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Even though some troublesome stuff happened, the person Im with is almost the strongest being in the different realms of this world, so our date continues without any problems.

[Look, look, Kaito-kun! Theyre selling a condiment that was popularized by someone who held the role of Hero.]

[……Mayonnaise Heehhh… So this condiment was passed down to this world too huh.]

[I guess this is a good time for me to try a new flavor!]

[Just dont put it alone in a baby castella.]


[No, You dont “Ehh” at that……]

Looking around the market where the food ingredients are sold……

[Heeehhh… There are so many different colored flowers for sale. Looking at them makes me feel like Im really in a different world.]

[Ah, Kaito-kun. That flower could “bite” you, so be careful.]

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[What did you say! Or rather, why didnt you say that first]

[Ahaha, sorry, sorry. However, those flowers taste great.]

[……No, no, even if you tell me that, I wouldnt know.]

Almost bitten by a strange colored flower in a flower shop……

[Kaito-kun, which do you think suits me more]

[Hmmm. Kuro normally wears black clothes, so wouldnt the silver necklace suit you better]

[I see~~ But this ones quite short. It might snap if I go into my Demon Beast Mode.]

[……and what is this Demon Beast Mode]

[Its when I take the form of a Demon Beast. I think I would turn ito a beast about the size of Acht.]

[Im sorry, even if you tell me that, I wouldnt know.]

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Window shopping at a shop that sells ornaments……

[Kaito-kun, I bought some meat skewers~~ Lets eat.]

[Yeah, thanks…… Yes, its good, but this meat tastes kinda unusual. What kind of meat is this]

[This is the meat of a “Tyrant Worm”.]


Surprised from the ingredients used in the other world……

[What book are you buying]

[Hmmm. Preferably one that I can read in my free time, but I wonder whats good to read]

[Then, how about this Its a book about the dramatization of the story of the First Hero.]

[Heeehhh, the story of the First Hero huh, that sounds interesting. I knew that the First Hero is an amazing person, but I wonder what she was like]

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[Unnn Kaito-kun has “met” her before though.]


Shocked from the truth that came to light in the bookstore……

[Kuromu-sama, excuse me for interrupting.]

[Uwhoaah! E- Ein-san! When did you……]

[Whats the matter]

[We received a message carried by a hummingbird sent from the royal palace, asking to directly meet you to thank you for your recent subjugation of the wyvern.]

[……Im in the middle of a date though……]

[I respectfully obey. We will now conduct a “bloodbath”.]

[Ill leave it to you~~]

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[No, no, you shouldnt “Ill leave it to you~~” there though! Ein-san stop, stahp!!!]

Just when I think that the threat of the wyverns in this country is gone, realizing that another threat (the maid) is about to befall the royal palace……

We passed our time like that, there were some hectic times and times filled with fun, and before I knew it, time went by in a flash.

[Thats quite a day~~ I had lots of fun~~]

[Yeah. I feel like some absurd stuff happened here and there though, but it certainly was fun.]

Sitting side by side with Kuro at the fountain at the plaza as the sun sets, we exchanged words as if we were immersing ourselves for the lingering memories of the day.

Time flew by so quickly. When was the last time I spent a day this boisterous, yet fun

[Kuro……Thank you for today.]

[Unnn I also had lots of fun. Lets go out together again!]

As Kuro looked at me with a big smile on her face, I also thanked her with a smile of my own.

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Today has been really fun, and Ive learned a lot of things I didnt know before.

But at the same time, Ive realized once again that since I came to this world, Kuro has given me lots of things…… and how Ive always been in her care.

And at the same time, Ive also realized that I didnt know Kuro at all.

Its like Kuro knows everything about me, but I only know a small part of how great she is as the Underworld King.

Until now, I was okay even with that. Shes on a completely different level from me, and its only natural that I dont understand such things……

However, spending time with Kuro today made me want to get to know her better. I felt like I didnt want to be just the only one receiving, I also wanted to give something back.

[……We still have lots of time, theres no need to rush it.]


……As I thought, she saw through what Im thinking.

Weve only been in this world for a little over two weeks, and I dont think weve spent much time together yet.

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Thats no reason for me, the length of time weve had together doesnt matter…… I thought such things were only happening in stories.

——I admit.

Before I knew it, this feeling was born in my heart so naturally that I didnt even realize it was there.

Towards this innocent, cheerful, free-spirited and kind out-of-the-norm demon—— Im feeling attracted to her……

I thought Kuro is someone formidable that I can only wallow in regret. After all, shes strangely sharp regarding my habits, but thoughtless and dull regarding relationships like this.

I guess you could say its a reckless challenge in a way…… but like Kuro said, theres no need to be impatient because we still have lots of time.

Lets get to know her little by little, lets get closer to her heart little by little.

[Kuro, I dont know when the next time will be…… But can I ask you out next time]

[……Unnn. Im looking forward to it.]

For the time being, lets start by becoming aware of this feeling today.

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And after that, lets put those thoughts into action…… Honestly, Im new to all of these, and I have lots of concerns…… but lets do our best.

Dear Mom, Dad—— In a way, this might be the biggest change that have come to me since Ive arrived in a different world. This me, that had been pushing away all connections with other people back in my previous world, have come to a different world and after meeting a strange demon—– I fell in love.

Parting from Kuro at the fountain at the plaza, I began walking down the path towards Lilia-sans mansion as the sun sets.

Thinking back on the fun I had today, I naturally walked forward with a faint smile on my lips, and after a little while—— I felt uncomfortable.

It was currently dusk, and this place should have been crowded with people returning home or those going out to have dinner, but the wide, straight road was enveloped in an odd silence, with not even the shadow of a soul in sight.

Its as if the space I was currently in was cut off from the world, as if this place were the only one that was clearly abnormal, naturally making me stop in front of such a scene.

[……What the heck is happe—— !]

Immediately afterwards, a chill ran down my back and I could feel the hairs on my body raising.

The buildings in the vicinity were melting as if they were rotting, and the road in front of me was collapsing, a sensation so horrifying that it was almost impossible to imagine such a scene in my mind.

I dont know why, but my body was shivering, and it felt like the sound of my thirsty throat was loudly resounding in my ears.

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And it isnt just in my head, all of my body…… and the instincts within it were warning me.

——–That “something very frightening” is coming.

Its different from the pressure Ive felt from Kuros magic power when she asked me in Lilia-sans mansion before. Its a really terrifying feeling, making me feel helpless before it, warning my instincts of this being that releases a pressure thats more fundamental than Kuros.

Its so dense that you can even say that Im feeling it on my skin—– the presence of death.

And then, from the end of the dimly-lit road which is tainted with silence, that appeared.

Long hair as white as ashes, morbidly white skin, deep and gloomy blood-like crimson eyes.

A woman dressed in gothic dress-like clothing, wrapped in a pale blue light, just like fluttering dandelions, were approaching my direction with an eerie presence around her.

She looked like a ghost, but she held beauty that could be described as unequaled, but even this beauty of hers accentuates the fear Im feeling.

I cant breathe well. My instincts tell me to stay away from her.

Dont get involved with her, quickly get away……

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However, contrary to such thoughts, my body seems like it was frozen, making me unable to move.

[……What a strange magic power…… Are you…… A Hero]

[ ! ]

Her cold voice resounds, and her red eyes look at me.

I feel as if my whole body is stuck in an illusion, as I dumbfoundedly look back at the woman before me.

The sun is setting, and in the middle of the road that had begun to get dark—– I stand before the incarnation of death.


Were celebrating 50 chapters (This also includes the Intermission Chapters)!

And if we were to separate the first part from the second part, it can be said that the point where the protagonist becomes aware of his feelings for the heroine is the end of the chapter.

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By the way, have you heard that theres apparently a story that is over 200,000 words long and less than a month old that was being written……

~ Lets go over important notes to know ~

This webnovel is basically a leisurely, heartwarming slow-life story. You basically cant find any seriousness here.

The protagonist isnt some kind of peerless warrior……

The protagonist isnt in some kind of desperate situation, where he suddenly awakens to a new power……

The protagonist is liked by several women……

And the protagonist will quickly become friends with this incarnation of death which had this exaggerated entrance in the next chapter.-

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