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After the incident with Zwei-san was settled, we took a look around the festival again. Even so, I've encountered a lot of people today huh…… There were even people who I've met for the first time, such as Fors-san and Zwei-san.

[They say that what happens twice will happen again for the third time…… I have a feeling that we're going to run into someone again.]

[Hmmm, it's normally rare to see someone you know in such a large venue though~~]

[That is, well, I guess you could say that it's to be expected from Kaito-san.]


[Oh, good morning, Lynn.]


When I was walking while conversing with Dr. Vier and Neun-san, Lynn, who had been taking a nap inside my clothes, woke up. The way she peeked out her head out of my clothes and yawned was very cute.

Stroking her head as we walked, I suddenly heard someone call out to me.

[Oya If it isn't Miyama-dono, good afternoon…… Even though meeting you here is an accident, it's my honor to meet you here.]


……I know that I've raised a flag with what I said earlier, but isn't this too early Seriously, I don't know why the heck am I meeting my acquaintances in a large place…… like this…… Arehh

Surprised by the strange coincidence, I turned to the direction of the voice…… and found a guy that I've met for the first time.

[……W- Who could you be]

Standing before me is a good-looking man of about 2-meters tall, having long, shiny black hair that was tied to a ponytail at the back of his neck. His skin was tanned, and combined with his ripped muscles, he looked incredibly strong.

Seriously, who the heck is this T- There's no way that he's another one that I first met today, right Cut me some slack…… I've already had enough after meeting Fors-san and Zwei-san today……

While thinking about this, I timidly asked the man who he is. Hearing my question, he seemed to be thinking for a bit before he clapped his hands, as if he had some idea.

[……Ahh, speaking of which, you haven't seen me in this form before. I'm "Fafnir".]

[Eh Eeeehhhhh! F- Fafnir-san!]

Eh This person is Fafnir-san The same 100-meter tall gigantic dragon, Fafnir-san

[I had changed my form with "Humanization Magic".]

[I- I see……]

Humanization Magic…… Indeed, speaking of fantasy novels, that's one of the most standard magic. In fact, when I look at it like this, I'm astonished that that humongous dragon can change so much.

[Ohh, it's Fafnir. It's been a while~~]

[If it isn't Vier-dono, it's been a while. I see Neun-dono is here too huh.]

[Yes, it's been a while, Fafnir-sama.]

[Yes, I'm glad to see that Neun-dono is doing well.]

Fafnir-san greeted us with a polite greeting that I couldn't have imagined from a big, muscular, tanned man. This may sound rude, but there's a huge gap between his actions and his appearance.

No, well, Fafnir-san was polite to begin with but……

[……What are you doing here, Fafnir]

[Me Well, by Magnawell-sama's orders, I am guiding people to the "Six Kings Festival Special Monster Race" that lies ahead.]

[……Special Monster Race]

[Yes, if I remember correctly, Miyama-dono has seen a Monster Race in the Archlesia Empire, right The Special Monster Race is a race that only gathers "Monsters that have won their division or recorded excellent results during the year".]

……So, it's like a battle between champions That sounds pretty exciting. However, I don't know if it's just my imagination or not…… but I have a feeling that I would know a certain someone who would present at that event.

More specifically, the clone of the idiot hidden behind me……

[It will definitely be a race worth watching, so if you have some time to spare, please go check it out.]

[Ah, yes. Thank you.]

[No problem. Well then, I still have my duties to fulfill, so I will be ex…… Oya]

[Kyuu! Kyuii!!! Kyuukkukyuuaahhh!!!]

[L- Lynn! What's with you all of a sudden]

Just as Fafnir-san was about to bow to us and go back to his work of guiding nearby people, Lynn popped out of my clothes for some reason.

Lynn seemed to be shouting something at Fafnir-san, but not in a threatening way. Rather, it seemed like she was asking something……

[If it isn't Lindwurm. Fumu…… It seems that "you have been following my advice", "eating food that is filled with magic power". Your magic power is much greater than before.]

[Kyuuk! Kyukyuuiii! Kyuruukukyuaahh!!!]

[I can understand your impatience…… "but it's still not enough". That's why, you still can't.]

[Kyuu…… kuu……]

[You don't have to be so discouraged. Your magic power is growing considerably faster than I anticipated…… You must be eating very good food. At the rate you're growing, you should be able to reach your required magic power in no time.]

I can't fully understand Lynn's words, so I don't know what she was saying to Fafnir-san…… but I could feel that she's depressed through my Sympathy Magic.

Dejectedly lowering down her head, Lynn dove back into my clothes again.

[……Umm, Fafnir-san Are you acquainted with Lynn]

[Yes. We've spent some time together on the few days I was dispatched to help with the Flying Dragon Services, before the time Miyama-dono brought her home. As we are both Dragons, she had consulted something with me.]

[She consulted something Could I ……]

[Kyukuu! K- Kyukyuuii! Kyukuii!!!]

[Eh L- Lynn]

I was curious why Lynn became depressed, so I asked Fafnir-san, but immediately afterwards, Lynn flusteredly popped out of my shirt and desperately started shouting something.

Hearing what Lynn was shouting, Fafnir-san chuckled with a smile, before bowing down to me.

[Hahaha, my apologies, Miyama-dono. It seems that Lindwurm wants to keep it a secret.]

[Is that so…… Lynn, is it a secret]

[Kyuii! Fyuuuu!]

[Alright, alright. I'm not going to ask again.]

I'm curious what they were talking about, but Lynn doesn't seem like she wants to talk about it, so I decided not to ask any more questions. Meanwhile, for some reason, Fafnir-san just looked at us with gentle eyes.

Dear Mom, Dad————– It seemed to me that there was a reason for Lynn's usual desire for Fruits of the World Tree, other than it being her favorite food. It's not that I can't imagine why, but well, for the time being————— I'll just wait for Lynn to tell me.

Serious-senpai ZERO : [……I already know why…… and it's definitely going to be sweet……]-

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