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After finding out that Sieg-san's Rainbow Dragon can instantly create jewels that would normally take a year to produce, we hurriedly left the lottery venue.

Thanks to Magnawell-san's restraint, no one tried to mess with us, but we were still uncomfortable with all the attention.

As expected, there was no one chasing us because of what Magnawell-san said.

Then, at a plaza located at a reasonable distance from the lottery venue, we resumed our conversation about the Rainbow Dragon.

[So, Dr. Vier. Does that Rainbow Dragon really have the power to create as many jewels as it wants]

[Hmmm, I think so. It can create a jewel at such a high speed after all. How about we try asking her to make another one]

[……I see, then, Sieg-san.]

After exchanging words with serious expressions on our faces, I turned towards Sieg-san, planning to ask Sieg-san to try asking the Rainbow Dragon for us.

[……Is it good Eat well and you'll grow up.]


[I wonder what I should name you I can't choose~~]

[……Come now, Sieg. I understand that your pet is so cute that you couldn't take your attention away, but I'd like it if you listen to us now.]

[Wha! I- I'm sorry, I just…….]

Sieg-san, who had a big smile on her face while feeding the Rainbow Dragon, came back to her senses when she heard Lilia-san's voice.

Unnn, she had always wanted to have a pet after all…… The animal-loving Sieg-san probably couldn't hold back the happiness she's feeling. Even as she replied to Lilia-san, one of her hands kept on stroking the Rainbow Dragon's head……

[……Haahhh…… Anyway, Sieg. We need to verify something, so please ask that child if she could make that jewel again.]

[I understand…… Errr, can you make something like this again]


Following Lilia-san's request, Sieg-san crouched down in front of the Rainbow Dragon and gently asked. Just like before, the Rainbow Dragon didn't let out a cry but…… After nodding once, she started to create a black jewel on her tail again.

It seems like the Rainbow Dragon really has the special ability to create black jewels at will, just as Dr. Vier had thought.

Sieg-san takes the jewel from the Rainbow Dragon and hands it to Lilia-san. Receiving the jewel, Lilia-san stared at the jewel from various angles.

[……My Lady, what do you think would be its approximate value]

[……No, I'm sure that it's a great piece of jewelry but……]

Hearing Luna-san's words, Lilia-san took her gaze off the jewel and shook her head. Even though Lilia-san is a noble, she wouldn't know the value of a jewel that is first discovered in the world.

[Hmmm…… Alice, you there]

[Yes, yes, you want me to examine that jewel]

[Unnn, I'm counting on you.]

To be honest, I don't know much about jewelry either, so after seeing that Dr. Vier and Neun-san looked like they were having difficulty judging it themselves…… I decided to consult the knowledgeable Alice.

Receiving the jewel from Lilia-san, Alice lightly tapped it with her fingers, seemingly checking its texture.

[……It's pretty hard. About as hard as Adamantite…… No, about as hard as Orichalcon…… And with this color…… Sieg-san, you mind if I cut this]

[Eh Ah, no, feel free.]

[Then, if you'll excuse me…… Yoishoo~~]

After getting permission from Sieg-san, Alice held out a knife in her hand. The next moment, Alice's hand glows…… and in an instant, a beautiful black diamond is revealed.

Hmmm, it already looks beautiful in its raw jewel form, but it's even more beautiful when it has been cut. It was as if the night sky had been trapped within that diamond.

[……With this size, 80 white gold coins if it's unprocessed…… It's quite hard, so it would take a lot of time for others to process, so a processed one would be around 100 white gold coins]

[O- One hundwed!]

That unprocessed one costs 800 million yen…… and a processed one would be a billion yen. Moreover, the diamond that Alice was now holding in her hand was quite small. Probably because the Rainbow Dragon's body is still small.

This means that…… as the Rainbow Dragon grows, the value of her jewels will increase.

[……I'd like to research it some more though. Sieg-san, do you mind selling this one to me Even though I'm the one who processed it, I'll buy it for 100 white gold coins.]

[……Y…… es]

[Thank you. Here's 100 white gold coins.]

[……Ehh Ah…… eh]

[Well then, I've finished my business here, so I'll be going now~~]


Alice quickly handed a cloth bag containing 100 white gold coins to the stunned Sieg-san, who looked like she couldn't keep up with what's happening, before disappearing.

Sieg-san stayed frozen like that for a moment…… before she started slightly trembling.

[……W- White gold coins White gold coins…… That coin that had that's equivalent to 10 gold coins…… and having 100 of that…… having 100 white gold coins…… even just one white gold coin is……]

[S- Sieg-san]

[Sieg, p- please calm down! Compose yourself!]

[White…… gold…… coins ……Kyuuu~~]


Sieg-san is a commoner who had never associated with anything that required her to use white gold coins. She saved up three gold coins to buy a monster. She saved up the money from her daily wages, and over those years, she accumulated three gold coins.

She had saved up 3 million yen to buy a monster, and she thought that she already won after winning a pet that she had always wanted from a million-yen-lottery…… A billion yen was suddenly handed to her.

The shocking turn of events seemed to have caused her an unusual amount of confusion…… and Sieg-san fainted.

Dear Mom, Dad———— My surroundings were rather abnormal, and I had quite a bit of money myself, so my sense of money was paralyzed but…… In a way, Sieg-san's reaction is the most normal. How should I say this…… Sieg-san————- Will she be okay after this

Commoner : [I- I will tell you exactly what happened. I've been saving up to fulfill my dream of keeping a monster, and over the years, I've prepared three gold coins. All that money I've saved up, I was prepared to use it all up in the incoming festival centered for monsters…… but for some reason, instead of decreasing, my money had increased about 300 times. I- I know you're wondering what I was talking about, but I also didn't know what the heck happened either. It's not like my money was invested into something or anything like that. Yet again, I've caught a glimpse as to how terrifying Kaito-san can be.]

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