to simulate various methods to achieve this, and it's starting to take shape…… and I'm planning to make my move soon.]

[……I don't get it.]

[Unnn What are you talking about]

[I don't know how you're going to do that, but I'm sure you'll do it well…… but then, why are you that "impatient"]


Megiddo, who somehow sensed Shalltear's impatience, asked, but Shalltear didn't answer.

Megiddo didn't say anything more though, and they stayed like that, drinking within that moment of silence…… until Shalltear spoke.

[……Your wild intuition is something to be reckoned with huh. Hey, Megiddo-san. Can I ask you something]


[I…… am working hard to die. If I wanted to quickly achieve my goals so that I could finally die…… what do you think]

[Ahhn Nothing much. If you want to die, go right ahead. If that's a satisfactory ending for you, I don't care. At that tie, I'll just bring a bottle of alcohol to your grave.]



When Megiddo nonchalantly told her that she can do whatever she wants, Shalltear couldn't help but smile. She then took off the hood that was covering her face, poured some alcohol into her cup and drank it all at once.

Seeing Shalltear like that, a smile also appeared on Megiddo's lips…… "and turned back into his true form, a form that only three other people in this world know".

[Uwaahhh! The heck is that!]

[It's not like I pestered you to tell me, but I've learned one of your secrets. Don't tell anyone about this, okay I really hate this form.]

[……For a gorilla to turn into a beautiful woman, what kind of third-rate fantasy is this…… Well, I guess the world is full of wonders huh.]

Seeing Megiddo's true form, as expected, even Shalltear was taken aback, surprise evident on her face. Even so, it's just like her to exclaim things in an exaggerated manner.

Looking dumbfounded at Shalltear's reaction, Megiddo filled his…… her own cup and lightly clinks her cup with Shalltear.

[I'll say this once again, don't tell this to anyone.]

[Yes, yes. Then, I guess what happened today is just a secret……]

[Yeah…… Well, I don't know what you're going to do, but do your best not to regret it.]

[……Roger that.]

There was a certain calmness in the air, the kind that only comes from people who are in good terms with each other. Basking themselves within such an atmosphere, the two of them drank their sake.

[……If the world becomes at peace…… If the world becomes a place where everyone could laugh with each other, holding each other's hands, what would you do, Megiddo-san]

[Let's see…… I guess I'll gather subordinates and train them to be stronger.]

[Fuuu, Instructor Gorilla huh…… Ahaha, that doesn't suit you at all~~]

[You b*tch…… Do you have to make fun of me every time you open your d*mned mouth!!!]

[What, you want to be called that instead Teacher Gorilla huh…… Ahahaha, that sounds stupid…… Ah, I'm sorry, I guess that's really rude of me huh!]

[Fine, you b*stard! Let me kill you myself!]

Seeing Shalltear laughing her head off, Megiddo finally snaps. It seems like today too, the conversation between the two developed into a fight…… and they were both severely scolded by Kuromueina, who rushed to the scene after hearing the commotion they're causing.

In a way, it could be said that the two of them were the same as usual.

: [Whoa there, everyone doesn't have to say it. I understand. I'm sure everyone is having trouble with the lack of sweetness due to the continuous seriousness. But please don't worry. Part 2 will be over in one or two more chapters, and when we reach Part 3, the embodiment of miracle, Kaito-san, will finally make his entrance! Please come out already, Kaito-san!]

: [Ahh, on a side note, tomorrow, November 10, the fourth chapter of the 4-koma manga will be released! Everyone's idol, Alice-chan still won't be appearing but…… I'm sure I will appear later. I'll be happy if you could check them out.]-

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