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Fafnir was quietly lost in thought as he watched Kaito and his group walk off towards the Special Monster Race's racetrack.

(……That White Dragon's magic power has dramatically increased compared to before…… The speed of the increase is much faster than I had expected. She must have been eating food with a very high density of magic power.)

Thinking about the fact that Lindwurm's magic power was greater than the last they had met, Fafnir remembered the words he had once exchanged with that White Dragon.

At the aviary of the Flying Dragon Flight, Mary, the Flying Dragon Services' President, was carrying a lot of food. With her connection with Kaito, she had made a contract with the Dragon King Maganwell, and many Dragons had gathered in his place.

Many of these Dragons were already recognized as Demons, and honestly, many of them had higher positions than Mary. That's why she arranged for the refurbishment of her aviary, and even the food she served to them was switched to high quality, ensuring that there would be no disrespect.

The expenses she had now became considerably higher, but as the rumor of her Flying Dragon Services, where one can ride a Baron-level, high-ranking Demon, had quickly spread around the world, the reservations for her services were already full. After calculating her expenses, it can be said that she's profiting enough.

[……Mary-dono, please allow me to help with carrying that.]

[N- No! There's no way I can bother Fafnir-sama with things like this……]

[You don't have to be that stiff, I have been asked by Magnawell-sama to support you as well as organize the Dragons. I'm sure it's tough being surrounded by so many High-ranking Dragons, so please feel free to rely on me.]

[T- Thank you.]

After saying this in a calm and polite tone, Fafnir used Humanization Magic to change into a humanoid form. He then took the luggage that Mary was carrying and began to help her.

Fafnir, who has taken the form of a black-haired man, looked so charmingly beautiful and masculine that even Mary, who is married, unconsciously blushed.

Thereupon, they heard what seemed to be a flustered squeal.

[Kyuuu! Kyukuaahhh! Kyukkuii, kyuiii!]


[Hoohhh…… So you're the White Dragon Miyama-dono talked about huh……]

Mary tilted her head as she saw the White Dragon directly flying towards Fafnir with her small wings. Hearing her cries, Fafnir looked like he was thinking for a bit.

Then, looking at Lindwurm who had come near her, Fafnir spoke with a slow, majestic tone.

[And so, White Dragon What exactly do you mean by "that"]

Fafnir spoke politely to Mary, a human, but when the other party was a Dragon, it was a different story. After all, if a lower-ranked Dragon were to underestimate him, it would bring down Magnawell's reputation.

This is why Fafnir treats below with majesty befitting of the "Dragon's 2nd strongest".

[Kyukyuuiii, kyuiii, kyukyuiii!]

[……Humanization Magic huh You want to learn how to do this]


[Well, it's impossible.]


As a Human, Mary doesn't understand what Lindwurm is saying, but Fafnir, who is a fellow Dragon, understands exactly what she's saying.

Hearing Lindwurm telling him that she wanted to learn Humanization Magic, Fafnir brushed off her request.

[Humanization Magic is an extremely advanced form of magic. You, who is still classified as a monster instead of a Demon, wouldn't be able to use it.]

[Kyuu…… Kyuii, kyukuruu.]

[……I don't know. Why do you even want to Humanize so badly Having this form is just convenient for diplomacy. This isn't as powerful as our original form, and there isn't much advantage in it.]

[Kyukyukuiii, kyuikkyuaaa, kyukkuiikuiii!]


The only Dragons that can be called Demons are those with a certain level of wisdom and magic power. However, Lindwurm's race, the White Dragons, is classified as a Monster, not a Demon.

However, Lindwurm is not convinced and starts telling something to Fafnir, as if she is appealing for something.

[……Your mate is a Human…… and so, you want to become one with him…… What an unusual child you are.]

From Fafnir's point of view, Lindwurm was a very strange fellow. In the first place, Dragons and Humans have very different appearances, and Humans basically aren't supposed to be considered as love interests for a Dragon. Fafnir also couldn't evaluate Humans in terms of their looks, not seeing how a Human could be pretty or ugly.

Dragons like them could only recognize Humans as a species different from themselves.

However, Lindwurm recognized Kaito as her mate, clearly looking at him as a love interest. Moreover, she even said that she wanted to become Human in order to become one with the Human, Kaito.

[……Interesting. Should I say that this is also Miyama-dono's strength ……Even Magnawell-sama likes him. If it's related to Miyama-dono, I guess I can lend you some help.]


[……What I'm saying is that I'm going to teach you Humanization Magic.]


[However, it's impossible for the current you. To begin with, you don't have the magic power to use it. Rather, to be able to use Humanization Magic, you need to have magic power enough for you to be called a Demon.]

[……Kyuu…… Kyuaaa……]

Fafnir's words made Lindwurm look happy for a moment, but hearing the latter half of his words, she sullenly slumped down.

[Don't be so discouraged. It's not like I'm saying there was no way for you to achieve this.]


[Listen carefully, White Dragon. For a few years from now, you'll be in your "magic power growth period". During this time, you should eat as much "food with magic power" as possible. It should be as densely packed with as much magic power as possible. That way, your magic power will greatly increase.]

[Kyuuu, kyukuuiiii!]

[I know that It wouldn't be easy but…… if you can raise your magic power to a level where you can call yourself a Demon…… I'll teach you Humanization Magic.]

[Kyuii! Kyukkyukkyuiii!!!]

[……I see, then exert effort as hard as you can.]

A few days after that conversation, Lindwurm was taken in by Kaito and left the Flying Dragon Service's aviary.

And Lindwurm, who had remembered Fafnir-san's advice well…… It wasn't until some time later that she set her eyes on the Fruits of the World Tree and began to extort Kaito of them at every opportunity she saw.

Slightly smiling after remembering the past, Fafnir started walking away.

(……Even though I said that, I thought it would take her 5 years. That child's inability to persevere is troubling, but from the looks of it, it seems like she's doing her best.)

He smiled again, remembering Lindwurm who asked him to teach her Humanization Magic when they had just met again. It's true that her magic power is growing faster than Fafnir could have imagined, but it's still about the same as an adult dragon…… Not enough for her to learn Humanization Magic.

(Well, I guess I don't have to worry about that. Miyama-dono must really care about that White Dragon. For him to feed her something that managed to increase her magic power that much…… There's no way that it would be cheap. Fufufu, interesting…… For a Dragon and Human to have feelings for each other and become family……)

To Fafnir, Kaito was just someone that Magnawell was friends with, and he had a strong sense of respect for him.

However, after that incident with Lindwurm back in the aviary, he himself had become curious about Kaito.

(……Even so, umu…… A love story between a human and a dragon huh…… I guess I've lived long enough for me to see something like this. For now, I'll just wait and see…… Until that time when you can be called a Demon, Lindwurm……)

The sight of a Human and a Dragon walking hand in hand, just like husband and wife. Imagining such a future, a gentle smile appeared on Fafnir's lips.

I don't know if I said there wouldn't be anthropomorphism here or not…… but that's a lie.

No, I guess you could actually say that it's more of a change of plans to differentiate her from Bell. Bell is staying as the cute fluff ball everyone loves.

T/N: No bonus chapter today. I used up my time making bonus chapters with that long-ass c498, and I was only able to make 1 chapter yesterday because of RL stuff. I'll try posting a chapter later if it's possible, but don't take my word of it. I still have to go outside today.-

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