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After Zwei-san, who suddenly appeared before us, shook my hand, she stared at me with glaring eyes. She's scary, freaking scary…… What's particularly frightening is that "I can't read her emotions with my Sympathy Magic".

Of course, I know that my Sympathy Magic isn't completely unrivalled. It won't work against Shiro-san and Eden-san, and someone like Alice could disguise her surface emotions as she sees fit.

As for Ein-san, Lillywood-san and Ozma-san, there are times I can read them and times where I can't…… There must have been some way that they could block my Sympathy Magic.

And Zwei-san, just like Shiro-san and Eden-san, is completely unreadable. Moreover, unlike Shiro-san and Eden-san, she was glaring at me as if she wanted to shoot my head off…… She's incredibly intimidating and unsettling.


As I was thinking about this, Zwei-san took her gaze off me and walked towards Dr. Vier as if nothing had happened.

She looked displeased with our conversation, which really only consists of a self-introduction…… Thi might be the first time I've met someone that had a cold reaction towards me in our first meeting since Shea-san.

Have I done something that made her dislike me S- Speaking of which…… According to Dr. Vier and Neun-san, Zwei-san is very strict regarding one's appearance and etiquette, so it could be something related to that.

It's possible that she's frustrated because she can't scold me since I'm not part of Kuro's family……


[Y- Yes!]

[Be careful from now on so as not to harm Kuromu-sama's dignity.]

[Yes! ……Eh]

[Well then, I'll be going to where Kuromu-sama is…… so I'll excuse myself here. Miyama Kaito-san.]

[Eh Ah, yes!]

After giving Dr. Vier a warning, Zwei-san sharply glared at me again.

[May we meet again. I would love to have a chance to talk with you at some point.]


With that look on your face as if you're going to avenge your parents, what the heck are you talking about! T- There's no way that you're talking about talking to me with your fists later, right…… A- Also, that long sermon that Dr. Vier and Neun-san were talking about…… What happened to that

In front of the frightened me, Zwei-san bowed, before she started leaving with a regular stride.

As I dumbfoundedly watched her back, Dr. Vier muttered something with an expression of disbelief.

[……Sister Zwei…… didn't sermon us]

[I- I can't believe it either. If it was the usual Zwei-sama, she would have given us a three-hour sermon…… I can't believe she let you off with only a gentle warning……]

[……That's what you're surprised about!]

If that's gentle…… How scary could she usually be

Then, I suddenly remembered that my Sympathy Magic hadn't worked on Zwei-san earlier, so I decided to ask Dr. Vier, who seemed to know a lot about magic.

[……Speaking of which, Dr. Vier. I can't read Zwei-san's emotions at all with my Sympathy Magic……]

[Unnn Sympathy Magic]

[Ahh, errr……]

Come to think of it, I hadn't told Dr. Vier about my Sympathy Magic. So, after giving a thorough explanation, I asked my earlier question again.

Thereupon, Vier-san didn't seem to have particularly thought about it that much as she readily replied.

[……Isn't that simply because Zwei-san hasn't "leaked out her magic power out of her body"]

[U- Unnn]

[Errr, to put it simply…… Miyama-kun's Sympathy Magic reads emotions from the faint traces of magic power emitted from others' bodies. That's why, you can't read the emotions of someone who has perfect control over their body and keeps it inside their body…… I could also do something like that, just like this…… See]

[I- Indeed, I can't read Dr. Vier's emotions anymore.]

I see, so that's why there are times when I could read Ein-san and Lillywood-san's emotions and times where I could not……

[This is one of the most difficult magic control techniques, but I think there are only a few Demons who can do it…… In battle, it's very effective to prevent your opponent from reading the flow of magic power.]

[I- I see……]

[Well, using it is quite tiring, so not many people stay in such a state all the time. Shalltear-sama uses it when she's going incognito. Meanwhile, Isis-sama's magic power is too powerful and it seems like she couldn't completely control it Well, her magic power is more intimidating when she's releasing it…… For their dignity, it seems that Megiddo-sama and Magnawell-sama weren't holding back their magic power.]


Speaking of which, I hadn't been aware of it before…… I don't think I could read any emotion from Alice when she was out of sight.

[Sister Zwei is very strict with herself and with the others, so I think she's constantly training herself by staying in that state all the time. That's why Miyama-kun couldn't Sister Zwei's emotions.]

[That makes sense. Thank you.]

Dear Mom, Dad———— Thinking about it again, I guess it's only natural. If there's magic that can read emotions, then there should be a way to block such magic. Even so, there are many ways to use magic power, even in normal times huh————- Magic really is quite deep.

Moving with a regular stride, Zwei arrived at the Central Tower and was greeted by Ein.

[It's been a while, Zwei. Kuromu-sama is currently in a meeting, so you'll have to wait for a few moments……]

[Yes, Ein. I have no problem with it. I'm the one who came at an unexpected time after all. I have plenty of time to spare, so I will wait.]

After politely exchanging words, Ein and Zwei moved together into the Central Tower.

On their way, Zwei stared at Ein with her sharp eyes before she quietly muttered.

[I spoke with Kaito-sama just a moment ago.]


[And I believe we have a matter that needs to be addressed immediately.]

[……What is it]

[The "portraits" distributed to the members of Kaito-sama's Fanclub…… I know it because I've seen him in person…… I'm asking you, why is it that those portraits "don't even represent 1/100th of how wonderful Kaito-sama is" I think they need to be improved as soon as possible.]

Despite her nonchalant tone, Zwei's voice was filled with strong passion.

When Ein heard her words, she quietly nodded and responded.

[I understand what you're saying, and I agree with you. But unfortunately, it is difficult to create a better portrait than that.]

[Kuhh…… I see…… So you're saying that "a portrait can't express Kaito-sama's nobility" huh]

[That's right.]

[……It's a shame, but I guess we'll just have to settle with this. When I met him in person, I realized that his overflowing "grace" and "beauty"…… is something impossible to express even with modern art. The world has yet to catch up with Kaito-sama……]

Zwei bit her lip, a look of deep regret on her face. If the person himself heard about what they were talking about, they would have received a whole lot of tsukkomis, but unfortunately, there is no one nearby who would do such a thing.

[……Putting that aside, how was it What are your thoughts after talking with Kaito-sama himself]

[Let's see, to put it simply…… that person…… isn't he a bit too cool "He had eyes more beautiful than any jewel I've ever known", "shimmering hair", and "and indomitable and dignified countenance"…… He was so dazzling that "it was difficult to take my eyes off him".]

[I understand what you're saying.]

Those were just her personal impressions. Incidentally, Zwei, who apparently can't take her eyes off Kaito, was just silently glaring at Kaito who was nearby.

[I couldn't stop my heart from beating too fast, and I was too nervous to speak properly…… Could it be…… Is this what "falling in love" feels like!]

[That must definitely be the case.]

[I- I knew it…… I guess it was inevitable. There is no way that anyone can look at Kaito-sama, "he who seems to have condensed the beauty of this world within himself", and not fall in love with him. Even I, a magic doll, can't get the image of Kaito-sama out of my mind.]

[It's a path that all of us will take, but I must remind you that you must not indulge yourself within that emotion too much. The both of us are "Single-Digit members of Kaito-sama Adoration Association". Be aware of this and act accordingly.]

[I'll keep that in mind. I will do my best so that I can also be "chosen by Kaito-sama".]

[As expected of Zwei…… I guess I didn't have to bother warning you huh.]

[No, it's my gratitude to hear your warning.]

This might be repetitive…… but no one is there to throw tsukkomis at them.

For Zwei, Kaito himself looks about "400 times" cooler than his portraits.

~~ Extra: Kaito Adoration Association Single-Digit Members and Member Names ~~

No. 1 : Mysterious Transcendental Beauty President

No. 2 : Kaito-sama's Meat Slave & Filthy Sow (Self-Proclaimed)

No. 3 : ……Kaito is…… the coolest…… in the world

No. 4 : Lillywood (Isis registered her as a member without her knowledge)

No. 5 : Kuromu-sama & Kaito-sama's maid

No. 6 : Kai-chan! It's me! Raise me!

No. 7 : My Lady, help me (A useless maid who found out about this group through her contacts at Underworld King Adoration Association, and she joined, thinking that she would get something to tease Kaito with…… but she regretted it when she found out that the members are too scary)

No. 8 : Kaito-sama is the Supreme Being!

No. 9 : I'm Considering Remarriage

As for other people that aren't in the group

Kuromueina…… She doesn't know that Adoration Associations exist.

Shallow Vernal…… She sees no particular advantage in joining (She can get as much information about Kaito as she wants)

Eden…… She appreciates that they're extolling her beloved child, but she doesn't intend to get too familiar with talking meat bags.-

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