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As I was feeling puzzled by the unexpected emotions coming from Zwei-san, she lightly shook her head, as if to regain her composure, and walked in front of me.

Perhaps, she had already suppressed her magic power, as I couldn't read Zwei-san's emotions anymore.

[……My apologies, Miyama-sama. I ended up showing you something unsightly.]

[Ah, no, that's okay……]

Hmmm, looking at her like this, I can't help but feel as if the emotions I just felt were just my imagination. The sharp-eyed Zwei-san, just like earlier, started glaring at me again.

Her cool and polite manner of speaking also added to the sharpness of the atmosphere, but I didn't feel the same fear I felt like before.

[……Ummm, Zwei-san. This might be sudden, but I have a favor to ask.]

[Yes What is it]

[……This might be rude, but can you please stop suppressing your magic for a few moments]

[……I understand.]

Despite my sudden request, Zwei-san immediately complied and released the magic power she had been suppressing. Thereupon, the emotions I could feel with my Sympathy Magic…… were affection so heavy that I thought it would crush me.

A- As expected, it really was feelings of affection…… Rather than hating, she held a surprising amount of affection towards me.

……Her eyes were still glaring at me but…… arehh

What is this I don't know what's happening anymore. When I realized that Zwei-san had affectionate feelings for me, it had also contradicted everything I've been thinking.

I had thought that Zwei-san had come along to keep an eye on us and making sure that me, someone whose origin is unknown, wouldn't mess with her family…… That hypothesis fell apart when I learned about Zwei-san's current emotions.

[……Ummm, errr, Zwei-san.]


[……Why did you decide to come with us]

When I boldly asked her this, Zwei-san looked left and right for a bit, making sure that Raz-san and the others were away, before she whispered.

[……It might be impertinent of me, but since Miyama-sama didn't seem to be looking well…… I thought of accompanying you so that I could be there to support you when you needed it.]


Errr, does that mean that because I was scared of Zwei-san, my face turning pale and breaking out in a cold sweat, Zwei-san assumed that I wasn't feeling well and the situation became like this

And then, since I would be going around the festival with Raz-san and the others, she didn't want my health to deteriorate, so she went out of her way to accompany us so that she could help me right away…… Errr, that means, what Zwei-san was "worried about" was my health……

What should I do, she only has good intentions in her mind…… Just thinking about the frightening thoughts I had in my mind, like how she may be thinking of getting rid of me, I'm feeling extremely guilty now, you know!

[……Miyama-sama Are you alright You really look pale. I'll talk to Razelia and the others, so why don't you get some rest]


Her eyes are still glaring at me. But the words that come out of her mouth and the emotion I could feel from here is just pure concern for me.

[……Ummm…… errr…… Zwei-san.]


[I'm sorry!]


Feeling overwhelmed with guilt, I loudly apologized and bowed my head. But to Zwei-san, my actions were completely unexpected, as she dumbfoundedly tilted her head.

Thereupon, I confessed everything to Zwei-san. About how I misunderstood Zwei-san as a scary person, about how I thought she hated me, and that I had suspected that she was following us because she wanted to get rid of me…… I decided to tell her everything.

After taking some time to finish telling her everything, I timidly looked at Zwei-san's face. I knew that she would be angry with me, but Zwei-san's expression hadn't changed.

I- I wonder what this means Does it mean she didn't really mind it that much If that's the case……

[……I see, I understa———– !]

As I was thinking like that, Zwei-san "fell on her knees"!

[Z- Zwei-san! A- Are you alright]

[Zwei! Keep yourself together!]

At the same time that I flusteredly called out to the collapsed Zwei-san, Ein-san, who sensed the abnormal situation, held Zwei-san's shoulders and supported her.

Zwei-san's expression barely changed, but her complexion was very pale, and with her quivering voice, she looked at Ein-san.

[……E- Ein. I- I might already be no good…… E- Even though I may not know it, I- I made Kaito-sama afraid…… K- Kaito-sama hates me now……]

[I don't hate you! I don't hate you, okay!!!]

[A- Aaahhh…… K- Kaito-sama…… M- My apologies. That's not it it's not like I was trying to frighten Kaito-sama I was rather hoping we could get along and I thought I was being friendly but I being wasn't considerate enough so if you'll allow me to explain I wasn't glaring at Kaito-sama I was trying to prevent my expression from falling apart due to nervousness and resulted in my stiff expression which I understand is an excuse but it was never my intention either.]

[P- Please wait! I- I wasn't able to hear what you say! I mean, I don't even know if you heard what I said…….]

[Calm down, Zwei. You are able to talk like that because you're a magic doll, but Kaito-sama cannot hear what you said.]

I couldn't hear more than half of Zwei-san's words as she spoke at a high speed without taking a breath, as if she became a machine that doesn't know the concept of pauses, but I could tell that she was apologizing and was explaining herself.

Apparently, Zwei-san was quite shocked that I was scared of her. I- I should somehow cheer her up……

[Z- Zwei-san. In the first place, it was my fault for misunderstanding! I would never hate Zwei-san! In fact, I'd like for us to get along better.]

[Huh Eh]

[We may not be on the same page before, but they have been resolved now. I think we can deepen our friendship as much as possible from now on. That's why, Zwei-san……]

[Y- Yes!]

[Please give me another chance to get to know you better. I want to know you better, and I want our hearts to get closer. That's why, will you please continue getting along with me]

[Y- Yes…… If that's what Kaito-sama wants……]

A- Alright, I somehow managed to change her thoughts…… arehh Wait…… Let's calm down for a moment. What did I just say again Wait! Wait a moment, okay! Thinking about it again, why does it sound like I'm hitting on her

Also, since when have I been "wrapping my hands around Zwei-san's hand" ……Arehh

Dear Mom, Dad————– It seems like when I'm panicking, I say the most outrageous things. Thinking about my words again, I feel like my face began blazing up…… Ummm——– Can I get a take-two

A certain Emperor also thinks it dangerous to face Seduction Mode (Confused) Kaito-kun.-

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