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After parting ways with my companions for the fourth day of the Six Kings Festival, Dr. Vier and Neun-san, and bringing Bell and Lynn back to Lilia-san's mansion, the sky was already completely dark.

However, the festival was still going on and the city was still bright.

Buying some fruits from a stall along the way…… I headed to that place where Lilia-san and the others were staying. It was to visit Sieg-san, who had fainted after that incident with the Rainbow Dragon.

According to a hummingbird I received, Sieg-san had already woken up and recovered from the shock she received from being suddenly handed a billion yen.

And thus, I came to Lilia-san and the others' inn. Their accommodation was also quite huge, but isn't as insanely large as the one I was in, and to be honest, I was a bit envious.

No, it's not that I have a problem with the place that Kuro and the others prepared for me…… but to be honest, the place was so big that I'm not even sure if I will enjoy staying in that place during the Six Kings Festival……

[……Listen here, okay Promise me this, okay Never take out jewels like that without my orders! Don't give them to strangers either.]


In the place that looked like a common room, which I arrived at after being guided by the inn's employee, Sieg-san spoke with a serious expression on her place, to which the Rainbow Dragon silently nodded.

[In particular, that one…… Look at that woman over there. Make sure you remember the face of that woman named Lunamaria. "Definitely don't listen to what she says", okay Even if she gives you food, never accept it. Also, she might trick you with some things like saying I told her to tell you something…… You should never trust anything she says. Even though you should know who she is because you can see her fairly well…… but please treat her as a "stranger".]


Listening to Sieg-san's words as she repeatedly told her "never" over and over again, Luna-san looked at her with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

And as I approached Lilia-san, who was wryly smiling next to Luna-san, I heard a voice.

[……An extremely deep trust from my close friend that I would definitely do something. This unworthy Lunamaria…… can't help but cry.]

[To be honest though, I think Sieg is handling it the right way.]

[My Lady!]

[I think so too.]

[Even Miyama-sama too! D- Don't you think you're a bit too rude That act is tantamount to smearing my character, you know Yes, I'm deeply hurt by what you said.]

With an exaggerated reaction, Luna-san took a handkerchief out of nowhere and bit on it, pretending to be crying.

[……But if Sieg-san hadn't warned the baby dragon, you would have done it, right]

[……Well…… I can't deny that.]

……So she's going to do it. With a face that looked like I had struck the bullseye, I knew that she would definitely do something like that. As expected of Luna-san, she doesn't waver at all. It seems that Sieg-san, being her close friend, knows Luna-san's personality very well.

I thought that would be the end of the conversation, but Sieg-san glanced at Lilia-san next and then, spoke to the Rainbow Dragon.

[……Also, look at Lili…… Duchess Lilia Albert over there. She's the head of the house we're living in. We're under her care, so basically, you should listen to her words well……]

[Oohhh, Lilia-san has quite the evaluation to you, doesn't she]

[Well, unlike Luna, I'm not thinking of money-making every single time after all.]

As for Sieg-san's instructions to the Rainbow Dragon regarding Lilia-san, she started with the words "basically" before telling her to follow Lilia-san's words. I guess she was talking about things unrelated to her gems huh.

Well, I'm sure Lilia-san would also feel troubled if she was handed a gem worth 800 million to 1 billion yen…… She could even suddenly pass out.

[……However, if she asks for your scales or if she wants to trim your mane, please refuse. Also, if she tries to bring you into her room, please run away.]

[……Eh W- Wait, Sieg…… What are you talking about]

[Lili has a previous record of being "bitten when she tried to bring Lynn-chan into her room", so please be careful around her.]

I think I just heard something I can't overlook. She got bitten while trying to get Lynn into her room Lilia-san did something like that!

[……Lilia-san, as Lynn's owner, I'd like to talk to you later.]

[I- I'm sorry. It was just a one-time…… impulse……]

[I'll talk to you later.]


Putting aside if Lynn had agreed to it, she probably doesn't want to though since Lynn bit her, so I'll make sure to scold her about it. Well, Lilia-san seems to be reflecting about it though, so I guess there's no need for me to harshly scold her……

And then, Sieg-san glanced at me before speaking to the Rainbow Dragon again. Arehh She's going to talk about me too

[……When it comes to that man over there, Miyama Kaito-san, please make sure you listen to what he has to say. He is very dear to me. If Kaito-san asks you for a gem, please give him one.]


[I guess it's to be expected that she had a very high evaluation of you, Kaito-san.]

[What is this Saying that you're very dear to her…… All I hear is that you're flirting about though……]

Dear Mom, Dad————- Just as Luna-san said, how should I say this…… Hearing Sieg-san earnestly say that I'm very dear to her makes me feel really happy…… and somehow———— I feel ticklish.

Serious-senpai Equip: Y : [……I will not let Wyvern's precious sacrifice be in vain. Let me show you! The new power I've gained in this form!]

: [Omnomnom…… New power]

Serious-senpai Equip: Y : [This is no time to eaaaaaaaaat!!! Pay close attention! Charge! Serious Soul…… Burst!]

: [W- Whaaaat! S- Serious-senpai is shining……]

Serious-senpai SB mode : [……This is the new power that surpasses even the Ult*mate form…… Burst Mode!!! ……wait, arehh SB Is this like, Super Burst, or something]

Serious-senpai SB mode : [Stop right theeeeeeere! You can't do that! If the seriousness from I, the incarnation of seriousness, breaks……]

: [What, so it's just the usual Serious-senpai huh.]

Serious-senpai SB mode : [Shadddduuuuuuuuup!!!]

: [……I mean, the wyvern part in you…… It had completely disappeared, you know]

Serious-senpai SB mode : [……Ah.]

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